Chicken Shack
Christine Perfect

Forty Blue Fingers, Freshly Packed And Ready To Serve
Epic BN-26414
9/68 [UK: 6/68] T20
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
The Letter Josea-King 4:31
Lonesome Whistle Blues Moore-Teat-Toombs 3:06
When The Train Comes Back Perfect 3:36
San-Ho-Zay King-Thompson 3:08
King Of The World Hooker 5:03
Side Two
See See Baby King-Thompson 2:28
First Time I Met The Blues Montgomery 6:30
Webbed Feet Webb 2:57
You Ain't No Good Perfect 3:40
What You Did Last Night Webb 4:39
Stan Webb-vocals, guitar
Christine Perfect-vocals, piano, organ
Andy Silvester-bass
Dave Bidwell-drums
Johnny Almond-alto sax (solo on See See Baby)
Dick Heckstall-Smith-tenor sax
Alan Ellis-trumpet
§Cover Design (UK)-CJS Associates; US-not credited
Produced by: Mike Vernon

Note: Album title makes sense for the UK issue, not so much the US edition

Worried About My Woman¹ / Six Nights In Seven¹
Webb (2:36) / Webb (4:58)
Epic 5-10414, 11/68


O K Ken?
Blue Horizon BH-7705
3/69 [UK: 2/69] T20
Back Cover

UK Full Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Baby's Got Me Crying Webb 2:25
The Right Way Is My Way Webb 2:00
Get Like You Used To Be† Perfect-Webb 3:05
Pony And Trap Webb 3:00
Tell Me Burnett 4:40
A Woman Is The Blues†‡ Perfect-Webb 2:50
Side Two
I Wanna See My Baby Walker 3:30
Remington Ride Penny-Remington 2:50
Fishing In Your River Webb 4:30
Mean Old World Jacobs 3:15
Sweet Sixteen Josea-King 6:20
Stan Webb-vocals, guitar
Christine Perfect-vocals, piano, organ
Andy Silvester-bass
Dave Bidwell-drums
Roderick Lee-trumpet†
Steve Gregory-tenor sax†
John Almond-tenor sax†
Buddy Beadle-alto & baritone sax†
Terry Noonan-trumpet‡
Don Fey-tenor sax‡
Big Shakey Horton-harmonica (Mean Old World)
Harry Simmonds Chorale-special effects
§Cover Photo-Terence Ibbott
Produced by: Mike Vernon

The voices of John Peel, Hughie Green, Max Wall, Kenneth Williams, Chris Wood, Rt. Hon. Harold Wilson, Steptoe and Son, and that of a Radio 5 announcer, appear by courtesy of Stan Webb. M.C. for 'Live' track Harry Boxer.

Christine marries John McVie, later joins Fleetwood Mac. Paul Raymond replaces her.

Tears In The Wind / The Things You Put Me Through¹
Webb (2:41) / Webb (3:55)
Blue Horizon B-100, 9/69

I'd Rather Go Blind / Get Like You Used To Be
Foster-Jordan (3:12) / Perfect-Webb (3:05)
Epic 5-10536, 10/69 T20

A-side issued in UK as by Chicken Shack

100 Ton Chicken
Blue Horizon BH-7706
10/69 [UK: 10/69]
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
The Road Of Love Carter 3:29
Look Ma, I'm Cryin' Harris-King-Toombs 3:22
Evelyn Webb 4:16
Reconsider Baby Fulson 3:20
Weekend Love Carter 2:11
Side Two
Midnight Hour Brown 2:51
Tears In The Wind Webb 2:40
Horse & Cart Webb 3:34
The Way It Is Webb 4:24
Still Worried About My Woman Webb 3:08
Anji Graham 1:25
Stan Webb-vocals, guitar
Paul Raymond-piano, organ, vocals
Andy Silvester-bass
Dave Bidwell-drums
§Cover Design & Photo-Terence Ibbott
Produced by: Mike Vernon


Maudie / Diary Of Your Life³
Raymond-Webb (2:54) / Webb (3:04)
Blue Horizon BH-302, 2/70


Christine Perfect
Blue Horizon 7-63860 [UK)
N/R [UK: 6/70]
UK Back Cover

US 1976 Cover

Side One
Crazy 'Bout You Baby Williamson 3:01
I'm On My Way Malone 3:08
Let Me Go (Leave Me Alone) Perfect 3:23
Wait And See Perfect 3:12
Close To Me Hayward-Perfect 2:39
I'd Rather Go Blind* Foster-Jordan 3:14
Side Two
When You Say** Kirwan 3:14
And That's Saying A Lot Godfrey-Jackson 2:57
No Road Is The Right Road*** Perfect 2:48
For You Perfect 2:44
I'm Too Far Gone (To Turn Around) Hendrix-Otis 3:25
I Want You White 2:22
Christine McVie-keyboards, vocals
Top Topham-guitar
Richard Hayward-guitar
Martin Dunsford-bass
Chris Harding-drums, percussion
*with: Chicken Shack
Stan Webb-guitar
Andy Sylvester-bass
Dave Bidwell-drums
Danny Kirwan-guitar, producer
John McVie-bass
session musicians
§Cover Photo-Terence Ibbott
Produced by: Christine Perfect, Mike Vernon

US issue 1976 as The Legendary Christine Perfect Album (see last note)


Blue Horizon BH-4809
6/70 [UK: 6/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Diary Of Your Life Webb 4:20
Pocket Raymond-Webb 3:22
Never Ever Raymond-Webb 2:30
Sad Clown Raymond-Webb 2:40
Maudie Raymond-Webb 2:50
Telling Your Fortune Webb 3:05
Side Two
Tired Eyes Webb 2:03
Some Other Time Raymond-Webb 3:00
Going Round Raymond-Webb 2:40
Andalucian Blues Raymond-Webb 2:10
You Knew You Did You Did Webb 2:20
She Didn't Use Her Loaf Raymond-Webb 3:10
Apple Tart -- 0:02
Stan Webb-vocals, guitar
Paul Raymond-piano, organ, guitar, vocals
Andy Silvester-bass
Dave Bidwell-drums
Alison Young-vocal (Some Other Time)
Terry Noonan-arrangements (Tired Eyes, Some Other Time)
§Cover Photo-
Produced by: Mike Vernon


8/1/70: Wadena Rock Festival
Schmitt Farm, Wadena, IA (with Little Richard, Savoy Brown)

Raymond, Silvester & Bidwell to Savoy Brown
Stan carries on with new rhythm section, album in '72


Official Stan Webb Web site
Story Behind "I'd Rather Go Blind" @ The Music Aficionado


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