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This page started out just for The Beatles famous Fan Club Flexi-discs; and then I got carried away and decided to add other Christmassy releases too. Just a sampling.

2020 Update: Added Rhino's four great rock compilations to the new bottom section.


The Beatles

The Beatles issued 7 Christmas-themed flexi-discs (double-sided in 68 & 69) to British fans as Christmas presents "From Them To You."
Unforunately, the colonists did not receive all of these discs, instead they got postcards!
In 1964, Vee-Jay sent an edited version of the 1963 disc, pressed onto a part of a three-fold cardboard card.
In 1968, US fans received their copy, but in an edited 1967 sleeve.
In 1969, both sets of fans received the same sleeve and contents, but the US disc had a drawing of The Beatles.
In 1970, The Beatles Christmas Record, a 12" vinyl disc containing all the previous material was sent to both fan clubs.
All single recording listed below are the UK issues. The album, US.
The Beatles Christmas Record
The Beatles (5:00)
Lyntone 492, 12/6/63

Another Beatles Christmas Record
The Beatles (3:58)
Lyntone 757, 12/18/64

The Beatles' Third Christmas Record
The Beatles (6:20)
Lyntone 948, 12/17/65

Pantomime: Everywhere It's Christmas
The Beatles (6:36)
Lyntone 1145, 12/16/66

Sleeve design by Paul McCartney
Song: Everywhere It's Christmas (0:32)
Orowanyna (Corsican Choir And Small Choir) (0:50)
A Rare Cheese (Two Elderly Scotsmen) (0:28)
The Feast (0:47)
The Loyal Toast (0:27)
Podgy The Bear And Jasper (0:52)
Felpin Mansions: Part One (Count Balder And Butler) (0:41)
Felpin Mansions: Part Two (The Count And The Pianist) (0:23)
Song: Please Don't Bring Your Banjo Back (0:43)
Mal: Everywhere It's Christmas (0:04)
Reprise: Everywhere It's Christmas (0:48)

Note: The only Christmas record with a break out of the recording.

Christmas Time is Here Again!
The Beatles (6:06)
Lyntone 1360, 12/15/67

Sleeve design by Julian Lennon, John Lennon and Ringo Starr
Back side message:
featuring The Original Beatles with Special Guest Appearannces by the feet and voice of Victor U Spinetti and Something Else
by Malcolm Lift-Evans. Another little bite of the Apple: Produced by George (Is Here Again) Martin.

The Beatles Sixth Christmas Record
The Beatles (7:48)
Lyntone 1743/4, 12/20/68

The Beatles' Seventh Christmas Record
The Beatles (7:39)
Beatles Fan Club, 12/19/69

Back cover art by Ringo and son Zak
Back side message:
From Ascot in Berskshire, from Weybridge in Surrey, from St John's Wood in the Borough of Marylebone and from Apple in
the West End, John Ringo Paul and George send you these tapes of love and greetings soldered into a collective disc by the
iron wrist of Maurice Cole. The Beatles wish all of you a Happy Christmas and may the Seventies Give Peace A Chance.

The Beatles Christmas Album
Apple SBC-100
Back Cover

Side One
1963 The Beatles 5:08
1964 The Beatles 4:02
1965 The Beatles 6:27
1966 The Beatles 6:43
Side Two
1967 The Beatles 6:11
1968 The Beatles 7:53
1969 The Beatles 7:39

Note: This long player was sent to Fan Club members.


