Atlantic SD-8243
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UK Full Cover

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Lyric Sheet

Lyric Sheet

Side One
Beyond And Before Bailey-Squire 4:50
I See You Crosby-McGuinn 6:33
Yesterday And Today Anderson 2:37
Looking Around Anderson-Squire 3:49
Side Two
Harold Land Anderson-Bruford-Squire 5:26
Every Little Thing Lennon-McCartney 5:24
Sweetness Anderson-Bailey-Squire 4:19
Survival Anderson 6:01
John Anderson-percussion, vocals
Peter Banks-guitar, vocals
Tony Kaye-organ, piano
Chris Squire-bass, vocals
Bill Bruford-drums, vibraphone
Produced by: Yes & Paul Clay


Sweetness³ / Every Little Thing
Anderson-Bailey-Squire (3:49) / Lennon-McCartney (5:24)
Atlantic 2709, 1/70


Time And A Word
Atlantic SD-8273
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UK Cover

UK only lyric sheet

Side One
No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Neeeded Havens 4:47
Then Anderson 5:42
Everydays Stills 6:06
Sweet Dreams Anderson-Foster 3:48
Side Two
The Prophet Anderson-Squire 6:32
Clear Days Anderson 2:04
Astral Traveller Anderson 5:50
Time And A Word Anderson-Foster 4:31
Jon Anderson-vocals
Peter Banks-guitar, vocals
Tony Kaye-keyboards
Chris Squire-bass, vocals
Bill Bruford-drums
David Foster-vocal (Sweet Dreams), acoustic guitar (Time And A Word)
Tony Cox-orchestral arrangements
Produced by: Tony Colton


Peter Banks fired, replaced by Steve Howe

The Yes Album
Atlantic SD-8283
6/71 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Yours Is No Disgrace Yes 9:36
The Clap Howe 3:07
Starship Trooper:
   a) Life Seeker
   b) Disillusion
   c) Würm
Anderson-Howe-Squire 9:23
Side Two
I've Seen All Good People:
   a) Your Move
   b) All Good People
Anderson-Squire 6:47
A Venture Anderson 3:13
Perpetual Change Anderson-Squire 8:50
Jon Anderson-percussion, vocals
Steve Howe-guitar, vocals
Tony Kaye-organ, synthesizer, piano
Chris Squire-bass, vocals
Bill Bruford-drums, percussion
Produced by: Yes & Eddie Offord

Note: The Clap recorded live at the Lyceum, London

Your Move² / Clap
Anderson-Squire (3:30) / Howe (3:03)
Atlantic 2819, 9/71 BB



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