Quicksilver Messenger Service
Dino Valenti

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Brogues
Someday / But Now I Find
Rodrigues (2:13) / Campbell-Elmore (2:15)
Challenge 59311, 9/65


The Brogues
Don't Shoot Me Down / I Ain't No Miracle Worker
Campbell-Cole-Elmore-Rodrigues-Whittington (2:16) / Mantz-Tucker (2:45)
Challenge 59316, 9/65

early group for Duncan and Elmore

Don't Let It Down / Birdses
Valenti (1:59) / Valenti (2:20)
Elektra 45012, 9/64


Dino Valenti to jail for pot

"A Gathering of the Tribes for a Human Be-In"(1/14/67)
Monterey International Pop Festival(6/17/67)
Festival Of Growing Things(7/1/67)

Lead singer Jim Murray quit shortly after Monterey

Dino's Song / Pride Of Man
Valenti (3:07) / Camp (4:06)
Capitol 2194, 5/68


Quicksilver Messenger Service
Capitol ST-2904
5/68 BB [UK: 10/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Pride Of Man Camp 4:06
Light Your Windows Duncan-Freiberg 2:39
Dino's Song Valenti 3:07
Gold And Silver Duncan-Schuster 6:44
Side Two
Too Long Polte 2:56
The Fool Duncan-Freiberg 12:10
Gary Duncan-guitar, vocals
John Cipollina-guitar
David Freiberg-bass, violin, vocals
Greg Elmore-drums
§Cover Art-Rick Griffin
Produced by: Nick Gravenites, Harvey Brooks, Pete Welding


 ➜ Live: 6/7, Fillmore East; released 2013: Live At The Fillmore June 7, 1968 
Note: There are a bunch of early QMS live CDs—consensus from the fine folks at the Steve Hoffman Music Forum this one is the best.

Soundtrack album has unique cuts
Newport Pop Festival(8/4/68)

Dino Valente
Epic BN-26335
8/68 [UK: 1/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Time Valente 3:02
Something New Valente 7:20
My Friend Valente 5:47
Listen To Me Valente 3:09
Me And My Uncle Phillips 3:57
Side Two
Tomorrow Valente 4:04
Children Of The Sun Valente 6:57
New Wind Blowing Valente 6:09
Everything Is Gonna Be OK Valente 2:48
Test Valente 3:07
Dino Valente [Valenti]-guitar, vocals
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Bob Johnston

Note: Poor Dino. Had to sell his rights to Get Together, and then Epec spells his name wrong!

Stand By Me¹ / Bears¹
Valente (3:29) / Perkins (2:08)
Capitol 2320, 10/68


Happy Trails
Capitol ST-120
3/69 BB RS500 [UK: 9/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Who Do You Love?
   Who Do You Love?, Part 1
   When You Love
   Where You Love
   How You Love
   Which Do You Love
   Who Do You Love?, Part 2
Quicksilver's Fillmore Audience
Side Two
Mona Diddley 6:53
Maiden Of The Cancer Moon Duncan 3:07
Calvary Duncan 13:25
Happy Trails Evans 0:47
Gary Duncan-guitar, vocals
John Cipollina-guitar, vocals
David Freiberg-bass, piano (Happy Trails), vocals
Greg Elmore-drums, percussion, vocals
§Cover Art-George Hunter (Globe Propaganda), Kent Hollister
Produced by:

Note: Recorded live at Bill Graham's Fillmore East & West
Calvary recorded live at Golden State Recorders, 11/19/68

Who Do You Love?³/ Which Do You Love?³
McDaniel (3:24) / Freiberg (3:54)
Capitol 2557, 7/69 BB

A-side is the first section; B-side is the Cipollina/Frieberg sections
Sky River Rock Festival & Lighter Than Air Fair(8/30-9/1/69)

Gary Duncan takes some time off to slow down...

