Grateful Dead
New Riders Of The Purple Sage ♦ Howard Wales & Jerry Garcia 

Trips Festival(Jan 21-23, 1966)

 ➜ Live: 1966-∞, Everywhere on earth: Get 'em all! 

Stealin'¹ / Don't Ease Me In¹
Garcia (2:32) / Garcia (2:00)
Scorpio 201, 6/66

"A Gathering of the Tribes for a Human Be-In"(1/14/67)

Grateful Dead
Warner Bros. WS-1689
3/17/67 BB [UK: 12/67]
Back Cover

Side One
The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) Skjellyfetti 2:07
Beat It On Down The Line Fuller 2:27
Good Morning' Little School Girl Williamson 5:56
Cold Rain And Snow Skjellyfetti 2:25
Sittin' On Top Of The World Jacobs-Carter 2:01
Cream Puff War Garcia 2:25
Side Two
Morning Dew Dobson-Rose 5:00
New, New Minglewood Blues Skjellyfetti 2:31
Viola Lee Blues Lewis 10:01
Jerry "Captain Trips" Garcia-guitar, vocals
Bob Weir-guitar, vocals (Beat It On Down The Line, New, New Minglewood Blues)
Pigpen [Ron McKernan]-keyboards, harmonica, vocals (Good Morning' Little School Girl)
Phil Lesh-bass, vocals
Bill The Drummer [Kreutzmann]-drums
§Cover Photo-Herb Greene; Design/Collage-Mouse Studios/Kelly
Produced by: Dave Hassinger

Note: McGannahan Skjellyfetti is a pseudonym for the members of the band

The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) / Cream Puff War
Garcia-Kreutzmann-Lesh-McKernan-Weir (2:07) / Garcia (2:25)
Warner Bros 7016, 3/67

TV Guide Close-up

=KPIX, San Francisco
KPIX Reports: "The Maze: Liverpool, USA" 5/16/67, Local production
The CBS O&O station produced a series called The Maze featuring happenings in The City.
Monterey International Pop Festival(6/18/67)

Percussionist extraordinaire Mickey Hart and avant-garde keyboardist Tom Constanten join

Dead move from The Haight to Marin County across the Golden Gate—say their goodbyes with concert.

Dark Star¹ / Born Cross-Eyed²
Garcia-Hart-Kreutzmann-Lesh-McKernan-Weir-Hunter (2:50) / Weir (3:00)
Warner Bros 7186, 4/68

Northern California Folk-Rock Festival(5/18/68)
Some rare live clips

Anthem Of The Sun
Warner Bros WS-1749
7/18/68 BB RS500 [UK: 11/68]
Back Cover

Side One
That's It For The Other One:
   Cryptical Envelopment
   Quadlibet For Tender Feet
   The Faster We Go, The Rounder We Get
   We Leave The Castle
New Potato Caboose Lesh-Petersen 8:25
Born Cross-Eyed Weir 2:06
Side Two
Alligator Hunter-Lesh-McKernan 11:20
Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) Garcia-Kreutzmann-Lesh-McKernan-Weir 9:30
Jerry Garcia-guitar, acoustic guitar, kazoo, vibraslap, vocals
Bob Weir-guitar, 12-string guitar, acoustic guitar, kazoo, vocals (New Potato Caboose)
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan-organ, celsta, claves, vocals (Side Two)
Tom Constanten-piano, electronic tape
Phil Lesh-bass, trumpet, harpsichord, guiro, kazoo, piano, timpani, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann-drums, percussion
Mickey Hart-drums, percussion
§Cover Painting-Bill Walker
Produced by: Dave Hassinger

Note: Tracks 1 to 5 studio tracks rec. RCA Victor Studio A, Hollywood CA 9/1967, American Recording Co, Studio City, CA 10/1967,
Century Sound Studio, New York, NY 12/1967 & Olmstead Sound Studios, New York, NY 12/1967.
Tracks 1 to 5 live tracks rec. Shrine Exposition Center, Los Angeles, CA 11/10-11/1967, Eureka Municipal Auditorium, Eureka, CA 1/20/1966,
Eagles Auditorium, Seattle, WA 1/26-27/1968, Crystal Ballroom Portland OR 2/2-3/1968, Carousel Ballroom San Francisco, CA 2/14/1968,
3/15-17/1968 & 3/29-31/1968 & King's Beach Bowl, Lake Tahoe, CA 2/22-24/1968.

