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Peter Green

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Peter B's
If You Wanna Be Happy / Jodrell Blues
Guida-Royster () / Bardens ()
Columbia DB-7862 [UK], 3/66

this was Peter Green's recording debut
Peter Green to John Mayall

Fleetwood Mac Alpha Listing 2022 Update
Complete title listing for UK/US 45s/EPs/LPs.
I Believe My Time Ain't Long¹ / Rambling Pony¹
James (2:55) / Green (2:37)
Blue Horizon 3051 [UK], 11/67

as by Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, shown cause it's the first one and it has a pic sleeve!
6/7-9/68: Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco
opened for Dead and Airplane
Black Magic Woman / Long Grey Mare
Green (2:55) / Green (2:13)
Epic 10351, 6/68 UK


Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac
Epic BN-26402
6/68 BB [UK: 2/68] T20
Back Cover

Cleaner UK Cover

Side One
My Heart Beat Like A Hammer Spencer 2:56
Merry Go Round Green 4:05
Long Grey Mare Green 2:13
Hell Hound On My Trail Johnson, arr Green 1:57
Shake Your Moneymaker James 2:53
Looking For Somebody Green 2:50
Side Two
No Place To Go Burnett 3:19
My Baby's Good To Me Spencer 2:44
If I Loved Another Woman Green 2:58
Cold Black Night Spencer 3:15
The World Keep On Turning(Peter solo) Green 2:27
Got To Move Williamson 3:21
Peter Green-guitar, vocals
Jeremy Spencer-slide guitar, piano, vocals
John McVie-bass
Mick Fleetwood-drums
Bob Brunning-bass (Long Grey Mare only)
Produced by: Mike Vernon


Need Your Love So Bad¹ / No Place To Go
John (3:46) / Burnett (3:19)
Epic 10386, 8/68 UK

Miami Pop Festival(12/28/68)

Danny Kirwan joins

Albatross / Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
Green (3:07) / Kirwan (1:33)
Epic 10436, 1/69  #1 


English Rose
Epic BN-26446
1/69 BB [UK: 8/68] T20
Back Cover

Equivalent UK Cover "Mr Wonderful"

UK Inside Cover

About half from here chopped
3 tracks ended up here

Love these three covers and titles!

Side One
Stop Messin' Round Adams-Green 2:18
Jigsaw Puzzle Blues Kirwan 1:33
Doctor Brown Brown 3:13
Something Inside Of Me Kirwan 3:54
Evenin' Boogie Spencer 2:39
Love That Burns Adams-Green 5:04
Side Two
Black Magic Woman Green 2:46
I've Lost My Baby Spencer 4:14
One Sunny Day Kirwan 3:09
Without You Kirwan 4:32
Coming Home James 2:38
Albatross Green 3:07
Peter Green-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Danny Kirwan-guitar, vocals
Jeremy Spencer-slide guitar, piano, vocals
John McVie-bass
Mick Fleetwood-drums
Christine McVie-keyboards
Steve Gregory, Dave Howard–alto sax (Evening Boogie)
Johnny Almond, Roland Vaughan–tenor sax (Evening Boogie)
§Cover Photo-Terence Ibbott (US and UK)
Produced by: Mike Vernon

Note: The earlier UK version, Mr Wonderful (released 8/68, see BRG), featured naturalist Mick, whilst we got him in drag.
Oh, and Epic dropped tracks, added singles, you know typical US botch job.

Man Of The World / Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonite
Green (2:36) / Spencer (2:35)
Immediate IM-080 [UK], 4/69 T20

B-side as by Earl Vince & The Valiants [Jeremy Spencer]
Rattlesnake Shake / Coming Your Way
Green (3:27) / Kirwan (3:47)
Reprise 0860, 9/69


Then Play On
Reprise RS-6368
10/69 BB [UK: 9/69] T20
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Track Listings

