The James Gang

I Don't Have The Time / Fred
Fox-Walsh (2:49) / Walsh (4:12)
BluesWay 61027, 7/69


Yer’ Album
BluesWay BLS-6034
10/69 BB [UK: 11/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Introduction DeCoteaux-Fox-Szymczyk :39
Take A Look Around Walsh 6:20
Funk #48 Fox-Kriss-Walsh 2:47
Bluebird Stills 6:01
Lost Woman Beck-Dreja-McCarty-Relf-Samwell-Smith 9:06
Side Two
Stone Rap Fox-Kriss-Szymczyk-Walsh :59
Collage Cullie-Walsh 4:03
I Don't Have The Time Fox-Walsh 2:50
Wrapcity In English Walsh :57
Fred Walsh 4:11
Stop Ragovoy-Schuman 12:00
Joe Walsh-guitar, piano, vocals
Tom Kriss-bass
Jim Fox-drums, organ, piano, vocals
Bill Szymczyk-organ (Bluebird)
Jerry Ragovoy-piano (Stop)
The Dunn Chorus-Tom, Jim, Joc, Bill, Marge, Linda, Ken, Jill, Barry (and of course, "Crazy Jon")
§Cover Photo-Byron Goto
§Inside Art (L)-Ladimer Jeric; Inside Art (R)-Gary Finn
Produced by: Bill Szymczyk

Note: On the original vinyl release, both sides had a special inner groove that could only be heard with manual turntables:
Side One: Turn Me Over  ; Side Two: Play Me Again  . Another reason why vinyl is best!

Funk #48 / Collage³
Fox-Kriss-Walsh (2:47) / Cullie-Walsh (3:44)
BluesWay 61030, 10/69


Tom Kriss out

Dale Peters in

Stop³ / Take A Look Around³
Ragovoy-Schuman (3:35) / Walsh (3:55)
BluesWay 61033, 1/70


Rides Again
7/70 T20 [UK: 10/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Funk #49 Fox-Peters-Walsh 3:54
Asshtonpark Fox-Peters-Walsh 2:04
Woman Fox-Peters-Walsh 4:37
The Bomber:
   A-Closet Queen
   C-Cast Your Fate To The Wind
Side Two
Tend My Garden Walsh 5:44
Garden Gate Walsh 1:36
There I Go Again Walsh 2:50
Thanks Walsh 2:20
Ashes, The Rain And I Peters-Walsh 4:56
Joe Walsh-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Dale "Bugsley" Peters-bass, acoustic guitar (Ashes, The Rain And I), vocals
Jim Fox-drums, percussion, vocals
Rusty Young-pedal steel guitar (There I Go Again)
Jack Nitzsche-strings (Ashes, The Rain And I)
§Cover Design & Inside Art-Bob Lockhart
Produced by: Bill Szymczyk

Note: Ravel's estate forced an edit to The Bomber to remove the Bolero section (reducing playing time to 5:39 on subsequent issues)
"Made Loud To Be Played Loud"

Summer Festival For Peace(8/6/70)
Goose Lake International Music Festival(8/9/70)
Funk #49³ / Thanks
Fox-Peters-Walsh (3:05) / Walsh (3:22)
ABC 11272, 8/70 BB

10/6/70: Sophia Gardens Pavilion, Cardiff, Wales
with The Who (headliners)
Two unique tracks on the soundtrack album

4/71 BB [UK: 7/71]
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve Front

Inner Sleeve Back

Side One
Walk Away Walsh 3:32
Yadig? Fox-Peters-Walsh 2:30
Things I Could Be Fox 4:18
Dreamin' In The Country Peters 2:57
It's All The Same Walsh 4:10
Side Two
Midnight Man Walsh 3:28
Again Walsh 4:04
White Man/Black Man Peters 5:39
Live My Life Again Fox 5:26
Joe Walsh-guitar, pedal steel guitar (Dreamin' In The Country), piano, vocals
Dale Peters-bass, double bass, percussion, vocals (Dreamin' In The Country, White Man/Black Man)
Jim Fox-drums, organ, piano, vibes (Yadig?), vocals (Things I Could Be)
Mary Sterpka-vocal (Midnight Man)
Bob Webb-background vocal (Midnight Man)
The Sweet Inspirations-vocals (White Man/Black Man)
Tom Baker & His Hashed-out Jazz Freaks-horns (Baker, arranger) (It's All The Same, Live My Life Again)
§Cover Art-Tom Wright, Tom Wilkes
Produced by: Bill Szymczyk & The James Gang


Walk Away³ / Yadig?
Walsh (2:50) / Fox-Peters-Walsh (2:30)
ABC 11301, 5/71 BB

Midnight Man³ / White Man/Black Man³
Walsh (2:40) / Peters (4:10)
ABC 11312, 9/71 BB


Live In Concert
9/71 BB [UK: 12/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Stop Ragovoy-Shuman 4:05
You're Gonna Need Me King 7:30
Take A Look Around Walsh 3:50
Tend My Garden Walsh 3:45
Ashes, The Rain And I(all acoustic) Peters-Walsh 2:40
Side Two
Walk Away Walsh 3:30
Lost Woman Beck-Dreja-McCarty-Relf-Samwell-Smith 18:20
Joe Walsh-guitar, organ (Take A Look Around, Tend My Garden), vocals
Dale Peters-bass, acoustic guitar (Ashes, The Rain And I), percussion, vocals
Jim Fox-organ, drums, percussion, vocals
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: The James Gang

Note: May [15] 1971, Carnegie Hall

Joe Walsh to form Barnstorm

James Gang plods along, with Domenic Troiano and then Tommy Bolin replacing Joe.
A few more albums and they were done. Joe joined the Flying Egos in 1975.


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