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In the first iteration of Seasons, the "X" page was for albums that had no specific release date. Found 'em and made the page redundant.

For Seasons Version 2, wanted to spotlight some of the artists whose careers started towards the end of our self-imposed deadline. Some released albums during our time-frame, but reached greater success later.


Warren started out as part of a duo, lyme & cybelle, who released two 45s in 1966 (Warren was lyme and his partner, Violet Santangelo was cybelle). Check them out at 45cat . Note that the third single listed had a different "lyme." He also wrote a couple of songs for The Turtles (Outside Chance and Like The Seasons) and had a song in the film, Midnight Cowboy.

This album, released as just Zevon (as a group?), sank without a trace. Warren would return in 1976 with his "second" album that included Hasten Down The Wind, Poor Poor Pitiful Me, Mohammed's Radio and a few others ya probably heard of. He got lots better. Remember to enjoy every sandwich.

Wanted Dead Or Alive
Imperial LP-12456
4/70 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Wanted Dead Or Alive Cerf-Fowley 2:34
Hitch Hikin' Woman Turner-Zevon 2:14
She Quit Me Zevon 4:50
Calcutta Fletcher 2:18
Iko-Iko Jones-Jones-Jones-Thomas 1:52
Side Two
Traveling In The Lightnin' Zevon 3:04
Tule's Blues Zevon 3:30
A Bullet For Ramona Evans-Zevon 3:50
Gorilla Zevon 3:26
Fiery Emblems Zevon 3:14
[Warren] Zevon-vocals, guitar, harmonica, bass, marimba, piano
Skip Battyn [Battin]-bass
Drachen Theaker-drums
Brent Seawell-bass (A Bullet For Ramona)
Toxey French-drums (A Bullet For Ramona)
Jon Corneal-drums (Hitch Hikin' Woman, Tule's Blues)
Shutter Ed Caraeff-maracas (Hitch Hikin' Woman)
Sweet Trifles-backing vocals (Iko-Iko)
§Cover Photo-Richard Edlund
Produced by: W Zevon

Skip would join The Byrds in 1969


Official Warren Zevon website

ZZ Top

ZZ Top started out as a blues band in Texas, formed by Billy Gibson. They released a single on the local Scat label. Frank Beard and Dusty Hill, members of American Blues, joined just after a recording deal was signed with London Records.

Seems like they did pretty good.

First Album
London PS-584
1/16/71 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve

Side One
(Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree Gibbons 2:32
Brown Sugar Gibbons 5:22
Squank Gibbons-Ham-Hill 2:46
Goin Down To Mexico Gibbons-Ham-Hill 3:26
Old Man Beard-Gibbons-Hill 3:23
Side Two
Neighbor, Neighbor Gibbons 2:18
Certified Blues Beard-Gibbons-Ham 3:25
Bedroom Thang Gibbons 4:37
Just Got Back From Baby's Gibbons-Ham 4:07
Backdoor Love Affair Gibbons-Ham 3:20
Billy Gibbons-guitar, vocals
Dusty Hill-bass, vocals
Rube Beard-drums
§Album Design-Bill Narum; Photo-Frank Jaubert
Produced by: Bill Ham

Note: album was remixed for CD in 1987. Fans were horrified. Corrected in big box in 2013.


Official ZZ Top website

The Doobie Brothers

The Doobies came smokin' out of San Jose and, with Michael McDonald joining in 1975, would release a string of hits.

The Doobie Brothers
Warner Bros WS-1919
4/71 [UK: 7/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Nobody Johnston 3:42
Slippery St Paul Simmons 2:14
Greenwood Creek Johnston 3:04
It Won't Be Right Johnston-Simmons 2:38
Travelin' Man Johnston 4:25
Side Two
Feelin' Down Farther Johnston 4:20
The Master Johnston 3:30
Growin' A Little Each Day Johnston 3:20
Beehive State Newman 2:42
Closer Every Day Simmons 4:19
Chicago arr Simmons 1:40
Tom Johnston-guitar, piano, harp, vocals
Pat Simmons-guitar, vocals (lead on Closer Every Day)
Dave Shogren-bass, organ, vocals
John Hartman-drums
§Cover Photo-Jim Marshall
Produced by: Lenny Waronker, Ted Templeman


Nobody / Slippery St Paul
Johnston (3:42) / Simmons (2:14)
Warner Bros 7495, 5/71



Official Doobie Brothers website

John Prine

John's Sam Stone touched the nerves of those who served in Viet Nam, whilst Illegal Smile made us feel good.

He was honored with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement award in 2020, presented by our next artist.