Side One
Coming Your Way Kirwan 3:46
Closing My Eyes Green 4:50
Fighting For Madge Fleetwood 2:42
When You Say Kirwan 4:30
Showbiz Blues Green 3:50
Underway Green 3:03
Side Two
Although The Sun Is Shining Kirwan 2:21
Rattlesnake Shake Green 3:30
Searching For Madge McVie 6:56
My Dream Kirwan 3:28
Like Crying Kirwan 2:21
Before The Beginning Green 3:25
Peter Green-guitar, vocals
Danny Kirwan-guitar, vocals
Jeremy Spencer-occasional piano
John McVie-bass
Mick Fleetwood-drums
Christine McVie-keyboards
§Cover Art-Domesticated Mural Painting (1917) by Maxwell Armfield
Produced by: Fleetwood Mac

Note: The greatest record Fleetwood Mac ever made—suffered from trackitis betwixt the UK, US, & the US reissue in 1970.
Read the whole story here , cause I ain't repeating it! (see last note)
2023 Update: Why so little participation by Spencer? He was promised an EP to be included with the album. Needless to say .

Another clueless Rolling Stone magazine review
John Morthland (12/13/69) said Fleetwood Mac had fallen "flat on their faces", "Most of the music on the album is slow and wandering — instruments in search of an idea." and later dismissed the album as mostly "nondescript ramblings."

Oh Well (Pt I) / Oh Well (Pt II)
Green (3:32) / Green (5:45)
Reprise 0883, 11/69 BB T20

That's Peter on cello and Sandra Elsdon on recorder in Part Two

Blues Jam In Chicago, Vol 1
Blue Horizon BH-4803
12/69 [UK: 12/69
Reissue Cover

Reissue Back Cover

Side One
Watch Out Green 4:10
Ooh Baby Burnett 3:15
South Indiana [Take 1] Horton 3:12
South Indiana [Take 2] Horton 2:48
Last Night Jacobs 4:55
Red Hot Jam Green 4:36
Side Two
I'm Worried James 3:22
I Held My Baby Last Night James 4:04
Madison Blues James 4:35
I Can't Hold Out James 3:35
I Need Your Love Horton 3:20
I Got The Blues Horton 3:50

Blues Jam In Chicago, Vol 2
Blue Horizon BH-4805
12/69 [UK: 12/69]
Back Cover

Side One
The World's In A Tangle Lane 4:55
Talk With You Kirwan 3:22
Like It This Way Kirwan 3:45
Someday Soon Baby Spann 7:02
Hungry Country Girl Spann 5:37
Side Two
Black Jack Blues Brown 4:49
Every Day I Have The Blues Memphis Slim 4:30
Rockin' Boogie Spencer 3:45
Sugar Mama Burnett 4:03
Homework Clark-Perkins-Rush 3:18
Peter Green-guitar, vocals
Danny Kirwan-guitar, vocals
Jeremy Spencer-guitar, vocals
John McVie-bass
Mick Fleetwood-drums
Walter "Shakey" Horton-harmonica, vocals (I Need Your Love, I Got The Blues)
Buddy Guy-guitar
Honey Boy Edwards-guitar
Otis Spann-piano, vocals (Someday Soon Baby, Hungry Country Girl)
Willie Dixon-bass
S P Leary-drums
J T Brown-sax, vocals (Black Jack Blues)
§Cover Photos-Jeff Lowenthal
Produced by: Mike Vernon

Note: Recorded January 4, 1969, Chess Ter-Mar Studios, Chicago
Both albums were reissued together as Fleetwood Mac In Chicago in 1975 (see notes).
2023 Update: Great story about the recording session at NewCity Music (Chicago-based).

 ➜ Live: 2/5-7, Boston Tea Party; released 1998: Live At The Boston Tea Party 

The Big Ball, 3/70
Non-lp (at the time) single: Oh Well (Parts I & II)
The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Prong Crown)¹ / World In Harmony¹
Green (4:34) / Green (3:24)
Reprise 0925, 6/70 T20


Otis Spann With Fleetwood Mac:
The Biggest Thing Since Colossus
Blue Horizon BH-4802
6/70 [UK: 9/69]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
My Love Depends On You Spann 5:16
Walkin' Spann 2:50
It Was A Big Thing Spann 3:22
Temperature Is Rising (98.8°F) Spann 6:10
Dig You Spann 3:00
Side Two
No More Doggin' Gordon 2:56
Ain't Nobody's Business Witherspoon 5:25
She Needs Some Loving Spann 3:02
I Need Some Air Spann 4:36
Someday Baby Spann 3:02
Otis Spann-piano, vocals
Peter Green-guitar
Danny Kirwan-guitar
John McVie-bass
S P Leary-drums
§Cover Photo-Terrence Ibbott
Produced by: Mike Vernon