Only Christmas Time Is Here Again has been "officially" released (CD single, 1995). There are plenty of ways to secure copies of these records, if you search correctly. Be on the lookout for snatches from live BBC shows during the Christmas time-frame - there's some neat stuff going on!
Indivdidually, members of The Beatles also released Christmas records: John (Happy Xmas (War Is Over)), Paul (Wonderful Christmas Time, 1979) and Ringo (I Wanna Be Santa Claus, 1999 album) and for New Years, George (Ding Dong Ding Dong, 1974).
Beatle Bonus Booklet
Every Christmas I used to make special CDs for friends of ours (but no more than 10-15). One year it was >8 hours of the Nutcracker Suite, in various guises (straight, jazz, etc). In 2012, a multi-media disc
CD Cover

was made that featured all of The Beatles Christmas records (as audio tracks) and a bonus of 72 other seasonal tunes (as data tracks).
Being a graphics designer, an accompanying booklet was always made highlighting what was on that years' disc. Here's an edited PDF of The Beatles portion of that years' booklet. You'll never know what those 72 bonus songs were!



There are thousands of Christmas recordings, with a few hundred fitting into our time frame. Besides quality songs released by Motown acts, James Brown, and many others, here are just a few that stand out.
Derrik Roberts
There Won't Be Any Snow (Christmas In The Jungle) / A World Without Sunshine
Roulette 4656, 11/65

Johnny & Jon
Christmas In Viet Nam / Why Did You Leave Me?
Jewel 776, 11/66


Note: Randy's Hip Christmas has a great page on Christmas in Vietnam

Bob Seger & The Last Heard
Sock It To Me Santa / Florida Time
Cameo 444, 11/66

The Blues Magoos
Jingle Bells / Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
Mercury 72762, 12/67

you found the way!
Christmas Spirit
Christmas Is My Time Of Year / Will You Still Believe In Me
White Whale 290, 12/68

Pseudonym for The Turtles with Linda Ronstadt
Canned Heat & The Chimpmunks
The Chipmunk Song / Christmas Blues
Liberty 56079, 11/68

Canned Heat only on B-side
Jethro Tull
Love Story / A Christmas Song
Island WIP 6048 [UK], 11/68

I see you found more!
Otis Redding
Merry Christmas Baby / White Christmas
Atco 6631, 11/68

Bruce Springsteen used this arrangement of Baby for his 1986 recording
Rocki Lane & The Gross Group
Happy Hairy Hippy Harry Claus / Santa Soul
Epic 5-10556, 11/69

Christmas Morning (Part I) / Christmas Morning (Part II)
Blue Thumb BLU-109, 11/69

Born again Sean Bonniwell—nothing like Music Machine
Cheech & Chong
Santa Claus And His Old Lady / Dave
Ode 66021, 12/71

Leon Russell
Slipping Into Christmas / Christmas In Chicago
Shelter 7328, 12/72

Jimi Hendrix
Little Drummer Boy / Silent Night/Auld Lang Syne
Reprise PRO 595 (DJ Promo), 74

Recorded in 1969, released to DJs in 1974


Deep Tracks


Selected Album Cuts
The Pause Of Mr Claus Arlo Guthrie (Arlo) 1968
Greensleeves Jeff Beck Group (Truth) 1968
Christmas The Who (Tommy) 1969
The 25th Of December 1969 May Blitz (The 2nd Of May [UK LP]) 1971
River Joni Mitchell (Blue) 1971



Beside The Beach Boys' 1964 Christmas Album, Joan Baez' 1966 NoŽl, and Rotary Connection's 1968 Peace; here are a few complete Christmassy albums.

Paul Revere & The Raiders, featuring Mark Lindsay

A truly odd record, and NOT what the Columbia execs were expecting: read about it!
A Christmas Present...And Past
Columbia CS-9555
10/67 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Introduction Lindsay-Melcher 2:01
Wear A Smile At Christmas Lindsay-Melcher 1:32
Jingle Bells Pierpont 3:07
Brotherly Love Lindsay-Melcher 2:09
Rain, Sleet, Snow Lindsay-Melcher 2:51
Peace Lindsay-Melcher 3:17
Side Two
Valley Forge Lindsay-Melcher 3:02
Dear Mr Claus Lindsay-Melcher 2:33
Macy's Window Lindsay-Melcher 1:29
Christmas Spirit Lindsay-Melcher 2:02
A Heavy Christmas Message Lindsay-Melcher 3:15


