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V3 Update: Having acertained the best release dates for both the UK and US, all are now in the correct US release order.
The Jansch records moved around a little. We start with a US only compilation.

Lucky Thirteen
Vanguard VSD-9212
6/66 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

1st UK Album Cover

2nd UK Album Cover

Side One
Angie (guitar solo)† Graham 3:08
Been On The Road So Long‡ Campbell 3:10
Running From Home† Jansch 2:20
Tinker's Blues (guitar solo)‡ Jansch 1:05
I Have No Time† Jansch 3:05
Lucky Thirteen (guitar solo)‡ Jansch 3:31
Needle Of Death† Jansch 3:15
Side Two
Ring A Ding Bird‡ Jansch 4:41
Casbah (guitar solo)† Jansch 2:05
Courting Blues† Jansch 3:56
Oh My Babe‡ Jansch 4:02
Veronica (guitar solo)† Jansch 1:27
Rambling's Gonna Be The Death Of Me† Jansch 3:12
The Wheel (guitar solo)‡ Jansch 1:45
Bert Jansch-guitar, vocals
John Renbourn-guitar‡
§Album Design-Jules Halfant; Photo-Brian Shuel
Produced by: not listed

Note: This is a US only compilation of Bert's first two British albums:
†Tracks from UK album, Bert Jansch (4/65)
‡Tracks from UK album, It Don't Bother Me (12/65)

The Pentangle
Reprise RS-6315
10/68 BB [UK: 5/68] UK
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Let No Man Steal Your Thyme arr Cox-Jansch-McShee 2:37
Bells Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:52
Hear My Call Staple Singers 3:01
Pentangling Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 7:02
Side Two
Mirage Jansch 2:00
Way Behind The Sun arr Cox-Jansch-Jansch-McShee-Thompson 3:01
Bruton Town arr Cox-Jansch-Jansch-McShee-Thompson 5:05
Waltz Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbrourn-Thompson 4:54
Jacqui McShee-vocals
Bert Jansch-guitar, vocals
John Renbourn-guitar, sitar, vocals
Danny Thompson-bass, double bass
Terry Cox-percussion, drums, vocals
§Cover Design-Osiris (Visions) Ltd; Photo-Robert Dowling
Produced by: Shel Talmy


Let No Man Steal Your Thyme / Way Behind The Sun
arr Cox-Jansch-Jansch-McShee-Thompson (2:37) / arr Cox-Jansch-Jansch-McShee-Thompson (3:01)
Reprise 0784, 11/68


Stepping Stones
Vanguard VSD-6506
12/68 [UK: 9/66]
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
East Wind Jansch-Renbourn 1:22
Piano Tune Renbourn 1:27
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Mingus 3:49
Soho Jansch 2:59
Tic-Tocative Jansch-Renbourn 1:55
Orlando Jansch-Renbourn 1:37
My Lover Jansch 4:04
Side Two
Stepping Stones Jansch-Renbourn 2:41
Red's Favourite Jansch-Renbourn 1:31
It Don't Bother Me Jansch 4:25
No Exit Jansch-Renbourn 1:22
Along The Way Jansch 2:02
The Time Has Come Briggs 2:52
After The Dance Jansch-Renbourn 2:25
Bert Jansch-guitar, piano, vocals
John Renbourn-guitar
Produced by: Bill Leader

Note: UK title was Bert & John

2/7-8/69: Fillmore East, New York
with Canned Heat (headliner)

Sweet Child
Reprise 2RS-6334
2/69 [UK: 11/68]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One: "Live" At The Royal Festival Hall, London, June 29, 1968
Market Song Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:39
No More, My Lord arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:55
Turn Your Money Green Lewis 2:16
Hatian Fight Song Mingus 3:31
A Woman Like You Jansch 4:00
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Mingus 3:43
Side Two: "Live" At The Royal Festival Hall, London, June 29, 1968
Three Dances: Brentzel Gay/La Rotta/The Earl Of Salisbury Geravise/arr Renbourn-Cox/Byrd 4:32
Watch The Stars arr Renbourn-McShee 3:03
So Early In The Spring arr McShee 3:06
No Exit Jansch-Renbourn 2:16
The Time Has Come Briggs 3:04
Bruton Town arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 5:31
Side Three: Recorded At IBC Studios, London, August 1968
Sweet Child Cox-Jansch-Jansch-McShee-Thompson 5:13
I Loved A Lass arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 2:40
Three-Part Thing Jansch-Renbourn-Thompson 2:26
Savoy arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 2:49
In Time Cox-Jansch-Renbourn-Thompson 5:07
Side Four: Recorded At IBC Studios, London, August 1968
In Your Mind Cox-Jansch-Renbourn-Thompson 2:14
I've Got A Feeling Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 4:26
The Trees They Do Grow High arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:48
Moon Dog Cox 2:42
Hole In The Coal McColl 5:20
Jacqui McShee-vocals
Bert Jansch-guitar, vocals
John Renbourn-guitar, Sitar, vocals
Danny Thompson-bass, double bass
Terry Cox-percussion, drums, glockenspiel, vocals
§Cover Art-Peter Blake
Produced by: Shel Talmy


How did Pentangle influence the Grateful Dead?

