The Steve Miller Band
Goldberg-Miller Blues Band ♦ Boz Scaggs 

Polydor LPHM-46253 [Sweden]
Back Cover

Side One
Steamboat Lucas 2:16
Baby Let Me Follow You Down Davis 2:30
Girl From The North Country Dylan 3:43
You're So Fine Finnie-Schofield 2:15
Got You On My Mind Biggs-Howard 3:06
That's Allright Crudup 2:14
Side Two
Hey Baby Channel-Cobb 2:40
Gangster Of Love Watson 2:27
Let The Good Times Roll Jordan-Theard 2:26
How Long arr Scaggs 2:27
Stormy Monday Blues Walker 3:49
C C Rider arr Scaggs 2:27
Boz Scaggs-guitar, harmonica, vocal
Produced by: Bill Öhrström, Silas Bäckström

Note: Released as by William R Scaggs in Sweden (about 300 copies). Credits on LP mostly wrong, fixed via wiki article.

The Mother Song¹ / More Soul, Than Soulful¹
Goldberg (2:57) / Harris (3:13)
Epic 5-9865, 11/65

Barry Goldberg-keyboards, vocal
Steve Miller-guitar, vocals
Roy Ruby-bass
Maurice McKinnley-drums
Produced by: Billy Sherrill


Magic Mountain Music Festival(June 10-11, 1967)
Monterey International Pop Festival(June 16-18, 1967)

Steve Miller Band's first recorded appearance was a shared billing with Chuck Berry (who you can also find in Legends).
Chuck Berry With The Steve Miller Blues Band
Live At The Fillmore Auditorium - San Francisco
Mercury SR-61138
Back Cover

Concert Poster

Side One
Rockin' At The Fillmore/Everyday I Have The Blues Berry/Chatman 8:28
C C Rider Willis 4:09
Driftin' Blues Brown 3:50
Feelin' It Berry 3:54
Flying Home Goodman-Hampton-Robin 2:41
Side Two
Hoochi 'Coochi' Man Dixon 5:43
It Hurts Me Too Berry 4:34
Fillmore Blues Berry 3:22
Wee Baby Blues Johnson-Turner 4:06
Johnny B Goode Berry 2:55
Chuck Berry-guitar, vocals
with: The Steve Miller Blues Band
Steve Miller-guitar, harmonica, backup vocal (It Hurts Me Too)
Jim "Curly" Cooke-guitar
Jim Peterman-organ
Lonnie Turner-bass
Tim Davis-drums
Produced by: Abe Kesh

Note: Special thanks to Bill Graham for use of half his stage and all his hot water
Recorded at the Fillmore Auditorium, June 27-July 2, 1967
Editorial note: This is a very bluesy Chuck Berry performance. Ain't no "Ding-a-Ling" crap here, brother!
Well, the 1989 CD does include that stupid song, but makes up for it with other great tracks

Curly Cooke out
Old friend Boz Scaggs in
Sittin' In Circles¹ / Roll With It
Goldberg (3:02) / Miller (2:29)
Capitol 2156, 4/68


Children Of The Future
Capitol ST-2920
5/68 BB
Full Cover

Can't see the title? See note after album details.
Inside Cover

UK Back Cover

Non gatefold, front cover same
Side One
Children Of The Future Miller 2:58
Pushed Me To It Miller 0:36
You've Got The Power Miller 0:55
In My First Mind Miller-Peterman 7:31
Beauty of Time Is That It's Snowing (Psychedelic BB) Miller 5:23
Side Two
Baby's Callin' Me Home Scaggs 3:24
Steppin' Stone Scaggs 3:02
Roll With It Miller 2:29
Junior Saw It Happen Pulte 2:29
Fanny Mae Brown 3:11
Key To The Highway Broonzy-Segar 6:18
Steve Miller-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
Boz Scaggs-guitar, vocals (Baby's Callin' Me Home, Steppin' Stone)
Jim Peterman-Hammond organ, mellotron
Lonnie Turner-bass
Tim Davis-drums, vocals (Junior Saw It Happen, Fanny Mae)
Ben Sidran-harpsichord (Baby's Callin' Me Home)
Produced by: Glyn Johns
Note: Having trouble reading the album title? Let Photoshop help you out
Now can you read it?


Revolution(July 1, 1968)
Living In The USA / Quicksilver Girl
Miller (4:03) / Miller (2:40)
Capitol 2287, 10/68 BB


Capitol ST-2984
10/68 BB
Back Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Song For Our Ancestors Miller 5:57
Dear Mary Miller 3:35
My Friend Davis-Miller-Scaggs 3:30
Living In The USA Miller 4:03
Side Two
Quicksilver Girl Miller 2:40
Lucky Man Peterman 3:08
Gangster Of Love Miller-Watson 1:24
You're So Fine Reed 2:51
Overdrive Scaggs 3:54
Dime-A-Dance Romance Scaggs 3:26
Steve Miller-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
Boz Scaggs-guitar, vocals (Overdrive, Dime-A-Dance Romance)
Jim Peterman-keyboards, vocal (Lucky Man)
Lonnie Turner-bass
Tim Davis-drums, vocal (My Friend)
Produced by: Glyn Johns, Steve Miller Band


