Leonard Cohen

Newport Folk Festival(7/16/67)
Songs Of
Columbia CS-9533
12/27/67 BB [UK: 2/68] T20
Back Cover

Lyric Sheet

Flap showed on cover in store,
similar to Laura Nyro's albums (qv).
UK Back Cover

Side One
Suzanne Cohen 3:47
Master Song Cohen 5:58
Winter Lady Cohen 2:14
The Stranger Song Cohen 5:05
Sisters Of Mercy Cohen 3:30
Side Two
So Long, Marianne Cohen 5:37
Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye Cohen 3:05
Stories Of The Street Cohen 4:35
Teachers Cohen 2:58
One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong Cohen 4:25
Leonard Cohen-guitar, vocals
Nancy Priddy-vocals (Suzanne, So Long, Marianne, Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye)
§Cover Photo-Machine
Produced by: John Simon

Note: Kaleidoscope provides backing on all songs except: Suzanne, The Stranger Song, and One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
Back cover artwork is the Anima Sola or Lonely Soul, an image depicting a soul in purgatory
Winter Lady, The Stranger Song, and Sisters Of Mercy would later be used in the 1971 movie McCabe & Mrs Miller

Suzanne / Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye
Cohen (3:47) / Cohen (2:54)
Columbia 44439, 2/68

3/20/68: Paris Theatre, London
filmed by the BBC—never shown

Songs From A Room
Columbia CS-9767
3/24/69 BB [UK: 4/69] T20
Back Cover

Side One
Bird On The Wire Cohen 3:23
The Story Of Isaac Cohen 3:31
A Bunch Of Lonesome Heroes Cohen 3:10
The Partisan Marly-Zaret 3:20
Seems So Long Ago, Nancy Cohen 3:35
Side Two
The Old Revolution Cohen 4:42
The Butcher Cohen 3:11
You Know Who I Am Cohen 3:24
Lady Midnight Cohen 2:50
Tonight Will Be Fine Cohen 3:45
Leonard Cohen-guitar, vocals
Ron Cornelius-acoustic and electric guitar
Bubba Fowler-banjo, bass guitar, violin, acoustic guitar
Charlie Daniels-bass guitar, violin, acoustic guitar
Bob Johnston-keyboards
§Cover Photo-John Berg
Produced by: Bob Johnston


Bird On The Wire / Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
Cohen (3:25) / Cohen (3:37)
Columbia 44827, 5/69

Isle of Wight Festival(8/30/70)

Songs Of Love And Hate
Columbia C-30103
3/19/71 BB [UK: 4/71] T20
Back Cover

Credits Booklet

Nice little 12-pg booket, easily lost.
Side One
Avalanche Cohen 4:59
Last Year's Man Cohen 5:58
Dress Rehearsal Rag Cohen 6:02
Diamonds In The Mine Cohen 4:00
Side Two
Love Calls You By Your Name Cohen 5:37
Famous Blue Raincoat Cohen 5:06
Sing Another Song, Boys Cohen 6:09
Joan Of Arc Cohen 6:22
Leonard Cohen-guitar, vocals
with: The Army
Ron Cornelius-guitar
Bubba Fowler-guitar, banjo, bass
Charlie Daniels-guitar, bass, fiddle
Bob Johnston-piano
London Corona Academy-vocals
Corlynn Hanney, Susan Mussmano-vocals
The Corona Academy, London–children's voices
Paul Buckmaster-arranger & conductor
§Cover Photo-Jacotte Chollet
Produced by: Bob Johnston



Bells Buffy Sainte-Marie (She Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina) 3/71
Bird On A Wire Judy Collins (Who Knows Where the Time Goes) 11/68
  Joe Cocker (Joe Cocker!) 10/69
  Joe Cocker (Mad Dogs And Englishmen) 8/70
  Tim Hardin (Bird On A Wire) 6/71
  Pearls Before Swine (Beautiful Lies You Could Live In) 11/71
Blue Raincoat Judy Collins (Living) 11/71
Dress Rehearsal Rag Judy Collins (In My Life) 11/66
God Is Alive, Magic Is Afoot (w Buffy) Buffy Sainte-Marie (Illuminations) 8/69
Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye Judy Collins (Wildflowers) 11/67
  Hamilton Camp (Welcome To) 2/69
Joan Of Arc Judy Collins (Living) 11/71
Nancy Pearls Before Swine (City Of Gold) 4/71
Priests Judy Collins (Wildflowers) 11/67
  Richie Havens (1983) 12/68
Sisters Of Mercy Judy Collins (Wildflowers) 11/67
Story Of Isaac Judy Collins (Who Knows Where the Time Goes) 11/68
Suzanne Judy Collins (In My Life) 11/66
  The Enchanted Forest (45) 10/67
  Spanky & Our Gang (Like To Get To Know You) 4/68
  Pearls Before Swine (Balaklava) 11/68
  Tom Northcott (45) 6/71
  Joan Baez (Carry It On) 11/71
You Know Who I Am Mama Cass (Dream A Little Dream) 9/68
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His next album was in 1974 and his most famous song, "Hallelujah", came in 1984.
Leonard had to tour in the early 00s to recoup money stolen by his manager.


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