Pacific Gas & Electric

Miami Pop Festival(5/18/68)
Wade In The Water³ / Live Love
arr Cook-De Mann (2:58) / Marshall (3:20)
Power P-1701, 11/68

reissued 1/69 on Bright Orange

Get It On
Power P-701
11/68 BB [UK: 10/69]
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UK Cover

Back Cover

Side One
Wade In The Water Cook-Demann 6:11
Cry, Cry, Cry Malone 5:25
Motor City's Burning Smith 6:45
Side Two
The Hunter Cropper-Dunn-Jackson Jr-Jones-Wells 3:21
Long Handled Shovel PG&E 3:31
Jelly Jelly Cotton 6:39
Stormy Times Block 2:43
Live Love Marshall 3:21
Charlie Allen-vocals
Glenn Schwartz-lead guitar
Tom Marshall-rhythm guitar
John Hill-keyboards
Brent Block-bass, fuzz bass
Frank Cook-drums
Joe Sample-Organ (Motor City's Burning), piano (Jelly Jelly)
§Cover Art-Ben Talbert
Produced by: Frank Cook, Freddy Demann

Note: Wade In The Water cut "live" at the Cheetah, Los Angeles
reissued on Bright Orange 12/68 with clothed babe (see note 3)

Miami Pop Festival(12/28/68)
Atlanta International Pop Festival(7/4, 5/69)
Mid-West Rock Festival(7/25/69)

Pacific Gas And Electric
Columbia CS-9900
8/69 BB [UK: 11/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Bluesbuster Allen 2:56
Death Row #172 Allen-Cook-Hill 3:59
Miss Lucy Allen 2:28
My Women Allen-Marshall 5:38
She's Long And She's Tall Hooker 6:30
Side Two
P G & E Suite
   The Young Rabbits(Drum Solo-Frank Cook)
   Constitutional Strand(All Parts-Brent Block)
   Fat Tom(All Guitar Parts-Tom Marshall)
   Boy Wonder(Glenn Schwartz)

Redneck South 3:32
Charlie Allen-vocals
Glenn Schwartz-lead guitar
Tom Marshall-rhythm guitar
John Hill-keyboards
Brent Block-bass guitar
Frank Cook-drums
A D Brisbois, Freddy Hill-trumpet
Wilton Felder-tenor sax
Wayne Henderson-trombone
§Cover Photo-Don Hunstein, Fred Lombardi
Directed by-Danny Kresky

Note: She's Long And She's Tall recorded live at Bill Graham's Fillmore West [12/28/68]

Sky River Rock Festival & Lighter Than Air Fair(8/30-9/1/69)
Bluesbuster / Redneck³
Allen (2:50) / South (2:40)
Columbia 4-45009, 10/69

Palm Beach Music & Art Festival(11/28, 29/69)
Are You Ready? / Staggolee
Allen-Hill (5:49) / Allen-Hill (3:50)
Columbia 4-45158, 4/70 T20

A-side edited for radio to 2:40

Are You Ready
Columbia CS-1017
6/70 BB [UK: 7/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Are You Ready? Allen-Hill 5:49
Hawg For You Redding 4:45
Staggolee Allen-Hill 3:50
The Blackberry Isley-Isley-Isley 5:37
Side Two
Love, Love, Love, Love, Love Cochrane-Hill 3:53
Mother Why Do You Cry? Allen 5:06
Elvira Allen 2:01
Screamin' Block 4:28
When A Man Loves A Woman Lewis-Wright 4:34
Charlie Allen-vocals
Glenn Schwartz-lead guitar, harmonica (Staggolee)
Tom Marshall-rhythm guitar
Brent Block-bass
Frank Cook-drums
John Hill-piano, organ (When A Man Loves A Woman)
Rusty Young-steel guitar (Hawg For You)
The Blackberries-backing vocals (Are You Ready?, When A Man Loves A Woman)
§Cover Art-David Willardson
Produced by: John Hill


Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon(5/11/70)
has a unique PG&E track (besides Elvira) and Pete Seeger, too
Summer Festival For Peace(8/6/70)
Father Come On Home¹ / Elvira
Soden (2:57) / Allen-Block-Cook-Schwartz-Marshall (2:00)
Columbia 4-45221, 8/70 BB

B-side from movie Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon
The Hunter / Long Handled Shovel
Cropper-Dunn-Jackson Jr-Jones-Wells (4:00) / PG&E (3:15)
Kent KS-4538, 1/71

The Time Has Come (To Make Your Peace)³ / Death Row #172³
Woods (2:17) /Allen-Cook-Hill (3:28)
Columbia 4-45304, 1/71

Charlie forms new band, with shortened name

Columbia C-30362
7/71 BB [UK: 11/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Rock And Roller's Lament Allen 3:15
Recall Allen-Pettricca 4:24
One More River To Cross† Moore 2:42
Death Row #172 Allen-Cook-Hill 5:33
Short Dogs And Englishmen Allen 6:30
Side Two
See The Monkey Run Beckmeier 2:34
The Time Has Come (To Make Your Peace)† Woods 3:14
Thank God For You Baby‡ Allen-Hill 6:54
When The Sun Shines Utterback 4:10
Charlie Allen-vocals
Ken Utterback-lead guitar
Jerry Aiello-organ
Frank Petricca-bass
Ron Woods-drums
Alfred Gallegos-tenor sax
Stanly Abernathy-trumpet
Virgil Gonsalves-baritone sax
Joe Lala-congas, timbales
The Blackberries-backing vocals
§Cover Design-Anne Blackford Garner
Produced by: Charlie Allen & Frank Cook, except †by Delaney Bramlett and ‡by John Hill


One More River To Cross / Rock And Roller's Lament
Moore (2:52) / Allen (3:15)
Columbia 4-45444, 8/71

Thank God For You Baby³ / See The Monkey Run
Columbia 4-45519, 11/71 BB


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