Boz Scaggs to solo career (see below); Jim Peterman returns to midwest and raises family
Sittin' In Circles¹ / Dear Mary
Goldberg-Miller (3:13) / Miller (3:35)
Capitol 2447, 3/69

Northern California Folk-Rock Festival [69](May 23-25, 1969)

Brave New World
Capitol ST-184
6/69 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Back Cover

Non gatefold, front cover same
Side One
Brave New World Miller 3:27
Celebration Song Miller-Sidran 2:33
Can't You Hear Your Daddy's Heartbeat Davis 2:30
Got Love 'Cause You Need It Miller-Sidran 2:28
Kow Kow Miller 4:28
Side Two
Seasons Miller-Sidran 3:50
Space Cowboy Miller-Sidran 4:55
LT's Midnight Dream Turner 2:33
My Dark Hour Miller 3:07
Steve Miller-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
Lonnie Turner-bass, guitar, vocals
Tim Davis-drums, percussion, vibraphone, vocals (Can't You Hear Your Daddy's Heartbeat, LT's Midnight Dream)
Nicky Hopkins-piano (Kow Kow)
Paul Ramon [Paul McCartney]-drums, guitar, bass, vocals (My Dark Hour)
Glyn Johns-guitar, percussion, vocals
Ben Sidran-keyboards, vibraphone
Produced by: Glyn Johns, Steve Miller
Note: My Dark Hour is a jam instigated by Paul McCartney, after a row with The Boys about Allen Klein.
Only Paul and Steve are on this track. Macca played drums live and overdubbed the rest.
Contrary to published discographies, Macca does not sing on (Celebration Song)

My Dark Hour / Song For Our Ancestors
Miller (3:05) / Miller (5:00)
Capitol 2520, 6/69

A-side label adds: "with special thanks to Paul Ramon" [Paul McCartney]

Boz Scaggs
Atlantic SD-8239
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
I'm Easy Beckett-Scaggs 3:08
I'll Be Long Gone Scaggs 4:00
Another Day (Another Letter) Scaggs 3:11
Now You're Gone Scaggs 3:48
Finding Her Scaggs 4:09
Look What I Got! Chalmers-Rhodes 4:12
Side Two
Waiting For A Train Rodgers 2:40
Loan Me A Dime Scaggs 12:48
Sweet Release Beckett-Scaggs 6:17
Boz Scaggs-guitar, vocals
Duane 'Skydog' Allman-dobro, guitar, slide guitar
Eddie Hinton-dobro, guitar, slide guitar
Jimmy Johnson-guitar
Barry Beckett-keyboards
David Hood-bass
Roger Hawkins-drums
Tracy Nelson, Jeanie Greene, Joyce Dunn, Mary Holladay, Donna Thatcher, Irma Routen-vocals
Al Lester-fiddle, violin
Ben Cauley-trumpet
Gene Miller-trombone, trumpet
Joe Arnold-ten sax
Charles Chalmers-ten sax
James Mitchell-bar sax
Floyd Newman-bar sax
Produced by: Boz Scaggs, Jann Wenner, Marlin Greene

Note: Album charted at #171 in 1974 reissue

The Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair(Aug 30-Sept 1, 1969) Steve Miller Band
I'm Easy / I'll Be Long Gone
Beckett-Scaggs (3:08) / Scaggs (4:15)
Atlantic 2692, 10/69

Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around / Little Girl
Miller (2:27) / Miller (3:20)
Capitol 2638, 11/69


Your Saving Grace
Capitol ST-331
11/69 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Back Cover

Non gatefold, front cover same
Side One
Little Girl Miller 3:20
Just A Passin' Fancy In A Midnite Dream Miller-Sidran 3:38
Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around Miller 2:27
Baby's House Miller-Hopkins 8:55
Side Two
Motherless Children arr Miller 5:52
The Lost Wombat In Mecca Turner 2:53
Feel So Glad Miller 5:22
Your Saving Grace Davis 4:55
Steve Miller-synthesizer, guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
Lonnie Turner-bass, guitar
Tim Davis-drums, vocals (lead: The Lost Wombat In Mecca, Your Saving Grace)
Nicky Hopkins-piano, organ, harpsichord (Baby's House, Motherless Children)
Ben Sidran-organ
Glyn Johns-tambourine, guitar, vocals
Connie-guitar (The Lost Wombat In Mecca)
Minor Wilson-guitar (The Lost Wombat In Mecca)
Curley [Cooke]-guitar (Your Saving Grace)
Barnes Ensemble-vocal chorus (Baby's House)
Produced by: Glyn Johns


