Note: First up: two singles that came from their first UK album, which was not relaesed here (nor was the second) until much later.
No other US singles until June, 1972

Or Am I Dreaming / Oh How She Changed
Cousins (2:37) / Cousins (2:55)
A&M 944, 6/68

The Man Who Called Himself Jesus / Poor Jimmy Wilson
Cousins (3:30) / Cousins (2:35)
A&M 998, 11/68


Just A Collection Of Antiques And Curios:
Live At The Queen Elizabeth Hall
A&M SP-4288
Back Cover

Side One
Martin Luther King's Dream Cousins 2:53
The Antique Suite Cousins 12:13
   The Reaper
   We Must Cross The River
   Antiques & Curios
   Hey, It's Been A Long Time
Temperament Of Mind Wakeman 5:00
Side Two
Fingertips Cousins 6:13
Song Of A Sad Little Girl Cousins 4:18
Where Is This Dream Of Your Youth? Cousins 9:10
Dave Cousins-vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, dulcimer, banjo
Tony Hooper-vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine, autoharp
Rick Wakeman-organ, piano, harpsichord, celeste
John Ford-bass, guitar, vocals
Richard Hudson-congas, cymbal, tambourine, sitar, vocals
Produced by: Tony Visconti

Note: This was the third UK Strawbs album, but our first.

Rick Wakeman to Yes

From The Witchwood
A&M SP-4304
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
A Glimpse Of Heaven Cousins 3:50
Witchwood Cousins 3:20
Thirty Days Ford 2:50
Flight Hudson 4:25
The Hangman And The Papist Cousins 4:10
Side Two
Sheep Cousins 4:15
Canon Dale Hudson 3:40
The Shepherd's Song Cousins 2:50
In Amongst The Roses Cousins 3:45
I'll Carry On Beside You Cousins 3:10
Dave Cousins-vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, dulcimer, recorder
Tony Hooper-vocals, acoustic guitar, autoharp, tambourine
Rick Wakeman-piano, organ, celesta, mellotron, Moog synthesizer, clarinet
John Ford-vocals, bass
Richard Hudson-vocals, drums, sitar
Produced by: Tony Visconti

Note: Recorded live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, on July 11th 1970


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