Robert Hunter, lyricist and friend of Jerry, become official member.

Newport Pop Festival(8/4/68)
The Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair(Aug 31-Sept 2, 1968) unbilled, flew in to play
Miami Pop Festival(12/30/68)
Trippin' At Hef's Pad
On January 18, 1969, the Dead taped an episode of Hugh Hefners' TV series Playboy After Dark. Owsley, the Dead's sound & vision man, spiked the coffee urns with LSD so everybody could realize the fullness of The Dead.

The show aired in the spring (March 22 in NY). Watch the event (including Jerry & Hef's interview) and Bill Kreutzmann's story about it (2015, Conan) @ Live For Live Music .

Cusp of Spring, 1969: The Dead's legendary February 27-March 2 Fillmore West shows has been well-known
(8 complete sets in a 10-CD box!). But playing with them were Britian's premiere folk/jazz group The Pentangle.
Jerry was fascinated by their unique set-up and those shows were the kindling that started the separate acoustic sets later.
Read about it at this Long Lost Dead blog etry.
June 7, 1969: Drinkin' and ballin' buddies Pigpen & Pearl stun the crowd at the Fillmore West with
a 20 minute version of Lovelight (Youtube link).

Warner Bros WS-1790
6/20/69 BB [UK: 10/69]
Back Cover

Side One
St Stephen Garcia-Hunter-Lesh 4:24
Dupree's Diamond Blues Garcia-Hunter-Lesh 3:40
Rosemary Garcia-Hunter-Lesh 2:02
Doin' That Rag Garcia-Hunter-Lesh 5:15
Mountains Of The Moon Garcia-Hunter-Lesh 4:15
Side Two
China Cat Sunflower Garcia-Hunter-Lesh 4:15
What's Become Of The Baby Garcia-Hunter-Lesh 8:30
Cosmic Charlie Garcia-Hunter-Lesh 5:45
Jerry Garcia-guitars, vocals
Bob Weir-guitars, vocals
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan-keyboards, vocals
Tom Constanten-keyboards
Phil Lesh-bass, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann-drums, percussion
Mickey Hart-drums, percussion
Robert Hunter-lyrics
Supporting Musicians:
Marma-Duke [John Dawson]
David Nelson
Peter Grant
§Cover Art-Rick Griffin; Back Cover Art-Thomas Weir
Produced by: Grateful Dead

Note: Jerry and Phil remixed removing lots o'stuff and it was rereleased 9/71. Original mix finally available on the 50th box.
Timings of tracks from original promo album (via Discogs).

Dupree's Diamond Blues / Cosmic Charlie
Garcia-Hunter (3:30) / Garcia-Hunter (5:40)
Warner Bros 7324, 6/69


Tom Constanten can't adapt to the country influences creeping into the Dead's material.