Sam Stone / Blue Umbrella
Prine (4:05) / Prine (2:56)
Atlantic 45-2815, 7/71

Different recording than the album

John Prine
Atlantic SD-8296
10/71 BB RS500 [UK: 4/72]
Back Cover

Lyric Insert Sheet

Lyric Insert Sheet

Side One
Illegal Smile Prine 3:10
Spanish Pipedream Prine 2:37
Hello In There Prine 4:29
Sam Stone Prine 4:14
Paradise Prine 3:10
Pretty Good Prine 3:36
Side Two
Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore Prine 2:51
Far From Me Prine 3:38
Angel From Montgomery Prine 3:43
Quiet Man Prine 2:50
Donald And Lydia Prine 4:27
Six O'Clock News Prine 2:49
Flashback Blues Prine 2:33
John Prine-acoustic guitar, vocals
with (except Paradise and Flashback Blues):
Reggie Young-lead guitar
John Christopher-rhythm guitar
Leo LeBlanc-pedal steel guitar
Bobby Wood-piano
Bobby Emmons-organ
Mike Leach-bass
Gene Chrisman-drums
on Paradise:
Steve Goodman-acoustic guitar, backing vocal
Neal Rosengarden-bass
Dave Prine-fiddle
on Flashback Blues:
Steve Goodman-acoustic guitar
Mike Leach-bass
Bishop Heywood [Heywood Bishop]-drums
Noel Gilbert-fiddle
§Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein, Camouflage Productions
Produced by: Arif Mardin



Official John Prine website

Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie's been playin' the blues (with a mean slide guitar) for a long time. Her dad was a Broadway star.

Bonnie Raitt
Warner Bros WS-1953
11/71 [UK: 11/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Bluebird Stills 3:26
Mighty Tight Woman Wallace 4:19
Thank You Raitt 2:48
Finest Lovin' Man Raitt 4:41
Any Day Woman Siebel 2:19
Side Two
Big Road Johnson 3:31
Walking Blues Johnson 3:35
Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead Hunter-Paul-Stevenson 2:50
Since I Fell For You Johnson 3:03
I Ain't Blue Koerner 3:35
Women Be Wise Wallace 4:13
Bonnie Raitt-vocals, acoustic guitar, slide guitar
with The Bumblebees:
Russell Hagen-electric guitar
Freebo-fretless bass, tuba
John Beach-piano
Steven Bradley-drums
Voyle Harris-trumpet
Eugene Hoffman-tenor sax
Maurice Jacox-baritone sax, flute
Peter Bell-electric guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion
Junior Wells-harp
Steve Raitt-percussion
Willie Murphy-piano, percussion
A C Reed-tenor sax
Douglas "Toad" Spurgeon-trombone
Chris Rhodes-backing vocals (Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead)
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Willie Murphy


Bluebird / Women Be Wise
Stills (3:26) / Beach-Wallace (4:13)
Warner Bros WB-7554, 1/72



Official Bonnie Raitt website

Loggins & Messina

Kenny Loggins needed some help. Former Buffalo Springfield tape magician Jim Messina offered to "Sit In." And stayed for several years.

Although we did learn later that your mother does, in fact, dance.

Sittin' In
Columbia C-31044
11/71 BB [UK: ?/72]
Back Cover

Side One
Nobody But You Messina 2:56
Danny's Song Loggins 4:14
Vahevella Loggins-Lottermoser 4:45
Trilogy   11:15
   Lovin' Me MacLeod-Messina  
   To Make A Woman Feel Wanted Loggins-Messina  
   Peace Of Mind Messina  
Side Two
Back To Georgia Loggins 3:15
House At Pooh Corner Loggins 4:18
Listen To A Country Song Garth-Messina 2:46
Same Old Wine Messina 8:15
Rock 'N Roll Mood Loggins-Omartian 3:06
Kenny Loggins-vocals, 2nd guitar, harmonica
Jim Messina-vocals, lead guitar
Larry Sims-bass, backing vocals
Merel Bregante-drums, backing vocals
Milt Holland-percussion
Lester A Garth-recorder, violin, saxophone, steel drums, backing vocals
Michael Omartian-steel drums, keyboards, concertina
Jon Clarke-steel drums, saxophone, oboe
§Cover Photo-David Linderman
Produced by: Jim Messina


Vahevella³ / Same Old Wine³
Loggins-Lottermoser (3:40) / Messina (5:55)
Columbia 4-45550, 1/72 BB



Official Loggins & Messina website

Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen

Texas Swing. Boogie Woogie. Jump Blues. All out of the creative mind of Commander Cody, who formed the group in Ann Arbor in 67. They moved to the west coast in 70.

Lost In The Ozone
Paramount PAS-6017
11/71 BB [UK: ?/71]
Back Cover

Ever wonder where the name came from?

