The Vagrants ♦ Felix Pappalardi ♦ Leslie West

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Note: Leslie West was the lead guitarist of The Vagrants, a very successful Long Island-based bar band

Oh Those Eyes / You're Too Young
Storch (2:33) / Abrahams-Tyson (2:02)
Southern Sound 204, 7/65

I Can't Make A Friend / Young Blues
Martin-Storch (2:31) / Martin-Miller (2:13)
Vanguard 35038, 3/66

Love Someday / You Lie To Me
Collins-Pappalardi (2:32) / Collins-Pappalardi (2:16)
Columbia 43773, 8/66

The Final Hour / Your Hasty Heart
Sommer (2:25) / Sommer (2:56)
Vanguard 35042, 8/66

Respect / I Love, Love You (Yes I Do)
Redding (2:12) / Earl (2:37)
Atco 6473, 3/67

produced by Felix Pappalardi
Beside The Sea / A Sunny Summer Rain
Collins-Pappalardi-Sommer (2:17) / Pappalardi-Sommer (2:48)
Atco 6513, 8/67

produced by Felix Pappalardi
And When It's Over / I Don't Need Your Loving
Sommer (2:17) / Storch (2:50)
Atco 6552, 1/68

produced by Felix Pappalardi

Felix Pappalardi set to produce Leslie West's solo album Mountain, which led to...

Windfall 4500
7/69 BB [UK: 9/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Blood Of The Sun Collins-Pappalardi-West 2:35
Long Red Landsberg-Pappalardi-Ventura-West 3:16
Better Watch Out Collins-Pappalardi 2:48
Blind Man Collins-Pappalardi-Ventura-West 3:54
Baby I'm Down Collins-Pappalardi 4:03
Side Two
Dreams Of Milk And Honey Landsburg-Pappalardi-Ventura-West 3:34
Storyteller Man Landsburg-Pappalardi-Ventura-West 3:05
This Wheel's On Fire Danko-Dylan 3:19
Look To The Wind Pappalardi-Ventura-West 2:42
Southbound Train Landsberg-Ventura-West 2:59
Because You Are My Friend West 3:12
Leslie West-guitar, vocals
Felix Pappalardi-bass, keyboards
ND Smart II-drums
Norman Landsberg-organ
§Album Design-David Krieger, The Graffeteria; Photo-Joel Brodsky
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi

Note: Although technically a Leslie West solo album, most everybody pegs this as Mountain's first album

Dreams Of Milk And Honey³ / This Wheel's On Fire
Landsburg-Pappalardi-Ventura-West (2:45) / Danko-Dylan (3:18)
Windfall 530, 8/69

Woodstock Music & Art Fair(8/16/69)
Long Red³ / Blood Of The Sun
Landsberg-Pappalardi-Ventura-West (2:53) / Collins-Pappalardi-West (2:35)
Windfall 531, 9/69

Mississippi Queen / The Laird
Laing-Pappalardi-Rea-West (2:30) / Collins-Pappalardi (4:35)
Windfall 532, 2/70 BB


Windfall 4501
2/70 T20 [UK: 3/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Mississippi Queen Laing-Pappalardi-Rea-West 2:30
Theme For An Imaginary Western Brown-Bruce 5:10
Never In My Life Collins-Laing-Pappalardi-West 4:50
Silver Paper Collins-Gardos-Knight-Laing-Pappalardi-West 3:17
Side Two
For Yasgur's Farm Collins-Gardos-Laing-Pappalardi-Rea-Ship 3:20
To My Friend West 3:36
The Laird Collins-Pappalardi 4:35
Sittin' On A Rainbow Collins-Laing-West 2:20
Boys In The Band Collins-Pappalardi 3:35
Leslie West-guitar, vocals
Steve Knight-organ, mellotron, hand bells
Felix Pappalardi-bass, piano, guitar, vocals (lead on Theme For An Imaginary Western, The Laird)
Corky Laing-drums, percussion
§Cover Art-Gail Collins
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi


Festival Express(6/27-7/1/70)
New York Pop(7/19/70)
Strawberry Fields Festival(8/7/70)
Goose Lake International Music Festival(8/8/70)
For Yasgur's Farm / To My Friend
Collins-Gardos-Laing-Pappalardi-Rea-Ship (3:20) / West (3:36)
Windfall 533, 9/70


Nantucket Sleighride
Windfall 5500
1/71 T20 [UK: 5/71] UK
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Swell Photos!

Cool Booklet

Side One
Don't Look Around Collins-Palmer-Papalardi-West 3:42
Taunta (Sammy's Tune) Pappalardi 1:00
Nantucket Sleighride (For Owen Coffin) Collins-Pappalardi 5:49
You Can't Get Away! Collins-Laing-West 3:23
Tired Angels (For J.M.H.) Collins-Pappalardi 4:39
Side Two
The Animal Trainer And The Toad Palmer-West 3:24
My Lady Collins-Laing-Pappalardi 4:31
Travelin' In The Dark (For E.M.P.) Collins-Pappalardi 4:21
The Great Train Robbery Collins-Laing-Pappalardi-West 5:43
Leslie West-guitar, vocals
Steve Knight-keyboards
Felix Pappalardi-bass, vocals
Corky Laing-drums
§Cover Art-Gail Collins; Inside Illustration-Roy Bailey
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi

Note: JHM is Jimi Hendrix, EMP is Felix's mom (who passed away in 1970)
Came with two swell photos and a 12-page coloring/lyrics booklet—see it @ 45worlds .

The Animal Trainer And The Toad / Tired Angels (For J.M.H.)
Palmer-West (3:24) / Collins-Pappalardi (4:36)
Windfall 534, 3/71 BB

5/15/1971: Garden Party @ The Crystal Palace Bowl, London
Pink Floyd (headliners), with Faces and Quiver—Mountain "Special Guest from USA"
Silver Paper / Travelin' In The Dark (For E.M.P.)
Collins-Knight-Laing-Pappalardi-West (3:17) / Collins-Pappalardi (4:21)
Windfall 535, 7/71

Mississippi River Festival(7/26/71)

Flowers Of Evil
Windfall 5501
11/71 BB [UK: 1/72]
Back Cover

Side One
Flowers Of Evil Pappalardi-Rea-West 4:53
King's Chorale Collins-Pappalardi 1:04
One Last Cold Kiss Collins-Pappalardi 3:45
Crossroader Collins-Pappalardi 4:47
Pride And Passion Collins-Pappalardi 7:05
Side Two
Dream Sequence   24:27
   Guitar Solo West  
   Roll Over Beethoven Berry  
   Dreams Of Milk And Honey Landsberg-Pappalardi-Ventura-West  
   Variations Knight-Laing-Pappalardi-West  
   Swan Theme Collins-Pappalardi  
Mississippi Queen Laing-Pappalardi-Rea-West 3:53
Leslie West-guitar, vocals
Steve Knight-keyboards
Felix Pappalardi-bass, vocals
Corky Laing-drums
§Cover Art-Gail Collins
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi

Note: Side Two recorded live at The Fillmore East, June 27, 1971 [The night the Fillmore East closed.] Say what ??  

Roll Over Beethoven³ / Crossroader
Berry (2:29) / Collins-Pappalardi (4:49)
Windfall 536, 11/71

A-side is edited from Dream Sequence


Mountain story
Felix Pappalardi: Mountain-Man, Cream Producer


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