Woodstock Music & Art Fair(8/16/69)
New Orleans Pop Festival(9/1/69)

Warner Bros 2WS-1830
11/10/69 BB RS500 [UK: 2/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Lyric Booklet Outside

Lyric Booklet Inside

Side One
Dark Star Garcia-Hart-Hunter-Kreutzmann-Lesh-McKernan-Weir 23:15
Side Two
St Stephen Garcia-Hunter-Lesh 6:45
The Eleven Hunter-Lesh 9:39
Side Three
Turn On Your Lovelight Malone-Scott 15:30
Side Four
Death Don't Have No Mercy Davis 10:30
Feedback McGannahan Skyjellyfetti 8:52
And We Bid You Goodnight arr Constanten-Garcia-Hart-Kreutzmann-Lesh-McKernan-Weir 0:36
Jerry Garcia-guitars, vocals
Bob Weir-guitars, vocals
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan-congas, organ (Death Don't Have No Mercy), vocals (lead on Turn On Your Lovelight)
Tom Constanten-organ
Phil Lesh-bass, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann-drums, percussion
Mickey Hart-drums, percussion
Robert Hunter-lyrics
§Cover Painting-R D Thomas
Produced by: The Grateful Dead and Bob & Betty [Matthews & Cantor]

Note: Recorded at: Avalon Ballroom, 1/26/69 (Eleven, Lovelight); Fillmore West, 2/27/69 (Dark Star, St Stephen);
Fillmore West, 3/2/69 (Death, Feedback, Goodnight)
Original issues had 4-page lyric booklet
McGannahan Skyjellyfetti are the Dead writing collectively.

Altamont Speedway Free Festival(12/6/69) refused to play
Miami Rock Festival(12/28/69)
1/30/70: Busted flat in Baton Rouge hotel.
Released to play two more shows then vamoosed outta town.
Zabriskie Point(2/9/70)
One unique track on the soundtrack album
Feb 11, 1970: Grateful Dead playin' the Fillmore East when the opening band, a group out of Atlanta, joins them
on stage for an incredible jam
To have been there

. Hear the concert at Internet Archive .
5/24/70: Hollywood Music Festival 1970
Lower Finney Green Farm, Leycett, England

Workingman's Dead
Warner Bros WS-1869
6/14/70 BB RS500 [UK: 9/70] UK
Back Cover

Original issues had this pasted upside down
Side One
Uncle John's Band Garcia-Hunter 4:42
High Time Garcia-Hunter 5:13
Dire Wolf Garcia-Hunter 3:13
New Speedway Boogie Garcia-Hunter 4:05
Side Two
Cumberland Blues Garcia-Hunter-Lesh 3:15
Black Peter Garcia-Hunter 5:42
Easy Wind Hunter 4:59
Casey Jones Garcia-Hunter 4:24
Jerry Garcia-guitar, pedal steel, piano, vocals
Bob Weir-guitar, vocals
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan-harmonica, vocals (Easy Wind)
Phil Lesh-bass, guitar, piano, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann-drums, percussion
Mickey Hart-drums, percussion
Robert Hunter-lyrics
Dave Nelson-guitar (Cumberland Blues)
§Cover Art-Mouse Studios W/Toon N Tree
Produced by: The Grateful Dead, Betty Cantor, Bob Matthews


Festival Express(6/27-7/5/70)
Mississippi River Festival(7/8/70)
Uncle John's Band³ / New Speedway Boogie³
Garcia-Hunter (3:07) / Garcia-Hunter (3:23)
Warner Bros 7410, 8/70 BB


Vintage Dead
Sunflower SUN-5001
10/70 BB [UK: 4/72]
Back Cover

Side One
I Know You Rider trad 4:25
It Hurts Me Too James 4:17
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Dylan 4:50
Dancing In The Street Gaye-Hunter-Stevenson 7:55
Side Two
In The Midnight Hour Cropper-Pickett 18:23
§Cover Art-John Pierce, Mokelvey; Poster-Kelly/Mouse Studios; Ripple Bottle-Gallo

Note: 1966 Avalon Ballroom performances (possibly September 16, 1966)