Peter Green tires of spotlight, quits, makes interesting solo record

Kiln House
Reprise RS-6408
9/70 BB [UK: 9/70] UK
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
This Is The Rock Spencer 2:45
Station Man Kirwan-McVie-Spencer 5:49
Blood On The Floor Spencer 2:44
Hi Ho Silver(see note below) Kirkeby-Waller 3:05
Jewel Eyed Judy Fleetwood-Kirwan-McVie 3:17
Side Two
Buddy's Song Holly 2:08
Earl Gray Kirwan 4:01
One Together Spencer 3:23
Tell Me All the Things You Do Kirwan 4:10
Mission Bell Hodges-Michael 2:32
Danny Kirwan-guitar, vocals
Jeremy Spencer-guitar, vocals
John McVie-bass
Mick Fleetwood-drums
Christine McVie-keyboards, vocals (not yet a full-time member)
§Cover & Inside Art-Christine McVie
Produced by: Fleetwood Mac

Note: "Kiln House" was a country house where the band lived and worked.
Hi Ho Silver is the wrong title (correct composer-Fats Waller)—it's actually Honey Hush, written by Big Joe Turner

The End Of The Game
Reprise RS-6436
12/70 [UK: 11/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Bottoms Up Green 9:05
Timeless Time Green 2:37
Descending Scale Green 8:17
Side Two
Burnt Foot Green 5:16
Hidden Depth Green 4:54
The End of the Game Green 5:08
Peter Green-guitar
Zoot Money-piano
Nick Buck-organ, keyboards, piano
Alex Dmochowski-bass
Godfrey McLean-percussion, drums
§Cover Art-Afracadabra; Photos- Keystone
Produced by: Peter Green


Jewel-Eyed Judy / Station Man³
Fleetwood-Kirwan-McVie (3:17) / Kirwan-McVie-Spencer (5:11)
Reprise 0984, 1/71


Christine McVie becomes permanent member

Dragonfly / The Purple Dancer
Davies-Kirwan (2:47) / Fleetwood-Kirwan-McVie (5:02)
Reprise RS-27010 [UK], 3/71

Heavy Heart / No Way Out
Chewaluza-Green-Kelly-Watson (3:19) / Green-Watson (3:16)
Reprise K-14092 [UK], 6/71

timings from rip

Spencer quits, forms Children Of God

Bob Welch, chill Cali dude joins

Future Games
Reprise RS-6465
9/71 BB [UK: 9/71]
Green Cover

First pressings had the yellow cover.
Green Back Cover

Side One
Woman Of 1,000 Years Kirwan 8:20 [5:22]
Morning Rain Perfect 6:22 [5:24]
What A Shame Fleetwood-Kirwan-McVie-Perfect-Welch 2:12
Future Games Welch 8:15
Side Two
Sands Of Time Kirwan 7:35 [7:20]
Sometimes Kirwan 6:25 [5:21]
Lay It All Down Welch 4:32
Show Me A Smile Perfect 3:19
Danny Kirwan-guitar, vocals
Bob Welch-guitar, vocals
Christine McVie-keyboards, vocals
John McVie-bass
Mick Fleetwood-drums
John Perfect-sax (What A Shame)
§Cover Design-John Pasche; Photo-Sally Jesse
Produced by: Fleetwood Mac

Note: Some of the timings listed on the orginal record sleeve were not accurate. Fixed ones are noted.

Sands Of Time³ / Lay It All Down
Kirwan (3:00) / Welch (4:32)
Reprise 1057, 11/71

Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits
Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits

CBS S-69011 [UK], N/R [UK: 11/71] #36
has the great non-lp UK singles
John, Mick, and Christine continued with the group, adding the duo of Buckingham & Nicks.
Wife swapping and coke fueled big success in the late 70s (Rumours #1 around the world).


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