Eric Clapton
Derek & The Dominos

What's Shakin' album, 7/66
Three recordings from March, 1966 (w/Stevie Winwood) recorded in London as Cream was starting.

Clapton from Cream to start soloish career

Eric Clapton
Atco SD33-329
7/70 T20 [UK: 8/70] T20
Back Cover

Side One
Slunky Bramlett-Clapton 3:40
Bad Boy Bramlett-Clapton 4:17
Lonesome And A Long Way From Home Bramlett-Russell 4:00
After Midnight Cale 3:15
Easy Now Clapton 2:55
Blues Power Clapton-Russell 3:45
Side Two
Bottle Of Red Wine Bramlett-Clapton 2:55
Lovin' You, Lovin' Me Bramlett-Clapton 3:45
Told You For The Last Time Bramlett-Clapton 2:30
Don't Know Why Bramlett-Clapton 3:35
Let It Rain Bramlett-Clapton 5:17
Eric Clapton-guitar, vocals
Stephen Stills-guitar, vocals
Delaney Bramlett-guitar, vocals
Leon Russell-piano
Bobby Whitlock-organ, vocals
John Simon-piano
Carl Radle-bass
Jim Gordon-drums
Bobby Keys-sax
Jim Price-trumpet
Sonny Curtis [The Crickets]-vocals
Jerry Allison [The Crickets]-vocals
Bonnie Bramlett-vocals
Rita Coolidge-vocals
§Cover Art-Barry Feinstein and Tom Wilkes for Camoflauge Productions
Produced by: Delaney Bramlett


Tell The Truth¹ / Roll It Over¹
Clapton-Whitlock (3:20) / Clapton-Whitlock (4:28)
Atco 6780, 8/70

Produced by Phil Spector and recalled immediately after issue; Harrison & Mason on Roll It Over. Still not on CD!
After Midnight / Easy Now
Cale (3:15) / Clapton (2:55)
Atco 6784, 10/70 T20

10/15/70: Rider College, Lawrenceville, NJ

Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs
Atco SD-2-704
11/9/70 T20 RS500 [UK: 1/71] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
I Looked Away Clapton-Whitlock 3:04
Bell Bottom Blues Clapton 5:06
Keep On Growing Clapton-Whitlock 6:22
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out Cox 4:57
Side Two
I Am Yours Clapton-Nizami 3:32
Anyday Clapton-Whitlock 6:32
Key To The Highway Broonzy-Segar 9:47
Side Three
Tell The Truth Clapton-Whitlock 6:45
Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad? Clapton-Whitlock 4:50
Have You Ever Loved A Woman Myles 6:51
Side Four
Little Wing Hendrix 5:23
It's Too Late Willis 3:45
Layla Clapton-Gordon 7:10
Thorn Tree In The Garden Whitlock 2:51
Eric Clapton-guitar, vocals
Bobby Whitlock-organ, piano, guitar, vocal (Thorn Tree In The Garden)
Carl Radle-bass, percussion
Jim Gordon-drums, percussion, piano coda (Layla)
Duane Allman-slide guitar
Albhy Galuten-piano (Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out)
§Cover Art-La Fille au Bouque (1970) by Frandsen-De Schomberg
Produced by: Tom Dowd, Derek & The Dominos

Note: Duane does play on the first three tracks
Over the years, tracks for a second album have appeared on various CDs

Bell Bottom Blues³ / Keep on Growing³
Clapton (3:10) / Clapton/Whitlock (3:23)
Atco 6803, 12/70 BB

The Johnny Cash Show, 1/6/71, ABC
Eric jams with Johnny and Carl Perkins on Matchbox .
Layla³ / I Am Yours
Clapton-Gordon (2:43) / Clapton-Nizami (3:30)
Atco 6809, 3/71 BB
A reissue with the full length version of Layla hit #10 in Aug 72 (#7 in the UK, also 8/72)


Memories Of Fillmore East

The best part of going to the Fillmore East (and its counterparts in SF) were the light shows that flowed with the music on stage. Recent concerts may have laser lights, giant dildos, or bricks; but there is nothing really to compare to Joe's Lights or Pig Lights or Joshua—staples of the Fillmore East. That's what set our shows apart from arena rock. A truly unique experience to see these bands at their prime at places like Bill Graham's Fillmore East (or Fillmore West).

Which brings us to this extra: Derek & The Dominos In Concert. Eric & The Lads run through a few oldies (Blind Faith, Eric's solo album), a new tune Got To Get Better In A Little While, and then something that I have to apologize for to every person on the planet. One extravaganza of the 60s that I hang my head in embarrassment—the interminable drum solo. Sorry Jim, you ruined Let It Rain. Still the concert does have Slowhand at one of his peaks. It was a great concert.

And that's the other reason it's listed here—I was at one of the shows
Ticket Stub

. That's right I saw Derek & The Dominos (along with the original Humble Pie) at the Fillmore East for $4.50. Part of the fun of being an old fart.

In Concert
RSO SO 2-8800
1/73 BB [UK: 3/73]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad Clapton-Whitlock 9:40
Got To Get Better In A Little While Clapton 14:40
Side Two
Let It Rain Bramlett-Clapton 17:14
Presence Of The Lord Clapton 6:33
Side Three
Tell The Truth Clapton-Whitlock 11:10
Bottle Of Red Wine Bramlett-Clapton 6:50
Side Four
Roll It Over Clapton-Whitlock 6:25
Blues Power / Have You Ever Loved A Woman Clapton-Russell / Myles 17:30
Eric Clapton-guitar, vocals
Bobby Whitlock-piano, Hammond organ, backing vocals
Carl Radle-bass
Jim Gordon-drums
§Cover Photo-Julian Lloyd
Produced by: none listed

Note: Recorded October 23 & 24, 1970 at the Fillmore East


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