Joe Cocker
The Grease Band

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Joe Cocker
I'll Cry Instead / Precious Words
Lennon-McCartney (1:40) / Robinson (2:35)
Philips 40255, 2/65

Was also his first UK single (Decca F-11974, 9/64)

Marjorine / New Age Of The Lily¹
Cocker-Stainton-Rattigon-Myles (2:13) / Cocker (2:14)
A&M 928, 4/68 UK

With A Little Help From My Friends / Something's Coming On¹
Lennon-McCartney (5:11) / Cocker-Stainton (2:15)
A&M 991, 10/68 BB  #1 


With A Little Help From My Friends
A&M SP-4182
4/23/69 BB [UK: 5/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Feelin' Alright Mason 4:12
Bye Bye Blackbird Dixon-Henderson 3:28
Change In Louise Cocker-Stainton 3:22
Marjorine Cocker-Stainton-Rattigon-Myles 2:13
Just Like A Woman Dylan 5:18
Side Two
Do I Still Figure In Your Life? Dello 3:59
Sandpaper Cadillac Cocker-Stainton 3:18
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Benjamin-Caldwell-Marcus 4:41
With A Little Help From My Friends Lennon-McCartney 4:05
I Shall Be Released Dylan 3:38
Joe Cocker-vocals
Chris Stainton-organ, piano, keyboards, bass
Henry McCullough-guitar
Jimmy Page-guitar
Tony Visconti-guitar (Bye Bye Blackbird)
Albert Lee-guitar (Marjorine)
David Cohen-guitar (Feelin' Alright)
Tommy Eyre-piano (Just Like A Woman), organ (Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, With A Little Help From My Friends)
Steve Winwood-organ (Do I Still Figure In Your Life?, I Shall Be Released)
Matthew Fisher-organ (Just Like A Woman)
Artie Butler-piano (Feelin' Alright)
Carol Kaye-bass (Feelin' Alright)
Clem Cattini-drums
B J Wilson-drums
Paul Humphries [Humphrey]-drums (Feelin' Alright)
Mike Kelly-drums
Kenny Slade-drums
Laudir Soares de Oliveria-percussion
Patrice Holloway, Brenda Holloway, Merry Clayton-vocals (Feelin' Alright)
Rossetta Hightower-vocals
Sunny Leslie-vocals
Sue Glover-vocals
Madeline Bell-vocals
§Cover Photo-Martin Keeley
Produced by: Denny Cordell


Grease Band forms with McCullough, Spenner, and Rowland from Wynder K Frog

The Ed Sullivan Show: 4/27/69,
Feelin' Alright
5/2-3/69: Fillmore East, New York
opened for Jeff Beck Group
Feelin' Alright / Sandpaper Cadillac
Mason (4:10) / Cocker-Stainton (3:16)
A&M 1063, 5/69 BB

Newport 69(6/20/69)
Denver Pop Festival(6/29/69)
Atlanta International Pop Festival(7/5/69)
Mid-West Rock Festival(7/27/69)
Atlantic City Pop Festival(8/3/69)
Woodstock Music & Art Fair(8/17/69)
Isle of Wight Festival of Music(8/30/69)
Delta Lady / She's So Good To Me¹
Russell (2:50) / Cocker-Stainton (2:59)
A&M 1112, 9/69 BB T20


Joe Cocker!
A&M SP-4224
10/69 T20 [UK: 11/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Dear Landlord Dylan 3:23
Bird On A Wire Cohen 4:30
Lawdy Miss Clawdy Price 2:15
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window Lennon-McCartney 2:37
Hitchcock Railway Dunn-McCashen 4:41
Side Two
That's Your Business Cocker-Stainton 2:56
Something Harrison 3:32
Delta Lady Russell 2:51
Hello Little Friend Russell 3:52
Darling Be Home Soon Sebastian 4:49
Joe Cocker-vocals
The Grease Band:
Chris Stainton-organ, piano, keyboards, guitar, bass
Henry McCullough-guitar
Alan Spenner-bass
Bruce Rowland-drums
Leon Russell-piano, organ, guitar
Sneaky Pete Kleinow-pedal steel guitar
Clarence White-guitar
Paul Humphries [Humphrey]-drums
Milt Holland-percussion
Merrie Clayton-vocals
Patrice Holloway-vocals
Rita Coolidge-vocals
Bonnie Bramlett-vocals
Shirley Matthews-vocals
§Cover Photo-Globe Photos, Inc
Produced by: Denny Cordell, Leon Russell


The Grease Band became the band for the Jesus Christ, Superstar project, Spooky Tooth's last album, then
recorded their own album (see below)

She Came In Through The Bathroom Window / Change In Louise
Lennon-McCartney (2:37) / Cocker-Stainton (3:22)
A&M 1147, 12/69 BB

From Richie to Jimi—3 days of music, mud, and meandering

 Leon Russell  saves Joe's butt by putting together an amazing band for his upcoming tour.

