A black day in American history
May 4, 1970. The day the anti-war movement became surreal, as 67 shots rang out at Kent State University. The National Guardsmen bullets killed four students (Jeffrey Miller, Allison Krause, William Schroeder, and Sandra Scheuer) and injured nine others. Ten days later, two students were killed by police at Jackson State University.

Noted liberal New York Post columnist Pete Hamill wrote about the tragedy (and the Hard Hat Riot which occurred in NYC four days later), and in the fall of 1970 released this album. Featuring WNEW-FM disc jockey Rosko reading Hamill's words, the record also featured James Spaulding and Ron Carter (music) and Nat Hentoff (liner notes).

Murder At Kent State University
Flying Dutchmen FDS-127
Back Cover

Original Artwork

Pulitzer prize-winning photo

Side One
Introduction words by Pete Hamill 1:22
The Last Press Conference - 8:17
USA Allaway - 6:38
No Symphony For The Devil - 7:37
Side Two
Hard Hats And Cops words by Pete Hamill 7:40
The Army Of The Young - 8:26
Hair - 5:52
Four Children Are Still Dead  words by Lois Wyse 2:25
Nat Hentoff-commentary (liner notes)
James Spaulding-alto sax, flute
Ron Carter-bass
Produced by: Bob Theile
Earlier, Hamill and Rosko had collaborated on an album about the My Lai Massacre
Massacre At My Lai


Other songs about Kent State & Jackson State
Besides CSN&Y's Ohio/Find The Cost Of Freedom 45 (written, recorded, pressed and rush-shipped in two days), here are some other tributes to the victims of Kent State and Jackson State:

Monday In May (A May Day Of Hell)  Third Condition (rush released on June 1, 1970) 6/70
Jackson-Kent Blues Steve Miller Band (Number 5) 10/70
Where Was Jesus In Ohio Steel Mill (unreleased, written by Springsteen) ?/70
The Knife Genesis (Trespass) 10/70
Sandra Allison Jeffrey and Bill Evoloution (45) ?/70
Ohio~Machine Gun The Isley Brothers (Givin' It Back) ?/71
Driving Through Mythical America Pete Atkin (Driving Through Mythical America) ?/71
Student Demonstration Time The Beach Boys (Surf's Up) 8/71
Hey Sandy Harvey Andrews (Writer Of Songs) ?/72
Turn to Stone Joe Walsh (Barnstorm) ?/72
The Kent State Massacre Barbara Dane (I Hate The Capitalist System) ?/73
Truth Is Fallen Dave Brubeck (Truth Is Fallen) ?/74
It Could Have Been Me Holly Near (A Live Album) ?/74

Note: Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders), Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale (Devo) were students at Kent State and were at the demonstration.

Note: A 1981 TV movie about the events (partially based on real facts) featured otherwise unavailable performances by Richie Havens
(Lay Ye Down (Lay Down Your Guns)), John Sebastian (Don't Hide Your Light) and Grace Slick (Dance Around The Sun, They All Look The Same).
Soundtrack released by RCA.

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