Hamilton Camp

Quite The Talented Lad
Evacuated from Britian during WWII. Lived in Chicago. Did movies & TV shows as child (46-58). Sang with Bob Gibson, then joined Second City Improv group. Moved to San Fran, joined similar group, The Committee . Released two albums

More TV acting, 1966 to the end (M*A*S*H, He & She, Bonanza, Smothers Bothers Comedy Hour, WKRP, The Incredible Hulk, ST:DSN). Movies, too (Up In The Cellar [see below], American Hot Wax, Eating Raoul). Later did more voice acting (several Scooby-Doos, Foofur, The Flintstone Kids, The Smurfs, Duck Tales).

Broadway in 1970 for Paul Sills' Story Theatre (cast made one TV special). Check out his 200+ incredible credits at IMDb .

In the midst of all this acting, recorded three pretty good albums.

Paths Of Victory
Elektra EKS-7278
Back Cover

Side One
Guess I'm Doin' Fine Dylan 3:45
Girl Of The North Country Dylan 2:28
The Rubaiyat Fitzgerald, arr Camp 2:39
Walkin' Down The Line Dylan 2:33
A Satisfied Mind Hayes-Rhodes 4:18
Pride Of Man Camp 2:27
Side Two
Get Together Powers 3:59
Innisfree Yeats 3:06
Long Time Gone Dylan 3:08
Only A Hobo Dylan 3:02
Irish Poems: The Lonely/The Stranger's Grave Camp 2:44
Tomorrow Is A Long Time Dylan 2:45
Paths Of Victory Dylan 2:52
Hamilton Camp-guitar, vocals
§Cover Design & Photo-William S Harvey
Produced by: Jim Dickson


Here's To You / Leavin' Anyhow
Camp (2:16) / Camp (2:35)
Warner Bros 7165, 2/68 BB


Here's To You
Warner Bros WS-1737
Back Cover

Side One
Here's To You Camp 2:16
Travelin' In The Dark Collins-Pappalardi 2:35
Seven Circles Camp 2:22
A Lot Can Happen In A Day Camp 2:40
Lonely Place Camp 2:40
Love Is Camp 2:40
Side Two
For My Loved Ones Camp 2:41
Flower And Flame Camp 3:00
Leavin' Anyhow Camp 2:35
Garden Of Love Camp 3:20
Lisa Camp 2:12
Handwriting On The Wall Collins-Pappalardi 2:10
Hamilton Camp-guitar, vocals
Dick Rosmini-guitar
Glen Hardin, Larry Knechtel-piano
Van Dyke Parks-piano, organ
Jerry Scheff-bass, tuba
Earl C Palmer, Jr, Hal Blaine-drums
Bud Shank-flute
Toxey Sewell-percussion, drums
§Cover Art-Ed Thrasher
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi


This Wheel's On Fire¹ / A Lot Can Happen In A Day
Dylan (3:24) / Camp (2:40)
Warner Bros 7203, 5/68


Welcome To Hamilton Camp
Warner Bros WS-1753
Back Cover

Side One
America Simon 3:32
So Much Comfort In You Boyd 3:32
On Your Bond arr Sky 3:58
I Shall Be Released Dylan 3:35
The Ballad Of Ira Hayes LaFarge 3:02
Nectar Of God Sky 3:23
Side Two
People In A Hurry Camp 2:40
Come Down Camp 2:20
Trout Neuwirth 3:07
April Come She Will Simon 2:40
Honey Wine Camp 2:58
Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye Cohen 3:27
Now I Am Older Camp 3:17
Hamilton Camp-guitars, harmonicas, background voices, lead vocals, including mistakes
§Cover collage-Hugh Romney
Produced by: Bobby Paris (who added some keys)


Oklahoma City Times¹ / Honey Wine
Hampton (2:35) / Camp (2:58)
Warner Bros 7309, 8/69

The 1969 Warner/Reprise Record Show, 11/69
Outtake from Here's To You: Star Spangled Bus
Didn't I Turn Out Nice? / Three Loves
Previn (2:40) / Randi-Silver (2:08)
AIR A-159, 8/70

from the movie Up In The Cellar ()
Joined Subud movement, briefly changing name to Hamid Hamilton Camp and released the album Skymonters
With Hamid Hamilton Camp
(73). Made some solo records and a couple with old friend Bob Gibson.


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