American Beauty
Warner Bros WS-1893
11/70 BB RS500 [UK: 12/70] UK
Back Cover

Side One
Box Of Rain Hunter-Lesh 5:16
Friend Of The Devil Dawson-Garcia-Hunter 3:20
Sugar Magnolia Hunter-Weir 3:15
Operator McKernan 2:21
Candyman Garcia-Hunter 6:12
Side Two
Ripple Garcia-Hunter 4:10
Brokedown Palace Garcia-Hunter 4:18
Till The Morning Comes Garcia-Hunter 3:13
Attics Of My Life Garcia-Hunter 5:09
Truckin' Garcia-Hunter-Lesh-Weir 5:09
Jerry Garcia-guitar, pedal steel, piano, vocals
Bob Weir-guitar, vocals (Sugar Magnolia)
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan-harmonica, vocals (Operator)
Phil Lesh-bass, guitar, piano, vocals (Box Of Rain)
Bill Kreutzmann-drums, percussion
Mickey Hart-drums, percussion
Robert Hunter-lyrics
Dave Nelson-guitar (Box Of Rain)
Dave Torbert-bass (Box Of Rain)
David Grisman-mandolin (Friend Of The Devil, Ripple)
Howard Wales-organ (Candyman, Truckin'), piano (Candyman)
Ned Lagin-piano (Candyman)
§Cover Art-Kelly/Mouse Studios
Produced by: The Grateful Dead

Note: This would be the last album of new studio material for almost three years (Wake Of The Flood, 10/73)

Truckin'² / Ripple³
Garcia-Lesh-Weir-Hunter (3:13) / Garcia-Hunter (2:55)
Warner Bros 7464, 1/71 BB

Truckin' is a different mix: no organ, more guitar

Percussionist extraordinaire Mickey Hart leaves—he'll be back in '74

Historic Dead
Sunflower SNF-5004
6/71 BB [UK: 4/72]
Back Cover

Side One
Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl [Williamson] 11:01
Lindy [Jones-Shade] 2:49
Side Two
Stealin' [Cannon-Shade] 3:00
The Same Thing [Dixon] 12:01
§Cover Design-Robert Hickson

Note: More 1966 Avalon Ballroom performances; no composer credits on album

New Riders Of The Purple Sage
Columbia KC-30888
8/71 BB [UK: 10/71]
Back Cover

Side One
I Don't Know You Dawson 2:24
Whatcha Gonna Do? Dawson 3:14
Portland Woman Dawson 3:33
Henry Dawson 2:34
Dirty Business Dawson 7:55
Side Two
Glendale Train Dawson 2:58
Garden Of Eden Dawson 4:31
All I Ever Wanted Dawson 4:30
Last Lonely Eagle Dawson 5:10
Louisiana Lady Dawson 3:00
John (Marmaduke) Dawson-guitar, vocals
David Nelson-guitar, mandolin, vocals
Dave Torbert-bass, guitar, vocals
Jerry Garcia-pedal steel, banjo
Spencer Dryden-drums, percussion
Mickey Hart-drums, percussion (Dirty Business, Last Lonely Eagle)
Commander Cody-piano (Dirty Business, Last Lonely Eagle)
§Cover Art-Kelley, Michael Ferguson
Produced by: New Riders Of The Purple Sage, Phil Lesh, Steve Barncard


(Skull & Roses)
Warner Bros 2WS-1935
9/24/71 BB [UK: 10/71]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Sticker Included with first issues

Side One
Bertha†(track faded in on original album) Garcia-Hunter 5:27
Mama Tried Haggard 2:42
Big Railroad Blues Lewis 3:34
Playing In The Band† Hart-Hunter-Weir 4:39
Side Two
The Other One Kreutzmann-Weir 18:05
Side Three
Me & My Uncle Phillips 3:06
Big Boss Man Dixon-Smith 5:12
Me & Bobby McGee Foster-Kristofferson 5:43
Johnny B Goode Berry 3:42
Side Four
Wharf Rat† Garcia-Hunter 8:31
Not Fade Away / Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad Hardin-Petty / arr Garcia-Kreutzmann-Lesh-McKernan-Weir 9:14
Jerry Garcia-guitar, vocals
Bob Weir-guitar, vocals (Mama Tried, Playing In The Band, The Other One, Me & My Uncle)
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan-harmonica, vocals (Big Boss Man)
Phil Lesh-bass, guitar, piano, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann-drums
Robert Hunter-lyrics
Merl Saunders-organ† (overdubbed later)
§Cover Art-Kelly/Mouse Studios
Produced by: The Grateful Dead

