Richie Havens

Newport Folk Festival(7/21-24/66)
I Can't Make It Anymore / Morning Morning
Lightfoot (2:48) / Kupferberg (2:17)
Verve/Folkways 5022, 8/66


Mixed Bag
Verve/Forecast FTS-3006
11/66 BB [UK: 2/67]
Back Cover

Side One
High Flyin' Bird Wheeler 3:34
I Can't Make It Anymore Lightfoot 2:47
Morning, Morning Kupferberg 2:17
Adam Havens 3:34
Follow Merrick 6:20
Side Two
Three Day Eternity Havens 2:14
Sandy Cousineau 3:10
Handsome Johnny Gossett-Havens 3:52
San Francisco Bay Blues Fuller 2:30
Just Like A Woman Dylan 4:45
Eleanor Rigby Lennon-McCartney 2:39
Richie Havens-guitar, vocals
Paul Williams-guitar
Howard Collins-guitar
Paul Harris-keyboards
Harvey Brooks-bass
Bill LaVorgna-drums
§Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein
Produced by: John Court


I've Gotta Go¹ / Morning Morning
Reed-Mason-Walker (3:01) / Kupferberg (2:17)
Verve/Forecast 5039, 3/67

No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed / Three Day Eternity
Havens (2:53) / Havens (2:15)
Verve/Forecast 5068, 10/67


Something Else Again
Verve/Forecast FTS-3034
11/67 BB [UK: 3/68]
Back Cover

Side One
No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed† Havens 2:58
Inside Of Him† Havens 4:27
The Klan(Richie solo) Grey-Grey 4:31
Sugarplums† Court 2:54
Don't Listen To Me† Havens 4:25
Side Two
From The Prison(Richie solo) Merrick 3:40
Maggie's Farm† Dylan 4:35
Somethin' Else Again† Havens 7:26
New City† Havens-Court 2:50
Run, Shaker Life arr Havens 5:45
Richie Havens-vocals, guitar, sitar, tambura, bongos
Jeremy & The Satyrs:
   Jeremy Steig-flute
   Adrian Guillery-guitar
   Warren Bernhardt-keyboards
   Eddie Gomez-bass
   Donald MacDonald-drums
John Blair-violin (Inside Of Him)
and on Run, Shaker Life:
Paul Williams-guitar
Don Payne-bass
Skip Prokop-drums
Denny Gerrard-drums
§Cover Photo-Mark Roth; Design-David Krieger
Produced by: John Court


Richie Havens' Record
Douglas SD-779
4/68 [UK: 6/69]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
I'm On My Way - 2:33
Babe I'm Leaving - 4:32
Down In The Valley - 3:57
Norah's Dove - 3:33
I'm Gonna Make You Glad† - 1:40
Side Two
Chain Gang - 2:48
Daddy Roll 'Em - 2:37
Drown In My Own Tears - 4:17
It Hurts Me† - 2:58
The Bag I'm In - 3:44
Richie Havens-guitar, vocals
Paul Williams-guitar†
and others
§Cover Art-Nicasio Diaz

It Hurts Me / I'm On My Way
Havens (3:00) / Havens (3:07)
Douglas DI-8101, 5/68

A-side as by Richie Havens with Natoya
Oxford Town / C C Rider
Dylan (3:17) / Havens (3:25)
Douglas 100-012, 7/68

Newport Folk Festival(7/25/68)
Just Above My Hobby Horse's Head / Indian Rope Man
Havens-Price (2:44) / Havens-Roth-Price (2:59)
Verve/Forecast 5092, 9/68


Electric Havens
Douglas SD-780
10/68 BB [UK: 4/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Oxford Town Dylan 3:20
900 Miles From Home Havens 3:46
I'm A Stranger Here Havens 5:45
My Own Way Havens 1:30
Side Two
Boots And Spanish Leather Dylan 5:44
C C Rider Havens 3:20
3:10 To Yuma Havens 3:15
Shadow Town Havens 4:00
Richie Havens-guitar, vocals
Paul Williams-guitar
and others

Note: Both of these Douglas releases were recordings from the mid-60s that were overdubbed and released without Havens' permission.
Nevertheless, FM radio played a bunch of these tracks.

Richard P Havens, 1983
Verve/Forecast FTS-3047-2
12/68 BB [UK: 5/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover


Side One
Stop Pulling And Pushing Me Havens 1:45
For Haven's Sake Havens 7:00
Strawberry Fields Forever‡ Lennon-McCartney 3:34
What More Can I Say John Havens 4:35
Side Two
I Pity The Poor Immigrant‡ Dylan 3:06
Lady Madonna Lennon-McCartney 1:55
Priests Cohen 5:10
Indian Rope Man‡ Havens-Price-Roth 3:00
Cautiously‡ Hayden 3:55
Side Three
Just Above My Hobby Horse's Head Havens-Roth 2:52
She's Leaving Home‡ Lennon-McCartney 4:00
Putting Out The Vibration, And Hoping It Comes Home Havens-Roth 2:50
The Parable Of Ramon† Havens-Roth 7:15
Side Four
A Little Help From My Friends† Lennon-McCartney 5:25
Wear Your Love Like Heaven† Leitch 4:45
Run, Shaker Life/Do You Feel Good† arr Havens/Havens 8:30
Richie Havens-guitars, ondioline, vocals
with (Live recordings):
Paul Williams-guitar
Arnie Moore-bass
Carter Collins-congas
and (Studio Recordings):
John Ord-piano, organ, celesta
Brad Campbell-bass
Skip Prokop-drums
Weldon Myrick-steel guitar‡
Teddy Irwin-lead guitar (Strawberry Fields Forever)
Bruce Langhorne-lead guitar (Just Above My Hobby Horse's Head)
Charlie Smalls-piano (Just Above My Hobby Horse's Head)
Stephen Stills-bass (Just Above My Hobby Horse's Head)
Paul Humphrey-drums (Just Above My Hobby Horse's Head)
Warren Bernhardt-clavinet (Indian Rope Man)
Paul Harris-piano (Indian Rope Man)
Jeremy Steig-flute (Indian Rope Man)
Carol Hunter-bass (Indian Rope Man)
Don MacDonald-drums (Indian Rope Man)
Ken Lauber-piano (For Haven's Sake)
Eric Oxindine-bass (Priests)
Jymm Fairs-bass (Putting Out The Vibration, And Hoping It Comes Home)
Diane Comins-harp (Putting Out The Vibration, And Hoping It Comes Home)
Daniel Ben Zebulon-conga
Colin Walcott-sitar
§Cover Photo-Mark Roth
Produced by: John Court‡, Richie Havens & Mark Roth