Nicky Hopkins officially joins QMS, whilst helping the Airplane, Steve Miller, and others

Holy Moly³ / Words Can't Say
Gravenites (2:50) / Freiberg-Jewkes (3:20)
Capitol 2670, 11/69


Shady Grove
Capitol SKAO-391
12/69 BB [UK: 3/70]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Shady Grove Wands 2:57
Flute Song Jewkes 5:21
Three Or Four Feet From Home Cipollina 2:46
Too Far Frieberg 4:24
Holy Moly Gravenites 4:53
Side Two
Joseph's Coat Cipollina-Gravenites 4:34
Flashing Lonesome Freiberg-Gravenites 5:24
Words Can't Say Freiberg-Jewkes 3:20
Edward, The Mad Shirt Grinder Hopkins 9:17
John Cipollina-guitar, vocals
Nicky Hopkins-piano, organ, celeste, cello, harpsichord
David Freiberg-bass, viola, guitar, vocals
Greg Elmore-drums, percussion
§Cover Art-George Hunter (Globe Propaganda)
Produced by: John Palladino


Shady Grove / Three Or Four Feet From Home
Wands (2:58) / Cipollina (3:04)
Capitol 2800, 5/70


Dino Valenti and Gary Duncan return to band

Just For Love
Capitol SMAS-498
8/70 BB [UK: 8/70]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Wolf Run (Part 1) Farrow 1:10
Just For Love (Part 1) Valenti 2:55
Cobra Cipollina 4:20
The Hat Farrow 10:30
Side Two
Freeway Flyer Farrow 3:45
Gone Again Farrow 7:10
Fresh Air Farrow 5:20
Just For Love (Part 2) Valenti 1:35
Wolf Run (Part 2) Farrow 2:05
Dino Valenti-vocals, guitar, congas
John Cipollina-guitar, slide guitar
Gary Duncan-guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, vocals
Nicky Hopkins-piano
David Freiberg-bass, guitar, vocals
Greg Elmore-drums, percussion
§Cover Art-Mike Cantrell
Produced by: John Selby

Note: Songwriter Jesse Oris Farrow is Dino Valenti

Fresh Air³ / Freeway Flyer
Farrow (3:21) / Farrow (3:45)
Capitol 2920, 9/70 BB


What About Me
Capitol SMAS-630
12/70 BB [UK: 12/70]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
What About Me Farrow 6:41
Local Color Cipollina 2:58
Baby Baby Farrow 4:37
Won't Kill Me Freiberg 2:29
Long Haired Lady Farrow 5:47
Side Two
Subway Duncan-Farrow 4:25
Spindrifter Hopkins 4:32
Good Old Rock And Roll Farrow 2:30
All In My Mind Duncan-Farrow 3:40
Call On Me Farrow 7:30
Dino Valenti-vocals, guitar, congas
John Cipollina-guitar, slide guitar
Gary Duncan-guitar, bass, percussion, organ, vocals
Nicky Hopkins-piano
Mark Naftalin-piano (What About Me, Baby Baby, Call On Me only)
David Freiberg-bass, vocals (lead on Won't Kill Me)
Greg Ellmore-drums, percussion
on What About Me and Call On Me:
Jose Rico Reyes-congas, percussion, vocals
Frank Morin-saxophone
Ron Taormina-saxophone
Martine Fierro-saxophone, flute
Pat O'Hara-trombone
Ken Balzell-trumpet
§Cover Art-Mike Cantrell
Produced by: John Selby


Go Ride The Music: Winter 71, NET
The Airplane and Quicksilver (studio and live) perform for NET's Fanfare series.
What About Me³ / Good Old Rock And Roll
Farrow (2:59) / Farrow (2:30)
Capitol 3046, 2/71 BB

The Satsop River Fair And Tin Cup Races(9/3-6/71)

Cipollina, Freiberg & Hopkins quit

Capitol 819
11/71 BB [UK: 11/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Hope Valenti 3:00
I Found Love Duncan 3:53
Song For Frisco Valenti 4:56
Play My Guitar Valenti 4:41
Rebel Valenti 2:59
Side Two
Fire Brothers Duncan 3:09
Out Of My Mind Valenti 4:32
Don't Cry My Lady Love Valenti 5:10
The Truth Valenti 6:56
Dino Valenti-guitar, vocals
Gary Duncan-vocals, guitar
Mark Naftalin-keyboards
Chuck Steaks-keyboards
Mark Ryan-bass
Greg Elmore-drums
§Cover Art-Burray Olson
Produced by: none noted


I Found Love³ / Hope
Duncan (3:05) / Valenti (3:00)
Capitol 3233, 11/71



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