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The Rodents
And Your Bird Can Sing / Come And Live With Me
Lennon-McCartney (?) / ? (?)
Pequod ?, ?/66


Two Of A Kind

Both America and England can claim the psychedlic band Kaleidoscope as their own. Both started in the early 60s and each have their dedicated fans (never became big stars). The first three US albums were not issued in the UK until the 80s. Likewse for the British counterparts (Tangerine Dream and Faintly Blowing): they didn't see action here until the 90s.


Please³ / Elevator Man¹
Feldthouse-Freedman (2:55) / Feltdhouse (2:50)
Epic 10117, 1/67

Magic Mountain Music Festival(6/10/67)

Side Trips
Epic BN-26304
5/67 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Egyptian Gardens Feldthouse 3:05
If The Night Darrow 1:45
Hesitation Blues Poole 2:25
Please Feldthouse-Freedman 3:10
Keep Your Mind Open Darrow 2:15
Side Two
Pulsating Dream Darrow 1:58
Oh Death Reedy 3:25
Come On In Darrow 2:07
Why Try Lindley 3:43
Minnie the Moocher Calloway-Gaskill-Mills 2:15
David Perry Lindley-guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, harp guitar, 7-string banjo
David Solomon Feldthouse-saz, bouzoukee, dobro, vina, doumbeg, dulcimer, fiddle, twelve-string guitar, vocals
Christopher Lloyd Darrow-bass, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, autoharp, harmonica, clarinet, vocals
Fenrus Epp [Chester Crill]-violin, viola, bass, piano, organ, harmonica
John Vidican-drums, percussion
§Cover Art-uncredited
Produced by: Barry Friedman

Note: According to Chris Darrow, "cover was done by an artist that Columbia picked who did covers for ESP Records" (source)

Why Try?² / Little Orphan Nannie¹
Lindley (2:46) / Crill-Darrow (1:54)
Epic 10219, 8/67

I Found Out / Rampe Rampe¹
Shackleford (2:15) / Kaleidoscope (3:33)
Epic 10239, 10/67

Kaleidoscope provides backing on two tracks for Leonard Cohen's first album
Nobody¹ / Find Yourself Someone To Love¹
Cooper-Shelby (2:45) / Watson (2:01)
Okeh 730, 11/67

A-side as by Larry Williams & Johnny Watson with The Kaleidoscope

A Beacon From Mars
Epic BN-26333
11/67 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Original Sheet Music

Side One
I Found Out Shackleford 2:15
Greenwood Sidee Traditional 4:12
Life Will Pass You By Darrow 3:17
Taxim Kaleidoscope 11:20
Side Two
Baldheaded End Of A Broom Traditional 3:12
Louisiana Man Kershaw 2:42
You Don't Love Me Cobb 3:57
A Beacon From Mars Kaleidoscope 12:35
David Lindley-lead guitar, harp guitar, fiddle
Saul Feldthouse-baglama [caz], oud, gong, lead vocals
Chris Darrow-bass, mandolin, lead vocals
Maxwell Budda [Chester Crill]-organ, harmonium, fiddle, piano, harmonica, harpsichord
John Vidican-drums, timpani
Pete Madlin-dobro (I Found Out)
§Cover Art-Marty Nelson
Produced by: Mike Goldberg, Stu Eisen

Note: Taxim and A Beacon From Mars recorded live with no overdubs
According to Chris Darrow, "The album cover was a re-working of an old piece of sheet music that we changed to the title,
'A Beacon From Mars'"—see note 2 (source)

Chris Darrow to The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band; Vidican quits.

Brotman and Lagos join.

Northern California Folk-Rock Festival(May 18-19, 1968)
Just A Taste¹ / Hello Trouble¹
Feldthouse (2:08) / Chouchani-McDuff (2:00)
Epic 10332, 5/68

Newport Folk Festival(7/25, 28/68)
Newport Folk Festival: "Kaleidoscope ," 7/28/68,
Audio only of amazing set. Introduced by Theo Bikel (no stranger to weird stringed instruments).
The Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair(8/31-9/1/68)

Epic BN-26467
5/69 BB [UK: N/R]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Lie To Me Brotman-Feldthouse-Lagos-Lindley-Parcely 2:45
Let The Good Love Flow Lindley-Smith 2:10
Tempe Arizona Burnett-Brotman-Feldthouse-Lagos-Lindley-Parcely 2:44
Petite Fleur Tournemire 3:29
Banjo Lindley 3:34
Side Two
The Cuckoo Traditional 4:15
Seven-Ate Sweet Feldthouse-Lagos-Lindley-Parcely 11:37
David Lindley-guitar, violin, banjo, vocal
Solomon Feldthouse-guitar, oud, clarinet, caz, jumbus. vocal and feet
Tempelton Parcely [Chester Crill]-violin, organ, vocal
Stuart Brotman-bass, vocal
Paul Lagos-drums, vocal
Max Buda [Chester Crill]-harmonica
§Cover Photo-Ivan Nagy
Produced by: Jackie Mills


Let The Good Love Flow / Lie To
Lindley-Smith (2:10) / Brotman-Feldthouse-Lagos-Lindley-Parcely (2:45)
Epic 10481, 5/69

Tempe Arizona / Lie To Me
Burnett-Brotman-Feldthouse-Lagos-Lindley-Parcely (2:44)/ Brotman-Feldthouse-Lagos-Lindley-Parcely (2:45)
Epic 10500, 7/69

Tempe is actually Howlin' Wolf's Killing Floor
The Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair(8/30-9/1/69)
Zabriskie Point(2/9/70)
Two unique tracks on the soundtrack album

Epic BN-26508
2/70 [UK: 3/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Chocolate Whale Feldthouse 2:27
Another Lover Lindley 2:45
Sneakin' Thru The Ghetto Crill-Lagos 3:20
To Know Is Not To Be Lagos 2:16
Lulu Arfin Nanny Brotman-Crill-Darrow-Feldthouse-Lagos-Lindley 3:12
Lie And Hide Brotman-Crill-Lagos-Lindley 2:52
Side Two
Ballad Of Tommy Udo Lindley 2:48
Bernice Crill 2:44
Soft And Easy Feldthouse 2:58
New Blue Ooze Brotman-Crill-Feldthouse-Lagos-Lindley 9:42
David Lindley-guitar, vocals
Solomon Feldthouse-guitar, vocals, oud
Jeff Kaplan-guitar, vocals
Connie Crill [Chester Crill]-keyboards, anemia
Stuart Brotman-bass
Ron Johnson-bass on (Another Lover, Chocolate Whale)
Paul Lagos-drums, percussion, the voice of "Tommy Udo" and rap (Lie and Hide)
Max Buda [Chester Crill]-harmonica
Robert "Big Boy" Armstrong-saw
The Mighty Kaleidettes
§Cover Photo-Ergo
Produced by: Jackie Mills

Note: UK release as by American Kaleidoscope.

Captain Milkshake(11/10/70)
Couple of unique songs in the film
After four albums group split up. 1976 reunion album.
Lindley does session work and forms El-Rayo-X band.


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