The Great South Coast Bank Holiday Pop Festivity

Hayles Field, Ford Farm, Isle Of Wight, England
August 31, 1968
The first of the Isle Of Wight Festivals was a cold, one-night affair (ran from ~6PM to past dawn on Sept 1st).
Held in an unmowed barley field, the event was pretty disorganized. Fairport and the Airplane closed the event. This was their first gig in England—they played at the Roundhouse a few days later (with The Doors).

The Performers
Plastic Penny
The Mirage
Blonde on Blonde
Aynsley Dunbar's Retaliation
Halcyon Order
The Pretty Things
The Move
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Fairport Convention
Jefferson Airplane


Ford Farm Highlights
Isle of Wight 1968


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