The Letter¹ / Space Captain¹
Thompson (4:10) / Moore (4:04)
A&M 1174, 4/70 T20 UK

as by with Leon Russell & The Shelter People (Recorded live in studio)
New York Pop(7/19/70)

Mad Dogs And Englishmen
A&M SP-6002
8/70 T20 [UK: 9/70] T20
Back Cover

Inside Fold Out Cover

Inside Poster

Side One
Introduction   :45
Honky Tonk Women Jagger-Richards 3:35
Introduction   :18
Sticks And Stones Turner 2:30
Cry Me A River Hamilton 3:50
Bird On A Wire Cohen 6:15
Side Two
Feelin' Alright Mason 5:30
Superstar(Delta Lady, vocal) Bramlett-Russell 4:55
Introduction   :15
Let's Go Get Stoned Armstead-Ashford-Simpson 7:15
Side Three
Blue Medley:
   I'll Drown In My Own Tears
   When Something Is Wrong With My Baby(Bobby Jones, vocal)
   I've Been Loving You Too Long
Introduction   :21
Girl From The North Country(duet with Leon) Dylan 2:30
Give Peace A Chance Bramlett-Russell 4:20
Side Four
Introduction   :40
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window Lennon-McCartney 2:50
Space Captain Moore 4:55
The Letter Thompson 4:20
Delta Lady Russell 5:35
Joe Cocker-vocals
The Band:
Leon Russell-piano, guitar, vocals
Chris Stainton-organ, piano
Don Preston-guitar
Carl Radle-bass
Jim Keltner-drums
Jim Gordon-drums
Chuck Blackwell-percussion, drums
Sanford Konikoff-percussion
Bobby Torres-percussion, conga
Jim Price-trumpet
Bobby Keys-saxophone
The Choir:
Don Preston, Rita Coolidge (vocal on Superstar), Claudia Linnear, Daniel Moore, Donna Weiss, Pamela Polland, Matthew Moore,
Donna Washburn, Nickey Barclay, Bobby Jones (vocal on When Something Is Wrong With My Baby)
Produced by: Denny Cordell, Leon Russell
§Cover Design-Tom Wilkes; Cover Photo-Jim McCrary; Illustration-Ron Wolin

Note: Recorded live at The Fillmore East, 3/27-28/70
This is not the soundtrack to the movie
Both dates (all four sets) released in a box set in 2006

Cry Me A River / Give Peace A Chance³
Hamilton (3:50) / Bramlett-Russell (4:20)
A&M 1200, 9/70 T20

Both cuts from Mad Dogs, B-side listed as 4:20 plays at 2:20

Leon goes back to his own career

no actual plaster was cast in this movie—Spooky Tooth & Terry Reid also appear

The Grease Band
Shelter SHE-8904
2/71 BB [UK: ?/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
My Baby Left Me Crudup 3:08
Mistake No Doubt McCullough 4:16
Let It Be Gone McCullough 4:28
Willie And The Pig McCullough 4:15
Laughed At The Judge Spenner 5:30
Side Two
All I Wanna Do McCullough 4:00
To The Lord arr The Grease Band 4:20
Jessie James The Grease Band 4:48
Down Home Mama Spenner 6:31
The Visitor McCullough 2:43
Henry McCullough-guitar
Neil Hubbard-guitar
Alan Spenner-bass
Bruce Rowland-drums
Phil Harmonius Plunk [Chris Stainton]-keyboards
Produced by: The Grease Band, Chris Stainton, Nigel Thomas


Mad Dogs And Englishmen(3/29/71)
Joe's big tour—many unique songs in the film
High Time We Went / Black-Eyed Blues
Cocker-Stainton (4:27) / Cocker-Stainton (4:02)
A&M 1258, 5/71 BB

Laughed At The Judge³ / Let It Be Gone³
Grease Band (3:17) / McCullough (3:06)
Shelter 7304, 6/71

All I Wanna Do / Jessie James
McCullough (4:00) / Grease Band (4:48)
Shelter 7310, 10/71



Last Greazy Album

After the big Mad Dogs tour, Joe and the Russell family parted ways. Mostly. Old pal Chris Stainton stuck around to help record more tracks and put together yet another band (with a couple of The Grease Band guys—loyalty has its virtues) for a big tour (two pieces of which are presented here). Add an old single and you've got the only album that can be called Joe Cocker (according to an A&M ad). In the UK, it was entitled Something To Say. Lots of FM airplay, but no sales.

A bust in Australia during the next tour put an end to Joe's career for a few years.

Joe Cocker
A&M SP-4368
11/72 BB [UK: 12/72]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

Titled "Something To Say" in EU
UK Back Cover

Side One
Pardon Me Sir Cocker-Stainton 3:37
High Time We Went Cocker-Stainton 4:25
She Don't Mind Cocker-Stainton 3:13
Black-Eyed Blues Cocker-Stainton 4:37
Something To Say Cocker-Nichols 5:00
Side Two
Midnight Rider‡ Allman 4:00
Do Right Woman† Penn-Moman 7:00
Woman To Woman† Cocker-Stainton 4:26
St James Infirmary‡ Trad, arr Assunto 6:10

Note: Do Right Woman and St James Infirmary recorded live during 72 tour (details unknown)

Joe Cocker-vocals
Featuring The Chris Stainton Band, The Sanctified Sisters
Chris Stainton-piano, organ, arranger
Neil Hubbard-guitar
Allan Spenner-bass
Alan White, Jim Keltner-drums
Felix Falcon-percussion
Rick Alphonso-trumpet
Fred Scerbo, Milton Sloane-saxophone
Beverly Gardner, Gloria Jones, Viola Wills, Virginia Ayers-backing vocals
Viola Wills-lead vocals (Do Right Woman)
Jim Horn-saxophone (Do Right Woman)
Reebop-congas (Do Right Woman)
Conrad Isidore-drums (Do Right Woman, St James Infirmary)
§Album Design-John Cabalka
Produced by: Denny Cordell, except †Nigel Thomas and ‡Denny Cordell and Nigel Thomas


Joe gets his act together, becomes big star—You Are So Beautiful ring a (register) bell?
Stainton forms short-lived bands, did studio work. Worked with Eric for many years.


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Chris Stainton Web site


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