Sir John Alot Of Merrie Englandes Musyk Thyng & Ye Greene Knyght
Reprise RS-6344
5/69 [UK: 6/68]
Back Cover

Side One
The Earle Of Salisbury arr Renbourn 1:19
The Trees They Do Grow High arr Renbourn 3:26
Lady Goes To Church Renbourn 2:50
Morgana Renbourn 7:22
Side Two
Transfusion Lloyd 1:58
Forty-Eight Renbourn-Cox 2:51
My Dear Boy Renbourn 1:15
White Fishes Renbourn-Warleigh 3:46
Sweet Potato Jones-Cropper-Jackson 3:17
Seven Up Renbourn-Cox 3:45
John Renbourn-guitar
Terry Cox-finger cymbals, African drums, glockenspiel
Ray Warleigh-flute
§Cover Design-Jules Halfant; Photo-Brian Shuel
§Cover Art-Osiris (Visions) Ltd
Produced by: Nathan Joseph


Once I Had A Sweetheart / I Saw An Angel¹
arr Cox-Jansch-Jansch-McShee-Thompson (4:40) / Cox-Jansch-Jansch-McShee-Thompson (2:53)
Reprise 0843, 7/69 UK

Newport Folk Festival(7/20/69)

Birthday Blues
Reprise RS-6343
8/69 [UK: 1/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Come Sing Me A Happy Song To Prove We Can All Get Along
   The Lumpy, Bumpy, Long And Dusty Road
Jansch 2:05
The Bright New Year Jansch 1:34
Tree Song Jansch 2:37
Poison Jansch 3:16
Miss Heather Rosemary Sewell Jansch 2:10
I've Got A Woman Jansch 5:15
Side Two
A Woman Like You Jansch 4:22
I Am Lonely Jansch 2:29
Promised Land Jansch 2:47
Birthday Blues Jansch 1:10
Wishing Well Jansch 2:15
Blues Jansch 2:40
Bert Jansch-guitar, piano, vocals
Duffy Power-harmonica
Ray Warleigh-flute, sax
Danny Thompson-bass
Terry Cox-drums
§Cover Photo-Hans Feurer
Produced by: Shel Talmy


Isle of Wight Festival of Music(8/31/69)

Basket Of Light
Reprise RS-6372
12/69 BB [UK: 10/69] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Light Flight (Theme from Take Three Girls) Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:17
Once I Had A Sweetheart arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 4:41
Springtime Promises Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 4:07
Lyke Wake Dirge arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:34
Train Song Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 4:45
Side Two
Hunting Song Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 6:44
Sally, Go 'Round The Roses Sanders-Stevens 3:38
The Cuckoo arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 4:28
House Carpenter arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 5:28
Jacqui McShee-vocals
Bert Jansch-banjo, guitar, vocals
John Renbourn-guitar, sitar, vocals
Danny Thompson-bass, double bass
Terry Cox-percussion, drums, glockenspiel, hand drums, vocals
§Cover Photo-Peter Smith
Produced by: Shel Talmy


Light Flight (Theme From "Take Three Girls") / Sally Go Round The Roses
Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson (3:14) / Sanders-Stevens (3:36)
Reprise PRO 391, 4/70 UK

DJ Promo only issue; also noted the UK chart position
Isle of Wight Festival(8/30/70)

Jack Orion
Vanguard VSD-6544
12/70 [UK: 9/66]
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
The Waggoner's Lad arr Jansch 3:26
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face McColl 1:43
Jack Orion arr Jansch 9:52
Side Two
The Gardener arr Jansch 1:44
Nottamun Town arr Jansch 4:33
Henry Martin arr Jansch 3:11
Black Water Side arr Jansch 3:47
Pretty Polly arr Jansch 4:03
Bert Jansch-banjo, guitar, piano, vocals
John Renbourn-guitar
§Cover Design-Jules Halfant; Drawing-Bert Jansch
Produced by: Bill Leader