Mushroom Tabernacle Choir

Not much is known about this group, but Recording made by the staff and musical friends at Village Recorder in Westwood, California. Dr Demento sure loved 'em
Help Put The 'X' Back In Xmas (EP)
Side One
Introduction by S Claus - 1:00
Canabis Is Coming To Town - 1:23
Medley - 2:56
Side Two
White Christmas - 1:19
12 Drugs of Christmas - 3:21
Closing by S Claus - 0:20


Elvis Presley

Can't forget the other "King"
Santa Claus Is Back In Town / Blue Christmas
Leiber-Stoller (2:21) / Hayes-Johnson (2:05)
RCA Gold Standard 447-0647, 11/65

From the 1957 classic: Elvis' Christmas Album. Neither had been released as singles before now.
If Every Day Was Like Christmas¹ / How Would You Like To Be
West (2:51) / Raleigh-Narkan (3:26)
RCA 47-8950, 11/66



Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas
RCA Victor LSP-4579
10/71 [UK: 11/71]
Elvis' Christmas Album (1957)

You can't forget this classic!
Side One
O Come, All Ye Faithful† arr Presley 2:47
The First Noel† arr Presley 2:08
On A Snowy Christmas Night† Gelber 2:46
Winter Wonderland Smith-Bernard 2:17
The Wonderful World Of Christmas† Tobias-Frisch 1:55
It Won't Seem Like Christmas† Balthrop 2:38
Side Two
I'll Be Home On Christmas Day† Jarrett 3:46
If I Get Home On Christmas Day† Macaulay 2:50
Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees† West-Spreen 2:12
Merry Christmas Baby Baxter-Moore 5:45
Silver Bells† Evans-Livingston 2:27
Elvis Presley-vocals
Nashville cats, featuring:
James Burton-guitar
The Imperials Quartet-backing vocals†
Produced by: Elvis Presley


Merry Christmas Baby³ / O Come All Ye Faithful
Baxter-Moore (3:15) / arr Presley (2:45)
RCA 74-0572, 11/71



Phil Spector

Everyone knows that this magnificent record was originally released on what turned out to be the worst day of the 60s: Nov 22, 1963. Over the years, though, it has rightly assumed the status of the best rock 'n' roll Christmas album ever made. Just three years after this Apple Records release, Warner-Spector issued a true stereo version.
Phil Spector's Christmas Album
Apple SW-3400
12/72 RS500 [UK: 12/72]
Back Cover

Original 1963 Issue

Side One
White Christmas Darlene Love 2:45
Frosty The Snowman The Ronettes 2:19
The Bells Of St Mary's Bob B Soxx & The Blue Jeans 2:30
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town The Crystals 2:29
Sleigh Ride The Ronettes 3:45
Marshmallow World Darlene Love 2:30
Side Two
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus The Ronettes 2:29
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer The Crystals 2:20
Winter Wonderland Darlene Love 2:32
Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers The Crystals 3:00
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) Darlene Love 2:30
Here Comes Santa Claus Bob B Soxx & The Blue Jeans 2:24
Silent Night Phil Spector And Artists 2:08
The Wrecking Crew (including):
Barney Kessel, Irv Rubins, Tommy Tedesco, Nino Tempo, Bill Pitman-guitar
Leon Russell-piano
Ray Pohlman-bass
Hal Blaine-drums
Sonny Bono, Frank Capp-percussion
Louis Blackburn-horns
Roy Caton-trumpet
Steve Douglas, Jay Migliori-saxophone
Johnny Vidor-strings
Jack Nitzsche-arrangements, percussion
Produced by: Phil Spector


Darlene Love
Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) / Harry And Milt Meet Hal B.
Philles 119, 12/63

Another one of Phil's no DJ playable b-sides


Rockin' Rhino Revellers

2020 Update: In the 80s, James Austin at Rhino Records put together these four Christmas Compilation albums. Since all (except one) of the original recordings are before 1971 (and some are noted in the Singles section), they belong here.