Number 5
Capitol ST-436
7/70 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Good Morning Winkelman 2:45
I Love You Miller 2:49
Going To The Country Miller-Sidran 3:43
Hot Chili Davis 3:28
Tokin's Davis 4:20
Side Two
Going To Mexico Miller-Scaggs 2:23
Steve Miller's Midnight Tango Sidran 2:38
Industrial Military Complex Hex Miller 3:54
Jackson-Kent Blues Miller 7:15
Never Kill Another Man Miller 2:48
Steve Miller-synthesizer, guitar, harmonica, piano, keyboards, vocals
Lonnie Turner-bass
Tim Davis-drums, vocals (Hot Chili, Tokin's)
Nicky Hopkins-piano, keyboards
Ben Sidran-keyboards
Lee Michaels-organ (Going To Mexico)
Curley Cooke-guitar
Jim Miller-guitar
Wayne Moss-bass
Bobby Winkelman-bass, guitar, vocals (Good Morning)
Bobby Thompson-banjo, bass, guitar, vocals
Jim Tillman-drums
Buddy Spicher-fiddle (Going To The Country)
Charlie McCoy-harmonica
Bud Billings-trumpet
The Norman Keith Spicher String Heptad-strings (Never Kill Another Man)
Produced by: Steve Miller Band


Going To The Country³ / Never Kill Another Man
Miller-Sidran (2:08) / Miller (2:48)
Capitol 2878, 8/70 BB

Steve Miller's Midnight Tango / Going To Mexico
Sidran (2:38) / Miller-Scaggs (2:23)
Capitol 2945, 10/70


Last original members Lonnie Turner and Tim Davis hit the road...

Bobby Winkelman, Jack King, and Ross Valory in from Frumious Bandersnatch

Columbia C-30454
3/71 BB
Back Cover

Side One
We Were Always Sweethearts Scaggs 3:27
Downright Women Scaggs 4:36
Painted Bells Scaggs 4:00
Alone, Alone Brown 3:40
Near You Scaggs 4:59
Side Two
I Will Forever Sing (The Blues) St John 5:13
Moments Scaggs 4:35
Hollywood Blues Scaggs 2:40
We Been Away Brown 3:40
Can I Make It Last (Or Will It Just Be Over) (Instrumental) Scaggs 5:24
Boz Scaggs-guitar, vocals
James "Curly" Cooke-guitar
Doug Simril-guitar, keyboards
David Brown-bass
Coke Escovedo-percussion
George Rains-drums
Ben Sidran-vibraphone
John McFee-steel guitar
Rita Collidge Ladies Vocal Ensemble-vocals
Bill Atwood-brass, horn
Mel Martin-brass, horn
Pat O'Hara-brass, horn
Produced by: Glyn Johns


We Were Always Sweethearts / Painted Bells
Scaggs (3:27) / Scaggs (4:00)
Columbia 45353, 3/71 BB

Near You / Downright Women
Scaggs (4:59) / Scaggs (4:36)
Columbia 45408, 6/71 BB

The Satsop River Fair And Tin Cup Races(Sept 3-6, 1971) Steve Miller Band

Rock Love
Capitol ST-748
9/71 BB
Back Cover

Side One
The Gangster Is Back† Miller 2:28
Blues With Out Blame† Miller 5:41
Love Shock‡ Miller 11:43
Side Two
Let Me Serve You Miller 2:26
Rock Love Miller 2:28
Harbor Lights Miller 4:06
Deliverance Miller 9:19
Steve Miller-guitar, harmonica, keyboards vocals
Ross Valory-bass
Jackie King-drums
Bobby Winkelman-rhythm guitar [side one, not credited]
David Denny-guitar (Blues With Out Blame) [not credited]
Charlie McCoy-harmonica
Produced by: Steve Miller

Note: †Recorded live at Pirate's World, Hollywood, FL
‡Recorded live at Pasadena Civic Center, Pasadena, CA

Rock Love / Let Me Serve You
Miller (2:28) / Miller (2:26)
Capitol 3228, 10/71



Fitting Conclusion

OK, so Rock Love was pretty bad. Then came this. And after side one was over, you thought, "Well, it's a lot better, but..." And then you flipped it over.

Wow, Steve Miller harkening back to the days of Future and Sailor. Really good, flowing songs. One of the best unheard sides of music in the history of unheard sides of music. Oh, and you can't get this on CD, either!

And then he became a pop star with The Joker, Fly Like An Eagle...

Recall The Beginning... A Journey From Eden
Capitol SMAS-11022
3/72 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

The inside was much more complicated than this
searching for images has proved fruitless.
Side One
Welcome Miller 1:14
Enter Maurice Miller 3:52
High On You Mama Miller 3:35
Heal Your Heart Miller 3:20
The Sun Is Going Down Miller 1:35
Somebody Somewhere Help Me Miller 2:30
Side Two
Love's Riddle Miller 3:33
Fandango Miller 4:56
Nothing Lasts Miller 4:03
Journey From Eden Miller 6:45

Note: This album dedicated to Mahalia Jackson and Junior Parker.
This recording completed on the full eclipse of the moon, Jan. 29, 1972.

Steve Miller-guitars, vocals
Dick Thompson-keyboards
Ben Sidran-keyboards
Gerald Johnson-bass
Gary Mallaber, Jim Keltner, Jack King, Roger Allen Clark-drums
Jesse Ed Davis-guitar (Heal Your Heart)
strings & horns arranged by Nick DeCaro
Produced by: Ben Sidran



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