Cruel Sister
Reprise RS-6430
1/71 BB [UK: 11/70] UK
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
A Maid That's Deep In Love arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 5:26
When I Was In My Prime(Jacqui McShee-acapella) arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 2:52
Lord Franklin arr Jansch-McShee-Renbourn 3:21
Cruel Sister arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 6:59
Side Two
Jack Orion arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 18:39
Jacqui McShee-vocals
Bert Jansch-Dulcimer, guitar, concertina, recorder, vocals
John Renbourn-guitar, recorder, sitar, vocals
Danny Thompson-bass, double bass
Terry Cox-percussion, drums, tambourine, triangle, dulcitone, vocals (Cruel Sister)
§Cover Design-Hamish & Gustav; Engravings–Albrecht Dürer
Produced by: Bill Leader *

Note: The front engraving is The Men's Bath (unknown) and the back is The Sea Monster (1498)

The Lady And The Unicorn
Reprise RS-6407
1/71 [UK: 12/70]
Back Cover

UK Label

Side One
1a Trotto arr Renbourn :40
  b Saltarello arr Renbourn 1:53
2a Lamento Di Tristan arr Renbourn 1:58
  b La Rotta arr Renbourn :55
3a Veri Floris arr Renbourn :44
  b Triple Ballade arr Renbourn 2:00
4a Bransle Gay arr Renbourn 1:13
  b Bransle de Bourgogne arr Renbourn 1:34
5a Alman arr Renbourn 1:25
  b Melancholy Galliard Dowland 2:47
Sarabande Bach 2:41
Side Two
The Lady and the Unicorn Renbourn 3:21
2a My Johnny Was a Shoemaker arr Renbourn 4:16
  b Westron Wynde arr Renbourn 1:25
  c Scarborough Fair arr Renbourn 7:22
John Renbourn-guitar, sitar
Terry Cox-hand drums, glockenspiel
Dave Swarbrick-violin
Tony Roberts-flute
Ray Warleigh-flute
Don Harper-violin
Lee Nicholson-concertina
§Cover Painting-The Lady And The Unicorn (late 1500s) series of tapestries [uncredited]
Produced by: Bill Leader


Rosemary Lane
Reprise RS-6455
10/71 [UK: 6/71]
UK Back Cover

US cover artwork is the same
Side One
Tell Me What Is True Love? Jansch 2:02
Rosemary Lane arr Jansch 4:04
M'Lady Nancy Jansch 2:34
A Dream, A Dream, A Dream Jansch 2:43
Alman Johnson 1:23
Wayward Child Jansch 2:07
Nobody's Bar Jansch 3:03
Side Two
Reynardine arr Jansch 5:22
Silly Women Jansch 3:16
Peregrinations Jansch-Renbourn 1:49
Sylvie arr Jansch 4:30
Sarabanda Corelli 1:32
Bird Song Jansch 2:56
Bert Jansch-guitar, piano, vocals
§Cover Art-Heather Jansch
Produced by: Bill Leader


Reprise RS-6463
10/71 BB [UK: 10/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Wedding Dress arr Pentangle 4:48
Omie Wise arr Pentangle 4:23
Will The Circle Be Unbroken arr Pentangle 4:06
When I Get Home Pentangle 4:55
Rain And Snow arr Pentangle 3:49
Side Two
Helping Hand Pentangle 3:27
So Clear Pentangle 4:49
Reflection Pentangle 11:14
Jacqui McShee-vocals
Bert Jansch-guitar, vocals
John Renbourn-guitar, sitar, vocals
Danny Thompson-bass
Terry Cox-percussion, drums
§Cover Design, Photos-Shepard Sherbell
Produced by: Bill Leader



End Of The Line

While not their best work, Solomon's Seal marked the end of the line for Pentangle. Jacqui would form a new band under The Pentangle banner which continued for many years.

Solomon's Seal
Reprise MS-2100
10/72 BB [UK: 9/72]
Back Cover

Lyric Sheet

Side One
Sally Free And Easy Tawney 3:55
The Cherry Tree Carol arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 2:57
The Snows arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:43
High Germany arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:15
People On The Highway Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 4:46
Side Two
Willy O'Winsbury arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 6:50
No Love Is Sorrow Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 2:41
Jump, Baby, Jump Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 3:10
Lady Of Carlisle arr Cox-Jansch-McShee-Renbourn-Thompson 4:41
Jacqui McShee-vocals
Bert Jansch-acoustic guitar, banjo, recorder, sitar, dulcimer, harmonica, lead vocals
John Renbourn-electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Danny Thompson-double bass
Terry Cox-drums, finger cymbals, vocals (Lady Of Carlisle)
§Cover Art-Chris Ayliffe
Produced by: Pentangle, John Wood



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