Note: †Live recordings: Santa Monica Civic Center, 7/12/68

Miami Pop Festival(12/29/68)
The Ed Sullivan Show: 5/4/69,
High Flyin' Bird
6/5/69: Royal Albert Hall, London
Richie appeared at the free Hyde Park concert on the 7th—Blind Faith's debut
Mississippi River Festival(7/22/69)
Woodstock Music & Art Fair(8/15/69) opened the show
Isle of Wight Festival of Music(8/31/69)
Rocky Raccoon¹ / Stop Pulling And Pushing Me
Lennon-McCartney (3:50) / Havens (1:45)
Stormy Forest 650, 9/69


Stormy Forest SFS-6001
12/69 BB [UK: 3/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Open Our Eyes Lumkins 2:48
Minstrel From Gault Havens-Roth 3:28
It Could Be The First Day Havens 2:15
Ring Around The Moon Havens 2:05
Baby Blue Dylan 4:50
Side Two
There's A Hole In The Future Havens 1:59
I Started A Joke Gibb-Gibb-Gibb 2:51
Prayer Havens 2:54
Tiny Little Blues Havens 1:57
Shouldn't All The World Be Dancing Havens 7:58
Richie Havens-guitar, auto-harp, vocals
Dave Bromberg-forward & backward dobro guitar (Tiny Little Blues)
Paul Williams-guitar
Monte Dunn-guitar
Warren Bernhardt-organ
Ken Lauber-piano
Eric Oxindine-bass
Bill LaVorgna-drums
Daniel Ben Zebulon-drums, congas
Stormy Forest Singers-vocals (Open Our Eyes)
§Cover Photo-Mark Roth
Produced by: Richie Havens & Mark Roth


Winter Festival For Peace(1/28/70)
There's A Hole In The Future / Minstrel From Gault
Havens (1:59) / Havens-Roth (3:28)
Stormy Forest 651, 2/70

From Richie to Jimi—3 days of music, mud, and meandering
The Ed Sullivan Show: 4/26/70,
The Minstrel From Gault
Handsome Johnny¹ / Sandy¹
Gossett-Havens (3:52) / Cousineau (3:10)
MGM K-14141, 6/70

Released to capitalize on Woodstock movie
Atlanta International Pop Festival(7/3, 5/70)
New York Pop(7/18/70)
Summer Festival For Peace(8/6/70)
Isle of Wight Festival(8/30/70)
To Give All Your Love Away / Nobody Knows¹
Havens (?) / Bergman-Bergman (?)
Stormy Forest 653, 11/70


Alarm Clock
Stormy Forest SFS-6005
12/70 BB [UK: 3/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Here Comes The Sun Harrison 3:43
To Give All Your Love Away Havens 2:48
Younger Men Grow Older Havens-Roth 3:34
Girls Don't Run Away Havens 4:17
End Of The Seasons Havens 3:38
Side Two
Some Will Wait Havens 2:40
Patient Lady Havens 4:45
Missing Train Havens 4:55
Alarm Clock Havens-Roth 5:17
Richie Havens-guitar, vocals
Paul Williams-guitar
Alan Hand-piano
Eric Oxindine-bass
Bill LaVorgna-drums
Daniel Ben Zebulon-congas
§Cover Art-Mark Roth
Produced by: Richie Havens & Mark Roth

Note: Here Comes The Sun recorded live at the Cellar Door, Washington

Here Comes The Sun³ / Younger Men Grow Older
Harrison (2:36) / Havens-Roth (3:50)
Stormy Forest 656, 2/71 T20

I've Got To Get To Know Myself¹ / Missing Train
Havens-Roth (3:30) / Havens (4:55)
Stormy Forest 658, 7/71

Think About The Children³ / Fire And Rain
Meehan-Scott (3:00) / Taylor (4:57)
Stormy Forest 660, 10/71


The Great Blind Degree
Stormy Forest SFS-6010
10/71 BB [UK: 1/72]
Back Cover

Side One
What About Me Valente 6:11
Fire & Rain Taylor 6:23
Tommy Townshend 1:28
In These Flames Brown 3:52
Side Two
Think About The Children Meehan-Scott 4:20
Fathers & Sons Stevens 6:45
Teach Your Children Nash 3:45
What Have We Done Kaufman 4:26
Richie Havens-guitar, vocals
Paul Williams-electric guitar, lead guitar
Malcolm Cecil, Robert Margouleff-Moog synthesizer
Emile Latimer-drums, percussion, congas
Jeffrey Kaufman-Orchestra arrangments
§Cover Art-Mark Roth
Produced by: Richie Havens

Note: Think About The Children was written for the US entry to the International Song Festival in 1970.

Richie continued to entertain his fans until health issues forced retirement in 2012. He passed on April 22, 2013.
His career also included advertising, movies, and TV work.


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