Eric Andersen

Today Is The Highway
Vanguard VSD-79142
Back Cover

Side One
Today Is The Highway Andersen 2:22
Dusty Box Car Wall Andersen 2:22
Time For My Returning Andersen 3:19
Plains Of Nebrasky-O Andersen 3:29
Looking Glass Andersen 5:05
Never Coming Home Andersen 3:09
Side Two
Come To My Bedside Andersen 3:56
Baby Please Don't Go Williams 3:22
Everthing Ain't Been Said Andersen 4:39
Bay Of Mexico Andersen 3:09
Song To J.C.B. Andersen 4:55
Bumblebee Andersen 3:20
Eric Andersen-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Debbie Greene-guitar (Today Is The Highway, Never Coming Home, Bumblebee)
Produced by: ?


’Bout Changes & Things
Vanguard VSD-79206
Back Cover

Side One
Violets Of Dawn Andersen 3:47
The Girl I Love Andersen 3:00
That's Alright Mama Crudup 2:27
Thirsty Boots Andersen 5:50
The Hustler Andersen 4:00
Cross Your Mind Andersen 4:50
Side Two
I Shall Go Unbounded Andersen 6:10
Champion At Keeping Them Rolling MacColl 2:40
Hey Babe, Have You Been Cheatin' Andersen 3:04
Blind Fiddler Andersen 5:05
Close The Door Lightly When You Go Andersen 3:27
My Land Is A Good Land Andersen 2:56
Eric Andersen-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Debbie Greene-guitar (Violets Of Dawn, Close The Door Lightly When You Go)
Harvey Brooks-bass (That's Alright Mama, The Hustler)
Produced by:


’Bout Changes & Things, Take 2
Vanguard VSD-79236
Back Cover

Side One
Close The Door Lightly When You Go Andersen 3:45
That's Alright Mama Crudup 2:52
The Blind Fiddler Andersen 4:47
The Hustler Andersen 4:47
Thirsty Boots Andersen 5:12
My Land Is A Good Land Andersen 2:50
Side Two
Hey Babe, Have You Been Cheatin' Andersen 3:32
Cross Your Mind Andersen 5:12
Champion At Keeping Them Rolling MacColl 3:32
I Shall Go Unbounded Andersen 4:25
Violets Of Dawn Andersen 4:10
The Girl I Love Andersen 3:34
Eric Andersen-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Debbie Green-guitar (Violets Of Dawn)
Harvey Brooks-bass
Paul Harris-piano, organ
Herbie Lovelle-drums
Produced by: ?


More Hits From Tin Can Alley
Vanguard VSD-79271
Back Cover

Lyric Booklet


Side One
Tin Can Alley, Part 1 Andersen 3:03
16 Year Grudge Andersen 4:18
Miss Lonely Are You Blue Andersen 4:15
Mary Sunshine Andersen 3:54
Honey Andersen 2:53
Just A Little Something Andersen 3:01
Side Two
Rollin' Home(it's a far cry from heaven and a short cry from home) Andersen 3:40
On The Edge Of You Andersen 3:44
Broken Hearted Mama† Andersen 3:02
Hello Sun‡ Andersen 2:06
A Woman Is A Prism(and not made out of stone) Andersen 5:00
Tin Can Alley, Part 2 Andersen 3:21
Eric Andersen-guitar, vocals
Hugh McCraken-guitar
Bob Rafkin-guitar
Don Thomas-guitar
Al Cooper [Kooper]-guitar
Amos Garret-guitar
Debbie Green-piano
Paul Harris-piano
Paul Griffin-piano
Bob Bushnell-bass
Joe Mack-bass
Steve Anander-bass
Al Rogers-drums
Herb Lovelle-drums, percussion
Bobby Gregg-drums
George Devins-percussion
Jack Jennings-percussion
Produced by: Al Gorgoni, Trade Martin†, Bob Rafkin‡

Note: Came with 4-page lyric booklet and a sheet of stickers to spread the word (see notes)

Warner Bros WS-1748
Back Cover

Side One
It's Comin And It Won't Be Long Andersen 5:15
An Old Song Andersen 4:30
Louise Andersen 3:50
Think About It Andersen 3:40
So Hard To Fall Andersen 3:18
Side Two
Good To Be With You Andersen 3:08
(We Were) Foolish Like The Flowers Andersen 5:35
Avalanche Andersen 3:53
For What Was Gained Andersen 8:07
Eric Andersen-guitar, piano, vocals
Steven Anander-bass
Chuck Rainey-bass
Nick Gefroe-drums
Herb Lovelle-drums
Andy Johnson-guitar
Bruce Langhorn-guitar
Lee Crabtree-piano
Debbie Green-piano
Jay Dee Manness-steel guitar
Produced by: Eric Andersen and Jerry Goldstein


Think About It / So Hard To Fall
Andersen (3:40) / Andersen (3:18)
Warner Bros 7231, 10/68


A Country Dream
Vanguard VSD-6540
Back Cover

Side One
(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay Cropper-Redding 3:36
All I Remember Is You Andersen 2:55
Deborah, I Love You Pursell 4:20
Devon, You Look Like Heaven Pursell 2:45
Eyes Gently Rolling Andersen 5:36
Side Two
Just A Country Dream Andersen 5:11
Lovesick Blues Friend-Mills 2:34
Second Time Around Andersen 4:16
Smashville Jam Andersen 2:51
Waves Of Freedom Andersen 6:11
Eric Andersen-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Debbie Greene-guitar, piano
Andy Johnson-guitar, vocals (bckgr)
Weldon Myrick-guitar (Steel)
David Briggs-piano
Charlie McCoy-organ, banjo, dobro, harmonica
Bill Pursell-piano
Norbert Putnam-bass
Kenneth Buttrey-drums
Herb Lovelle-drums
Doc Butler-horn
Produced by: Jack Lothrop


Eric Andersen
Warner Bros WS-1806
Back Cover

Side One
Don't Leave Me Here For Dead Andersen 2:46
It Wasn't A Lie Andersen 3:11
Sign Of A Desperate Man Andersen 2:31
I Will Wait Andersen 5:31
What Is It Like To Be Free Andersen 4:17
Side Two
She Touched Me Andersen 2:22
Lie With Me Andersen 3:35
I Was The Rebel (She Was The Cause) Andersen 2:34
Secrets Andersen 4:35
Go Now, Deborah Andersen 4:45
Eric Andersen-guitar, piano, vocal
Norbert Putnam-bass
Kenney Buttrey-drums
Andy Johnson-guitar
Charlie McCoy-guitar
Weldon Myrick-steel guitar
Paul Harris-piano
David Briggs-piano
Debbie Green-piano
Hurshel's Group-backing vocals
Strings and Horns arranged by Paul Harris
Produced by: Paul Tannen


Festival Express
Lie With Me / Secrets
Andersen (2:45) / Andersen (3:25)
Warner Bros 7408, 7/70

Sittin' In The Sunshine¹ / Sunshine And Flowers¹
King-Stern (2:37) / Andersen (3:20)
Warner Bros 7435, 10/70

Born Again¹ / Rocky Mountain Red¹
Andersen (4:00) / Chain (2:20)
Warner Bros 7459, 1/71



Close The Door Lightly The Dillards (Copperfields) ?/69
Hey Baby Judy Henske (The Death Defying) ?/66
Thirsty Boots Judy Collins (Fifth Album) 11/65
Violets Of Dawn The Blues Project (Live At The Cafe Au-Go-Go) 1/66
  Chad Mitchell Trio (Violets Of Dawn) ?/67


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