James Taylor
The Flying Machine ♦ ...and siblings:  Livingston ♦ Kate ♦ Alex
All writing credits are for James Taylor, unless otherwise indicated

Brighten Your Night With My Day / Night Owl
Taylor (2:28) / Taylor (2:30)
Rainy Day 45-8001, 6/67

JT's first single—remainder of tracks released in 1971 (see below)

James Taylor
Apple SKAO-3352
2/69 BB [UK: 12/68]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Don't Talk Now Taylor 2:36
   Link: Greensleeves, James Taylor, guitar
Something's Wrong Taylor 3:08
   Link: Aeolian String Quartet
Knocking 'Round The Zoo Taylor 3:25
Sunshine Sunshine Taylor 2:49
   Link: Skaila Kanga, harp
Taking It In Taylor 3:05
   Link: Don Schinn, harpsichord
Something In The Way She Moves Taylor 3:01
Side Two
Carolina In My Mind Taylor 3:37
Brighten Your Night With My Day Taylor 2:27
   Link: Brass conducted by Richard Hewson
Night Owl Taylor 4:15
   Link: Bishop O'Brien, James Taylor, and Peter Asher, percussion
Rainy Day Man Taylor 3:00
Circle Round The Sun arr Taylor 3:24
   Link: Conducted by Richard Hewson
The Blues Is Just A Bad Dream Taylor 3:43
James Taylor-guitar, percussion, voice
Don Schinn-organ, harpsichord, piano
Louis Cennamo-bass, guitar, vocals
Bishop O'Brien-drums
Mick Wayne-guitar (Carlina In My Mind)
Paul McCartney-bass (Carlina In My Mind)
Freddie Redd-organ (Carlina In My Mind)
George Harrison-vocal (Carlina In My Mind) [uncredited]
Peter Asher-percussion, tambourine, vocals
Richard Hewson-strings, bassoon, oboe
Skaila Kanga-harp
§Cover Photo-Richard Imrie
Produced by: Peter Asher

Note: James' first album went absolutely nowhere for almost two years (entered chart 10/3/70), pulled up by Sweet Baby James.
Don Schinn should be Shinn

Carolina On My Mind / Taking It In
Taylor (3:37) / Taylor (2:25)
Apple 1805, 3/69

note mispelling!
Carolina On My Mind / Something's Wrong
Taylor (3:36) / Taylor (3:00)
Apple 1805, 3/69

almost immediately yanked and replaced with different B-side (didn't fix spelling on A-side, tho!)
Newport Folk Festival(7/20/69) James

Sweet Baby James
Warner Brothers MS-1843
2/70 T20 RS500 [UK: 11/70] T20
Back Cover

Poster On One Side

Lyrics On The Other

Side One
Sweet Baby James Taylor 2:48
Lo And Behold Taylor 2:34
Sunny Skies Taylor 2:15
Steamroller Taylor 2:55
Country Road Taylor 3:21
Oh Susanna Foster, arr Taylor 1:58
Side Two
Fire And Rain Taylor 3:20
Blossom Taylor 2:10
Anywhere Like Heaven Taylor 3:23
Oh Baby, Don't You Loose Your Lip On Me Taylor 1:45
Suite for 20 G Taylor 4:45
James Taylor-guitar, vocals
Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar-guitar
Carole King-piano, vocals
Red Rhodes-steel guitar
John London-bass
Randy Meisner-bass (Country Road and Blossom)
Bobby West-double bass (Fire And Rain)
Russ Kunkel-drums
Chris Darrow-fiddle
Jack Bielan-brass
§Cover Photo-Henry Diltz
Produced by: Peter Asher


Sweet Baby James / Suite For 20 G²
Taylor (2:48) / Taylor (4:45)
Warner Bros 7387, 5/70


Livingston Taylor
Atco SD33-334
7/70 BB [UK: 7/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Sit On Back L Taylor 2:19
Doctor Man L Taylor 2:49
Six Days On The Road Greene-Montgomery 2:33
Packet Of Good Times L Taylor 3:01
Hush A Bye L Taylor 2:33
Side Two
Carolina Day L Taylor 3:01
Can't Get Back Home L Taylor 2:22
In My Reply L Taylor 2:44
Lost In The Love Of You L Taylor 2:56
Good Friends L Taylor 2:59
Thank You Song L Taylor 1:07
Livingston Taylor-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Pete Carr-guitar
Paul Hornsby-organ, piano, keyboards, vibraphone
Robert Popwell-bass, guitar
Johnny Sandlin-bass, drums
§Album Design-Jimm Roberts
Produced by: Jon Landau


