Gene Clark
Dillard & Clark

Echoes / I Found You
Clark (3:15) / Clark (2:58)
Columbia 43903, 12/66

Picture sleeve is from promo issue

With The Gosdin Brothers
Columbia CS-9418
Back Cover

Side One
Echoes* Clark 3:14
I Think I'm Gonna Feel Better Clark 1:32
Tried So Hard Clark 2:20
Is Yours Is Mine Clark 2:26
Keep On Pushin' Clark-Rinehart 1:44
I Found You Clark 2:58
Side Two
So You Say You Lost Your Baby* Clark 2:06
Elevator Operator Clark-Rinehart 2:28
The Same One Clark 3:27
Couldn't Believe Her Clark 1:52
Needing Someone Clark 2:02
Gene Clark-guitar, vocal
Vern Gosdin-guitar, vocal
Rex Gosdin-guitar, vocal
Bill Rinehart-guitar
Clarence White-guitar
Glen Campbell-guitar
Jerry Kole-guitar
Chris Hillman-bass
Mike Clarke-drums
Leon Russell-piano, harpsichord
Douglas Dillard-electric banjo (Keep On Pushin')
Produced by: Gary Usher, Larry Marks

Note: *Arranged and conducted by Leon Russell

So You Say You Lost Your Baby / Is Yours Is Mine
Clark (2:06) / Clark (2:26)
Columbia 44088, 4/67


The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Clark
A&M 4159
Back Cover

Side One
Out On The Side Clark 3:47
She Darked The Sun Clark-Leadon 3:12
Don't Come Rollin' Clark-Dillard-Leadon 2:49
Train Leaves Here This Morning Clark-Leadon 3:53
Side Two
With Care From Someone Clark-Dillard-Leadon 3:49
The Radio Song Clark-Leadon 3:03
Git It On Brother (Git in Line Brother) Flatt 2:50
In The Plan Clark-Dillard-Leadon 2:06
Something's Wrong Clark-Dillard 2:55
Gene Clark-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Doug Dillard-banjo, violin, vocals
Bernie Leadon-banjo, guitar
Don Beck-dobro, mandolin
David Jackson-bass
Chris Hillman-mandolin
Andy Belling-harpsichord
Produced by: Larry Marks


Train Leaves Here This Mornin' / Out On The Side
Clark-Leadon (3:53) / Clark (3:47)
A&M 995, 11/68

Don't Be Cruel¹ / Lyin' Down The Middle¹
Blackwell-Presley (1:48) / Clark-Smith (2:13)
A&M 1033, 2/69

Why Not Your Baby¹ / The Radio Song
Clark (3:41) / Clark-Leadon (3:01)
A&M 1087, 7/69


Through The Morning, Through the Night
A&M 4203
Back Cover

Side One
No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine Reno-Smiley-Swift 3:12
Through The Morning, Through The Night Clark 4:04
Rocky Top Bryant 2:46
So Sad Everly-Everly 3:19
Corner Street Bar Clark 3:34
I Bowed My Head And Cried Holy arr Clark-Dillard 3:31
Side Two
Kansas City Southern Clark 3:39
Four Walls Campbell-Moore 3:39
Polly Clark 4:20
Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms Monroe 2:49
Don't Let Me Down Lennon-McCartney 3:52
Gene Clark-guitar, harp, vocals
Doug Dillard-banjo, fiddle, guitar, vocals
Donna Washburn-tambourine, guitar, vocals
Byron Berline-fiddle, guitar
David Jackson-bass, piano, cello, vocals
Jon Corneal-drums, tambourine
Bernie Leadon-guitar, bass
Chris Hillman-mandolin
Sneaky Pete Kleinow-steel guitar
Produced by: Larry Marks


Don't Let Me Down / Rocky Top
Lennon-McCartney (3:00) / Bryant (2:46)
A&M 1165, 2/70


White Light
A&M SP-4292
Back Cover

Side One
The Virgin Clark 3:35
With Tomorrow Clark-Davis 2:25
White Light Clark 3:38
Because Of You Clark 4:03
One In A Hundred Clark 3:30
Side Two
For A Spanish Guitar Clark 4:57
Where My Love Lies Asleep Clark 4:20
Tears Of Rage Dylan-Manuel 4:11
1975 Clark 4:28
Gene Clark-guitar, vocals
Jesse Ed Davis-guitar
John Selk-acoustic guitar
Ben Sidran-keyboards
Mike Utley-keyboards
Chris Ethridge-bass
Gary Mallaber-drums
Bobbye Hall-percussion
Produced by: Jesse Ed Davis



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