And that one recording was by three of the pre-fab four, so it's definitely welcome here.

Rockin' Christmas—The 50s
Rhino Records RNLP-066
11/84 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Three Aces And A Joker Sleigh Bell Rock 1960
Oscar McLollie & His Honey Jumpers Dig That Crazy Santa Claus 1954
The Penguins Jingle Jangle 1955
The Moods Rockin' Santa Claus 1960
The Hepsters Rockin N Rollin With Santa Claus 1955
The Youngsters Christmas In Jail 1956
The Moonglows Just A Lonely Christmas 1953
Side Two
Bobby Helms Jingle Bell Rock 1957
Cathy Sharpe North Pole Rock 1960
Buchanan & Goodman Santa & The Satellite, Part 1 & Part 2 1957
The Moonglows Hey Santa Claus 1953
Ron Holden Who Says There Ain't No Santa Claus? 1960
The Rockin' Stockin Yulesville USA 1960
Marvin & Johnny It's Christmas 1958


Rockin' Christmas—The 60s
Rhino Records RNLP-067
11/84 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Christmas Spirit Christmas Is My Time Of Year 1968
Santo & Johnny Twistin' Bells 1960
Nathaniel Mayer His Fabulous Twilights Mr. Santa Claus 1962
The Turtles [The Crossfires] Santa And The Sidewalk Surfer c1965
The Poets Merry Christmas Baby 1965
Barry Richards Baby Sittin' Santa 1962
The Sonics Don't Believe In Christmas 1965
Side Two
The Trashmen Dancing With Santa 1964
Paul Revere & The Raiders Wear A Smile At Christmas 1967
Aretha Franklin Winter Wonderland 1964
Bobby "Boris" Pickett Monster's Holiday 1962
The Wailers Christmas Spirit 1965
James Brown & The Famous Flames Let's Make Christmas Mean Something This Year 1966


Cool Yule
Rhino Records RNLP-70073
11/86 [UK: N/R]
Side One
Chuck Berry Run Rudolph Run 1958
The Marquees Santa Done Got Hip 1959
Solomon Burke Presents For Christmas 1966
Bud Logan Sock It To Me Santa 1968
The Drifters White Christmas 1954
Ike & Tina Turner Merry Christmas Baby 1964
Jack Scott There's Trouble Brewin' 1963
Side Two
The Marquees Christmas In The Congo 1958
Booker T & The MGs Jingle Bells 1966
The Surfaris Surfer's Christmas List 1963
Paul & Paula Holiday Hootenannny 1963
Clarence Carter Back Door Santa 1968
James Brown Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto 1968
Edd "Kookie" Byrnes Yulesville 1959


Cool Yule, Vol 2
Rhino Records R1-70193
11/88 [UK: N/R]
Side One
Johnny Preston (I Want A) Rock And Roll Guitar 1960
Brenda Lee Papa Noel 1958
The Uniques Please Come Home For Christmas 1966
The Harmony Grits Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 1959
Jack Scott Jingle Bells Slide 1963
The Martels Rockin' Santa Claus 1959
Chuck Berry Merry Christmas Baby 1958
Side Two
The Marcels Merry Twist-Mas 1961
Gary Walker Santa's Got A Brand New Bag 1966
Huey "Piano" Smith & His Clowns Silent Night 1962
Honey & The Bees Jing Jing A Ling 1970
Gary "US" Bonds Call Me For Christmas 1967
The Sonics Santa Claus 1965
Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz & Peter Tork Christmas Is My Time Of Year 1976


There are so many more that I'd like to add, but you & I don't have the time! Check out Randy's Hip Christmas if you need more...


The Beatles Christmas Records
Randy's Hip Christmas (without a doubt, the best Christmas music web site in the known universe)


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