Side One
Back To Tennessee Farlow-Frayne 2:52
Wine Do Yer Stuff Farlow-Frayne 3:06
Seeds And Stems (Again)† Farlow-Frayne 3:49
Daddy's Gonna Treat You Right Farlow 3:05
Family Bible‡ Breeland-Buskirk-Gray 3:40
My Home In My Hand† Self 2:04
Side Two
Lost In The Ozone Farlow 2:13
Midnight Shift Ainsworth-Lee 2:32
Hot Rod Lincoln Ryan-W S Stevenson 2:44
What's The Matter Now? Farlow 4:03
20 Flight Rock Fairchild 2:59
Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar‡ Raye-Prince-Sheehy 5:10
Commander Cody [George Frayne]-piano, vocals
Billy C Farlow-lead vocals, harp
Bill Kirchen-lead guitar, trombone, harmony vocals, lead vocals†
John Tichy-rhythm guitar, harmony vocals, lead vocals‡
Buffalo Bruce Barlow-acoustic bass, electric bass, harmony vocals
Lance Dickerson-drums
Andy Stein-fiddle, saxophone
West Virginia Creeper [Steve Davis]-pedal steel guitar
Jack Black-guitar, backing vocals (What's The Matter Now?)
§Cover Art-Chris Frayne
Produced by: George Frayne, Bob Cohen

Note: What's The Matter Now? recorded live at The Long Branch Saloon, Berkeley, July 1971
20 Flight Rock recorded live at New Monk, Berkeley, July 1971
Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar recorded live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, April 1971


Lost In The Ozone / Midnight Shift
Farlow (2:07) / Ainsworth-Lee (2:27)
Paramount PAA-0130, 11/71



Official Commander Cody website

Jackson Browne

Jackson was well known in the LA area as a gifted songwriter. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band recorded a bunch of his songs when he was a non-playing member in the mid 60s. Moved to Greenwhic Village and had an affair with Nico (writing songs and playing on her Chelsea Girl record).

Other songs of Jackson's: Jamaica Say You Will (The Byrds), Shadow Dream Song, These Days, and Colors Of The Sun (Tom Rush).

Jackson Browne
AKA Saturate Before Using
Asylum SD-5051
1/72 BB [UK: 4/72]
Back Cover

Side One
Jamaica Say You Will Browne 3:23
A Child In These Hills Browne 3:57
Song For Adam Browne 5:22
Doctor My Eyes Browne 3:11
From Silver Lake Browne 3:49
Side Two
Something Fine Browne 3:47
Under The Falling Sky Browne 4:08
Looking Into You Browne 4:20
Rock Me On The Water Browne 4:13
My Opening Farewell Browne 4:45
Jackson Browne-acoustic guitar, piano, vocals
Leland Sklar-bass, vocals (Under The Falling Sky)
Russell Kunkel-drums
Clarence White-acoustic guitar (Jamaica Say You Will)
Jesse Davis-electric guitar (Doctor My Eyes)
Albert Lee-electric guitar (A Child In These Hills, Under The Falling Sky)
Craig Doerge-piano (From Silver Lake, Rock Me On The Water, My Opening Farewell)
David Jackson-piano (A Child In These Hills)
Jim Gordon-organ
Sneaky Pete-pedal steel guitar
David Campbell-viola
Jim Fadden-harmonica
David Crosby-harmony vocals
§Cover Photo-Henry Diltz
Produced by: Richard Sanford Orshoff


Doctor My Eyes / Looking Into You
Browne (2:56) / Browne (4:15)
Asylum AS-11004, 2/72 T20



Official Jackson Browne website

David Bromberg

David is a master of stringed instrunents. He played on many albums in the 60s/70s with a dobro, mandolin, or other.

His album credits (for this timezone) include: Jerry Jeff Walker, Tom Paxton, Al Kooper, Richie Havens, and Bob Dylan.

David Bromberg
Columbia C-31104
2/72 [UK: 6/72]
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve

Inner Sleeve w Lyrics

Side One
(Introduction) Bromberg 0:27
Last Song For Shelby Jean Bromberg 3:50
Suffer To Sing The Blues† Bromberg 4:55
The Boggy Road To Milledgeville (Arkansas Traveler) arr Blake-Bromberg 2:13
Dehlia† arr Bromberg 7:50
Side Two
Pine Tree Woman Bromberg 5:15
Lonesome Dave's Lovesick Blues #3 Bromberg 2:37
Mississippi Blues arr Bromberg 4:37
The Holdup† Bromberg-Harrison 2:55
Sammy's Song Bromberg 4:46
David Bromberg-lead guitar, dobro, vocals
David Nichterne-electric guitar, piano, vocals
George Harrison-slide guitar overdub (The Holdup)
Steve Burgh-bass
Steve Mosley-drums, vocals
Jody Stecher-mandolin (The Holdup), fiddle (Suffer To Sing The Blues), vocals
Willow Scarlett-harmonica, vocals†
Richard Grando-tenor sax
David Amram-French horn
Bob Dylan-harmonica (Sammy's Song)

The Boggy Road To Milledgeville (Arkansas Traveler) and
Lonesome Dave's Lovesick Blues #3 recorded in Nashville, with:
Norman Blake-guitar
Randy Scruggs-bass
John Hartford-banjo (Lonesome Dave's Lovesick Blues #3)
Vassar Clements-fiddle (Lonesome Dave's Lovesick Blues #3)
Tut Taylor-mandolin (Lonesome Dave's Lovesick Blues #3)
§Cover Art-Sarina Bromberg
Produced by: David Bromberg


The Holdup / Suffer To Sing The Blues
Bromberg-Harrison (3:00) / Bromberg (4:54)
Columbia 4-45612, 5/72



Official David Bromberg website


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