Fire And Rain / Anywhere Like Heaven
Taylor (3:20) / Taylor (3:23)
Warner Bros 7423, 8/70 T20 UK

Philadelphia Folk Festival(8/30/70) Livingston

 ➜ Live: 10/16/70, Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver; released 2009: Amchitka 

10/25/70: London Palladium, London
with Matthews' Southern Comfort
Carolina Day / Sit On Back
L Taylor (3:00) / L Taylor (2:15)
Capricorn C-8012, 12/70 BB


And The Original Flying Machine
Euphoria EST-2
1/71 BB [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Night Owl Taylor 2:36
Brighten Your Night With My Day Taylor 4:10
Kootch's Song Taylor 3:11
Knocking Around The Zoo* Taylor 3:17
Side Two
Rainy Day Man Taylor 3:07
Knocking Round The Zoo Taylor 4:48
Something's Wrong Taylor 2:58
James Taylor-guitar, vocals
Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar-guitar (vocal*)
Al Gorgoni-harpsichord, piano, organ, synthesizer
Jerry Burnham-bass
Zachary Wiesner-bass
Joel O'Brien-drums
§Album Design-Ely Besalel
Produced by: Chip Taylor, Al Gorgoni

Note: Recorded in 1967, released in 1971 to cash-in on later success, UK released in 1976.

Country Road² / Sunny Skies
Taylor (3:30) / Taylor (2:15)
Warner Bros 7460, 1/71 BB


Sister Kate
Cotillion SD-9045
3/71 BB [UK: 6/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Home Again King 2:16
Ballad Of A Well Known Gun John-Taupin 4:40
Be That Way L Taylor 2:19
Handbags And Gladrags D'Abo 3:21
You Can Close Your Eyes Taylor 2:20
Look At Granny Run, Run Ragavoy-Shuman 2:44
Side Two
Where You Lead King-Stern 2:25
White Lightning Richardson 2:40
Country Comfort John-Taupin 3:36
Lo And Behold/Jesus Is Just All Right Taylor/Reynolds 2:21
Do I Still Figure In Your Life Dello 2:20
Sweet Honesty Martyn 6:00
Kate Taylor-vocals
Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar-guitar, percussion, conga, vocals
James Taylor-guitar
John Bieland-guitar
Bernie Leadon-guitar
Carole King-piano, vocals
JD Souther-guitar, vocals
Ralph Schuckett-organ, piano, accordion, keyboards
Leland Sklar-bass
Charles Larkey-bass
Russ Kunkel-drums
Joel O'Brien-drums
John Hartford-banjo
Sandra Crouch-percussion, tambourine
Linda Ronstadt, Merry Clayton, Oma Drake, Gail Haness, Donna Prater, Peter Asher-vocals
The Memphis Horns-horn
Wayne Jackson-horn
Andrew Love-horn
§Cover Photo-Jim Marshall
Produced by: Peter Asher


With Friends & Neighbors
Capricorn SD-860
3/71 BB [UK: 5/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Highway Song Taylor 3:17
Southern Kids Boyer 2:31
All In Line Talton 2:50
Night Owl Taylor 3:20
C Song Boyer 2:10
Side Two
It's All Over Now Womack-Womack 3:41
Baby Ruth Ryker 3:23
Take Out Some Insurance Singleton 4:18
Southbound Allman-Brown 8:30
Alex Taylor-vocals
Tommy Talton-guitar
Scott Boyer-guitar, vocals
Paul Hornsby-keyboards
Johnny Sandlin-bass
Bill Stewart-drums
James Taylor-guitar
Peter Kowalke-guitar
Joe Rudd-guitar
Ronnie Cuber-sax
King Curtis-sax
Willie Bridges-sax
Daniel Moore-trumpet
Frank Wess-sax
§Cover Photo-Jimm Roberts
Produced by: Johnny Sandlin