Note: Recorded live at Winterland (3/24/71), Manhattan Center, NY (4/5-6/71), Fillmore East (4/26-29/71)
Album really doesn't have a title—The Dead wanted to call it Skull Fuck, Warners said: "No fucking way"

South Side Strut³ / Uncle Martin's
Fierro-Wales (2:45) / Wales (3:09)
Douglas ZS7-6501, 9/71


Douglas 5
9/71 [UK: 11/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
South Side Strut Fierro-Wales 5:38
A Trip To What Next Wales 7:28
Up From The Desert Wales 3:03
Side Two
DC-502 Wales 4:24
One AM Approach Wales 4:39
Uncle Martin's Wales 3:09
Da Bird Song Garcia-Wales 2:35
Howard Wales-organ, piano
Jerry Garcia-guitar
Curly Cook-guitar
John Kahn-bass
Bill Vitt-drums
Michael Marinelli-drums
Martin Fierro-saxophone, flute
Ken Balzall-trumpet
§Cover Painting-Saint John (1962) by Mati Klarwein
Produced by: Alan Douglas, Doris Dynamite


Louisiana Lady / Last Lonely Eagle
Dawson (3:03) / Dawson (5:12)
Columbia 45469, 10/71



Dick Didn't Pick This

So many, many records to choose from!

Let's pick this one—a tribute to one of the founders and main cogs of The Dead (nee The Warlocks, nee Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions)—Pigpen. Recorded at Bill Graham's Fillmore East in February, 1970, this record started out as just another Dead Lp, but became a tribute when Ron McKernan died on March 8, 1973 of congenital biliary cirrhosis (Crohn's disease). The record was produced by their infamous sound (& mind) engineer, Owsley Stanley (Bear).

Like other bands of the day, there was an acoustic set before the electric one. Reissues on CD have featured more of Pigpen's playin' and singin' in his "dirty, bluesy" style that Deadheads loved.

History Of The Grateful Dead, Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice)
Warner Bros BS-2721
7/3/73 BB [UK: 9/73]
Back Cover

Side One
Katie Mae Hopkins 4:46
Dark Hollow Browning 3:30
I've Been All Around This World trad, arr Grateful Dead 4:40
Wake Up Little Susie Bryant-Bryant 2:40
Black Peter Garcia-Hunter 7:20
Side Two
Smokestack Lightning Burnett 18:00
Hard To Handle Isbell-Jones-Redding 6:14
Side One: acoustic
Jerry Garcia-acoustic guitar, vocals
Bob Weir-acoustic rhythm guitar, vocals (Dark Hollow)
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan-acoustic guitar, lead vocal (Katie Mae)

Side Two: electric
Jerry Garcia-lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir-rhythm guitar
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan-organ, percussion, harmonica, lead vocals
Phil Lesh-bass guitar, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann-drums, percussion
Mickey Hart-drums, percussion
Robert Hunter-lyrics
§Cover Art-Bob Thomas
Produced by: Owsley Stanley

Note: Recorded at the Fillmore East:
Katie Mae, Wake Up Little Susie, Black Peter, Smokestack Lightning (February 13, 1970)
Dark Hollow, I've Been All Around This World, Hard to Handle (February 14, 1970)
Rhino reissued this on CD in 2003 with four more cuts featuring Pigpen.

Dead continued their acid/folk/country/blues trip for many years. Made solo albums. Had a Top 10 single in 1987.
Captain Trips joined the Great Gig In The Sky in 1995.


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