Ten Years After
All writing credits are for Alvin Lee; R Lee (for Ric)

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Jaybirds
Juliet / Here I Go Again
Fryer-Morton-Wilsh (?) / Shuman-Westlake (?)
Embassy WB-635 [UK], 5/64

All Day And All Of The Night / Google Eye
Davies (?) / Loudermilk (?)
Embassy WB-663 [UK], 10/64

early group for both Alvin Lee and Leo Lyons

Ten Years After
Deram DES-18009
2/68 [UK: 10/67]
Back Cover

Side One
I Want To Know MacLeod 2:06
I Can't Keep From Crying, Sometimes Kooper 5:23
Adventures Of A Young Organ Churchill-R Lee 2:29
Spoonful Dixon 5:49
Losing The Dogs Dudgeon-Lee 3:07
Side Two
Feel It For Me Lee 2:38
Love Until I Die Lee 2:03
Don't Want You Woman Lee 2:34
Help Me Bass-Dixon-Williamson-Williamson 9:45
Alvin Lee-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Chick Churchill-keyboards
Leo Lyons-bass
Ric Lee-drums
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Gus Dudgeon, Mike Vernon

Note: Don't Want You Woman is an early "unplugged" effort with Alvin on acoustic, Leo on string bass and Ric on wood blocks.

Portable People¹ / The Sounds¹
Lee (2:12) / Lee (4:30)
Deram 85027, 3/68

These two tracks will show up on Alvin Lee & Company, a comp album (5/72)
6/14-18/68: Cheetah Mint, Venice, CA
with Tatoo

Deram DES-18016
7/68 BB [UK: 8/68] UK
Back Cover

Side One
I May Be Wrong, But I Won't Be Wrong Always Churchill-Lee-R Lee-Lyons 9:50
Woodchopper's Ball Bishop-Herman 7:40
Side Two
Spider In My Web Lee 7:50
Summertime/Shantung Cabbage Gershwin-Gershwin-Heyward/R Lee 6:00
I'm Going Home Lee 6:30
Alvin Lee-guitar, vocals
Chick Churchill-Hammond B3
Leo Lyons-bass
Ric Lee-drums
§Cover Photo-John Fowley
Produced by: Mike Vernon

Note: Recorded live [5/14/68] at Klook's Kleek, Railway Hotel, West Hampstead, London

Hear Me Calling³ / I'm Going Home³
Lee (3:38) / Lee (3:35)
Deram 85035, 11/68

B-side is edited live version from Undead

Deram DES-18021
1/69 BB [UK: 2/69] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Full Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Going To Try Lee 4:50
I Can't Live Without Lydia[Chick Churchill solo, four pianos] Churchill 1:20
Woman Trouble Lee 4:36
Skoobly-Oobly-Doobob[Alvin Lee solo] Lee 1:41
Hear Me Calling Lee 5:43
Side Two
A Sad Song Lee 3:24
Three Blind Mice[Ric Lee solo] arr R Lee 0:55
No Title Lee 8:12
Faro[Leo Lyons solo] Lyons 1:09
Speed Kills Lee-Vernon 3:37
Alvin Lee-guitar, harmonica, percussion, piano, vocals
Chick Churchill-organ, piano, celeste, drums, keyboards
Leo Lyons-bass, bowed bass
Ric Lee-drums, percussion
Roy Baker-sound effects
Martin Smith-train sound effects
Count Simon (Stable) de la Bedoyere-bongos
Mike Vernon-harmony vocals (Hear Me Calling)
§Cover Art-both US & UK uncredited
Produced by: Mike Vernon

Note: The "stereo" album—bowl of good stuff and great headphones and you're set!

Newport Jazz Festival(7/4/69)
Laurel Pop Festival(7/12/69)
Seattle Pop Festival(7/25/69)

Deram DES-18029
8/69 T20 [UK: 8/69] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Bad Scene Lee 3:20
Two Time Mama Lee 2:05
Stoned Woman Lee 3:25
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Williamson 6:34
Side Two
If You Should Love Me Lee 5:25
I Don't Know That/You Don't Know My Name Lee 1:56
The Stomp Lee 4:34
I Woke up This Morning Lee 5:21
Alvin Lee-guitar, vocals
Chick Churchill-keyboards
Leo Lyons-bass
Ric Lee-drums
§Album Design-John Williams; Photos-Graham Nash, John Fowlie
Produced by: Alvin Lee


Woodstock Music & Art Fair(8/17/69)
Texas International Pop Festival(9/1/69)

 ➜ Live: 2/28-3/1, Fillmore East; released 2001: Live At The Fillmore East 1970 

From Richie to Jimi—3 days of music, mud, and meandering

Cricklewood Green
Deram XDES-18038
3/70 T20 [UK: 4/70] T20
Full Cover

Inside Cover


Side One
Sugar The Road Lee 3:46
Working On The Road Lee 4:15
50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain Lee 7:37
Year 3,000 Blues Lee 2:17
Side Two
Me And My Baby Lee 4:12
Love Like A Man Lee 7:13
Circles Lee 3:55
As The Sun Still Burns Away Lee 4:42
Alvin Lee-guitar, vocals
Chick Churchill-organ, piano, harpsichord
Leo Lyons-bass
Ric Lee-drums
§Cover Artwork-Peter Classey; Photos-John Fowlie
Produced by: Ten Years After


Love Like A Man³ / If You Should Love Me³
Lee (3:05) / Lee (4:55)
Deram 7529, 5/70 BB T20

The UK release had a live version of Love Like A Man, recorded at the Fillmore East as their B-side.
Festival Express(6/27, 28/70)
Atlanta International Pop Festival(7/5/70)
New York Pop(7/18/70)
Goose Lake International Music Festival(8/7/70)
Strawberry Fields Festival(8/9/70)
Isle of Wight Festival(8/29/70)
no actual plaster was cast in this movie—Spooky Tooth & Terry Reid also appear

Deram XDES-18050
11/70 BB [UK: 1/71] T20
Full Cover

Inside Cover


Side One
I'm Coming On Lee 3:45
My Baby Left Me Lee 5:20
Think About The Times Lee 4:41
I Say Yeah Lee 5:15
Side Two
The Band With No Name Lee 1:35
Gonna Run Lee 6:00
She Lies In The Morning Lee 7:21
Sweet Little Sixteen† Berry 4:08
Alvin Lee-guitar, vocals
Chick Churchill-keyboards
Leo Lyons-bass
Ric Lee-drums
§Album Design & Photos-John Fowlie; Balloon-Alan Black
Produced by: Ten Years After

Note: †Recorded live the Isle of Wight Festival, 1970 [8/29]

A Space In Time
Columbia KC-30801
8/71 T20 [UK: 10/71] UK
Back Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
One Of These Days Lee 5:55
Here They Come Lee 4:38
I'd Love To Change The World Lee 3:43
Over The Hill Lee 2:27
Baby Won't You Let Me Rock & Roll You Lee 2:15
Side Two
Once There Was A Time Lee 3:20
Let The Sky Fall Lee 4:18
Hard Monkeys Lee 3:10
I've Been There Too Lee 5:43
Uncle Jam Churchill-Lee-R Lee-Lyons 1:57
Alvin Lee-guitar, vocals
Chick Churchill-keyboards
Leo Lyons-bass
Ric Lee-drums
§Cover Photo-Ed Caraeff; Back Cover Photo-Alvin Lee
Produced by: Ten Years After


I'd Love To Change The World³ / Let The Sky Fall
Lee (3:11) / Lee (4:18)
Columbia 45457, 9/71 BB



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