Highway Song / C Song
Taylor (3:17) / Boyer (2:10)
Capricorn C-8013, 3/71


Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon
Warner Brothers MS-2561
3/16/71 T20 [UK: 5/71] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Love Has Brought Me Around Taylor 2:41
You've Got A Friend King 4:29
Places In My Past Taylor 2:01
Riding On A Railroad Taylor 2:41
Soldiers Taylor 1:13
Mud Slide Slim Taylor 5:20
Side Two
Hey Mister, That's Me Up On The Jukebox Taylor 3:46
You Can Close Your Eyes Taylor 2:31
Machine Gun Kelly Kortchmar 2:37
Long Ago And Far Away Taylor 2:20
Let Me Ride Taylor 2:42
Highway Song Taylor 3:51
Isn't It Nice To Be Home Again Taylor :55
James Taylor-guitar, piano, vocals
Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar-guitar
Leland Sklar-bass
Russ Kunkel-drums, conga, cymbals, tambourine, bells
Carole King-piano, vocals
Kevin Kelly-piano (Places In My Past), accordion (Let Me Ride)
Peter Asher-tambourine, vocals
John Hartford-banjo (Riding On A Railroad)
Richard Greene-fiddle (Riding On A Railroad)
The Memphis Horns: (Love Has Brought Me Around, Let Me Ride)
  Wayne Jackson-trumpet
  Andrew Love-tenor sax
Joni Mitchell-vocals (Love Has Brought Me Around, You've Got A Friend, Long Ago And Far Away)
Kate Taylor-vocals (Mud Slide Slim, Let Me Ride, Highway Song)
§Cover Photo-Ethan Russell
Produced by: Peter Asher


You Can Close Your Eyes / Handbags And Gladrags
Taylor (2:31) / D'Abo (3:21)
Cotillion 45-44112, 4/71

You've Got A Friend / You Can Close Your Eyes
King (4:29) / Taylor (2:31)
Warner Bros 7498, 5/71  #1  T20

Baby Ruth³ / All In Line
Wyker (2:40) / Talton (2:50)
Capricorn C-8016, 6/71

as by Alex Taylor with Friends & Neighbours
Two Lane Blacktop(7/7/71)
JT is "The Driver" (a non-singin' role)
Lo And Behold/Jesus Is Just All Right / Home Again
Taylor/Reynolds (2:20) / King (2:16)
Cotillion 45-44124, 7/71

Long Ago And Far Away / Let Me Ride
Taylor (2:20) / Taylor (2:42)
Warner Bros 7521, 9/71 BB

Night Owl³ / Southern Kids
Taylor (2:58) / Boyer (2:31)
Capricorn C-8019, 10/71

as by Alex Taylor with Friends & Neighbours

Capricorn SD-863
11/71 BB [UK: 12/71]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Get Out Of Bed L Taylor 2:45
May I Stay Around L Taylor 3:24
Open Up Your Eyes L Taylor 2:45
Gentleman L Taylor 3:08
Easy Prey L Taylor 4:33
Side Two
Be That Way L Taylor 3:00
Truck Driving Man L Taylor 3:16
Mom, Dad L Taylor 2:39
On Broadway Leiber-Mann-Stoller-Weil 3:30
Caroline L Taylor 2:12
I Just Can't Be Lonesome No More L Taylor 2:38
Livingston Taylor-guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals
Tommy Talton-guitar
Paul Hornsby-organ, piano, keyboards
Johnny Sandlin-bass
Bill Stewart-drums
Robert Popwell-bass
Greg Prestopino-vocals
Walter Robinson-bass
David Woodford-flute, sax
§Album Design-Sam Antupit; Photo-Jim Marshall
Produced by: Jon Landau



JT Covers
Carolina In My Mind Melanie (Candles In The Rain) 4/70
  John Denver (Take Me To Tomorrow) 4/70
Country Road Al Kooper (Easy Does It) 8/70
Fire And Rain Blood, Sweat & Tears (3) 6/70
  John Denver (Poems, Prayers & Promises) 4/71
  Richie Havens (The Great Blind Degree) 10/71
Highway Song Alex Taylor (With Friends & Neighbors) 3/71
Lo And Behold(part of medley) Kate Taylor (Sister Kate) 3/71
  Mother Earth (Bring Me Home) 4/71
Night Owl Alex Taylor (With Friends & Neighbors) 3/71
Rainy Day Man Tom Rush (Tom Rush) 2/70
Riding On A Railroad Tom Rush (Wrong End Of The Rainbow) 12/70
Sweet Baby James Tom Rush (Wrong End Of The Rainbow) 12/70
Something In The Way She Moves Tom Rush (The Circle Game) 3/68
Sunshine, Sunshine Tom Rush (The Circle Game) 3/68
You Can Close Your Eyes Kate Taylor (Sister Kate) 3/71
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