David Ackles

Down River / La route Chicago¹
Ackles (3:48) / Ackles (5:11)
Elektra EK-45634, 6/68

B-side is The Road To Cario sung in French

David Ackles
Elektra EKS-74022
6/68 [UK: 8/68]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Reissue Cover

Reissue Back Cover

Side One
The Road To Cairo Ackles 5:11
When Love Is Gone Ackles 3:15
Sonny Come Home Ackles 2:56
Blue Ribbons Ackles 4:33
What A Happy Day Ackles 2:10
Side Two
Down River Ackles 3:41
Laissez-Faire Ackles 1:34
Lotus Man Ackles 2:45
His Name Is Andrew Ackles 6:04
Be My Friend Ackles 4:42
David Ackles-piano, vocals
Douglas Hastings-guitar
Danny Weis-guitar
Michael Fonfara-organ
Jerry Penrod-bass
John Keliehor-percussion
§Cover Art-William S Harvey
Produced by: David Anderle, Russ Miller

Note: Reissued with name change (The Road To Cairo) and a new cover in 1971 (see notes)
Hastings, Weis, Fonfara, and Penrod formed Rhinoceros after these recording sessions

Subway To The Country / That's No Reason To Cry
Ackles (3:17) / Ackles (3:09)
Elektra EKS-45676, 11/69


Subway To The Country
Elektra EKS-74060
11/69 [UK: 1/70]
Back Cover

Lyric Insert

Lyric Insert

Side One
Main Line Saloon Ackles 3:35
That's No Reason To Cry Ackles 3:09
Candy Man Ackles 4:15
Out On The Road Ackles 6:21
Side Two
Cabin On The Mountain Ackles 3:36
Woman River Ackles 4:49
Inmates Of The Institution Ackles 4:30
Subway To The Country Ackles 3:17
David Ackles-piano, vocals
Lonnie Mack-guitar
Douglas Hastings-guitar
Larry Knechtel-bass
Jim Gordon-drums
Horn & String section
§Cover Photo-Frank Bez
Produced by: Russ Miller


One Night Stand¹ / Be My Friend¹
Ackles (3:10) / Ackles (2:47)
Elektra EKS-45712, 1/71

Promo only single, with completely different recordings of these two songs from the albums versions


Bernie Taupin produces unknown classic

Bernie Taupin, Elton John's lyricist, knows a great songwriter when he hears one. And David Ackles was that person. They met at an early concert at The Troubador, but knew of his talents from the previous records. Let Bernie tell you the rest in the liner notes that he wrote for a cancelled Rhino retrospective. 2023: Unfortunately, that website no longer exsists, so read Richie Unterberger's liner notes instead.

David couldn't catch a break, even with Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity covering The Road To Cario and Spooky Tooth doing Down River. So, here's another post-Seasons record that failed to sell, but can't be left out.

American Gothic
Elektra EKS-75032
7/4/72 BB [UK: 7/72]
Back Cover

Lyric Insert

Lyric Insert

Side One
American Gothic Ackles 3:19
Love's Enough Ackles 3:15
Ballad Of The Ship Of State Ackles 4:16
One Night Stand Ackles 2:47
Oh, California! Ackles 2:37
Another Friday Night Ackles 4:28
Side Two
Family Band Ackles 2:35
Midnight Carousel Ackles 3:40
Waiting For The Moving Van Ackles 3:35
Blues For Billy Whitecloud Ackles 2:36
Montana Song Ackles 10:05
David Ackles-vocals, piano
members of London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Robert Kirby
§Cover Photo-Michael Ross
Produced by: Bernie Taupin


Signed by Clive Davis at Columbia, David released Five And Dime in 1973 to a lukewarm reception.
Did some music for films and other singers, was involved in terrible car accident in 1981.


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