Crazy Horse
The Rockets

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Danny & The Memories
Can't Help Lovin' That Girl Of Mine / Don't Go
Hammerstein II-Kern (2:07) / Chandler-DeVorzon (2:02)
Valiant 705, 7/64


Hole In My Pocket / Let Me Go
Whitten (2:30) / Whitten (3:47)
White Whale WW-270, 5/68


The Rockets
White Whale WWS-7116
6/68 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Hole In My Pocket Whitten 2:30
Won't You Say You'll Stay Whitten 2:48
Mr Chips Whitten 2:20
It's A Mistake Molina-Talbot 1:48
Let Me Go Whitten 3:45
Side Two
Try My Patience Whitsell 2:15
I Won't Always Be Around Whitsell 2:53
Pill's Blues Whitsell 4:01
Stretch Your Skin Whitsell 4:08
Eraser Whitsell 2:02
Danny Whitten-guitar, vocals
Leon Whitsell-guitar, vocals
George Whitsell-guitar, vocals
Bobby Notkoff-violin
Billy Talbot-bass, vocals
Ralph Molina-drums, vocals
§Cover Photo-Earl Scott
Produced by: Barry Goldberg


Crazy Horse
Reprise RS-6438
2/71 BB [UK: 4/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Gone Dead Train Nitzsche-Titelman 4:08
Dance, Dance, Dance Young 2:10
Look At All The Things Whitten 3:30
Beggars Day Lofgren 4:20
I Don't Want To Talk About It Whitten 5:17
Side Two
Downtown Whitten-Young 3:14
Carolay Nitzsche-Titelman 2:50
Dirty, Dirty Whitten 3:30
Nobody Lofgren 2:35
I'll Get By Whitten 3:08
Crow Jane Lady Nitzsche 4:23
Danny Whitten-guitar, vocals
Nils Lofgren-guitar, vocals (Beggars Day)
Jack Nitzsche-piano, keyboards, vocals (Crow Jane Lady)
Billy Talbot-bass, vocals
Ralph Molina-drums, vocals (Dance, Dance, Dance)
Ry Cooder-slide guitar (I Don't Want to Talk About It, Dirty, Dirty, Crow Jane Lady)
Gib Guilbeau-fiddle (Dance, Dance, Dance)
§Cover Design-Gary Burden
Produced by: Jack Nitzsche & Bruce Botnick


Downtown / Crow Jane Lady
Whitten-Young (3:14) / Nitzsche (4:23)
Reprise 1007, 4/71

Dance, Dance, Dance / Carolay
Young (2:10) / Nitzsche-Titelman (2:50)
Reprise 1025, 7/71

Dirty, Dirty / Beggars Day
Botnick-Nitzsche (3:30) / Botnick-Nitzsche (4:30)
Reprise 1046, 10/71

Whitten died in Nov 72. Talbot & Molina (with others) worked with Neil off and on forever.
Two more group albums (72 and 78).


Neil Young & Danny Whitten @ A.V. Club
Neil Young and Crazy Horse


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