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Tyrannosaurus Rex

Gotta Start Somewhere...

John's Children
Desdemona / Remember Thomas Becket
Bolan (2:25) / Ellison-Hewlett (2:15)
Track 604003, 5/67

Mark's hit—he quit to form Tyrannosaurus Rex
Note: The previous single listed here (Smashed! Blocked! / Strange Affair) by John's Children was their only release
in the US and had no connection with Mark Bolan.

First incarnation as Tyrannosaurus Rex, no US releases of first two records (until 1972)

My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair...
But Now They're Content To Wear Stars On Their Brows
Regal Zonophone SLRZ 1003 [UK]
N/R [UK: 7/68] T20
Back Cover

Lyric Sheet

Lyric Sheet

Side One
Hot Rod Mama Bolan 3:09
Scenescof Bolan 1:41
Child Star Bolan 2:52
Strange Orchestras Bolan 1:47
Chateau In Virginia Waters Bolan 2:38
Dwarfish Trumpet Blues Bolan 2:47
Side Two
Mustang Ford Bolan 2:56
Afhgan Woman Bolan 1:59
Knight Bolan 2:38
Graceful Fat Sheba Bolan 1:28
Weilder Of Words Bolan 3:19
Frowning Atahuallpa (My Inca Love) Bolan 5:55
Marc Bolan-guitar, vocals
Steve Peregrine Took-bass, percussion, piano, bongos, drums, gong, vocals, pixiephone
John Peel-readings (Frowning Atahuallpa (My Inca Love))
§Cover Art-George Underwood
Produced by: Tony Visconti


Deborah¹ / Child Star
Bolan (3:09) / Bolan (2:50)
A&M 955, 7/68 UK

1st US single didn't hit, A&M dropped group
Great South Coast Bank Holiday Pop Festivity(8/31/68) Tyrannosaurus Rex

Prophets, Seers & Sages The Angels Of The Ages
Regal Zonophone SLRZ-1005 [UK]
N/R [UK: 10/68]
Back Cover

Lyric Sheet

Lyric Sheet

1972 US 2-Fer

Side One
Deboraarobed Bolan 3:33
Stacey Grove Bolan 1:59
Wind Quartets Bolan 2:57
Conesuela Bolan 2:25
Trelawney Lawn Bolan 1:46
Aznageel The Mage Bolan 1:59
The Friends Bolan 1:19
Side Two
Salamanda Palaganda Bolan 2:15
Our Wonderful Brownskin Man Bolan :51
O Harley (The Saltimbaques) Bolan 2:19
Eastern Spell Bolan 1:41
The Travelling Tragition Bolan 1:48
Juniper Suction Bolan 1:13
Scenes Of Dynasty Bolan 4:07
Marc Bolan-guitar, vocals
Steve Peregrine Took-bass, guitar, percussion, piano, bongos, drums, gong, vocals, talking drum
John Peel-spoken word
Tony Visconti-piano
§Cover Photo-Pete Sanders
Produced by: Tony Visconti

Note: First two albums released as two-fer in 1972, so everyone could marvel at Marc Bolan (see note 4)

Blue Thumb BTS-7
7/69 [UK: 5/69] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Lyric Booklet

Side Two
Chariots Of Silk Bolan 2:26
Pon A Hill Bolan 1:14
The Seal Of Seasons Bolan 1:49
The Throat Of Winter Bolan 1:59
Cat Black (The Wizard's Hat) Bolan 2:55
Stones For Avalon Bolan 1:37
She Was Born To Be My Unicorn Bolan 2:37
Like A White Star, Tangled And Far, Tulip That's What You Are Bolan 3:49
Side One
Warlord Of The Royal Crocodiles Bolan 2:11
Evenings Of Damask Bolan 2:26
The Sea Beasts Bolan 2:26
Iscariot Bolan 2:53
Nijinsky Hind Bolan 2:20
The Pilgrim's Tale Bolan 2:07
The Misty Coast Of Albany Bolan 1:43
Romany Soup Bolan 5:40
Marc Bolan-guitar, harmonium, idiophone, fonofiddle, vocals
Steve Peregrine Took-bongos, African drums, kazoo, pixiephone, Chinese gong
John Peel-spoken word (Romany Soup)
Tony Visconti-piano (Catblack)
§Cover Photo-Pete Sanders
Produced by: Tony Visconti


8/11-13/69: Thee Experience, LA
Cancelled Family Dog gig the week before
New Orleans Pop Festival(8/30, 9/1/69) Tyrannosaurus Rex

Took out

Finn in

A Beard Of Stars
Blue Thumb BTS-18
5/70 [UK: 3/70] UK
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Prelude Bolan 1:03
A Daye Laye Bolan 1:56
Woodland Bop Bolan 2:18
Fist Heart, Mighty Dawn Dart Bolan 3:25
Pavilions Of Sun Bolan 3:30
Organ Blues Bolan 3:28
By the Light Of A Magical Moon Bolan 2:52
Wind Cheetah Bolan 3:20
Side Two
A Beard Of Stars Bolan 1:34
Great Horse Bolan 2:24
Dragon's Ear Bolan 2:37
Lofty Skies Bolan 3:35
Dove Bolan 2:05
Elemental Child Bolan 6:16

Note: Special 7-inch record included with album:
Ride A White Swan / Is It Love
Bolan (2:14) / Bolan (2:20)
Blue Thumb SP-6115

Marc Bolan-organ, bass, guitar, vocals
Mickey Finn-bass, percussion, tabla, vocals (bckgr), finger cymbals, clay drums
Tony Visconti-piano
§Album Design-June Child; Cover Photo-Pete Sanders
Produced by: Tony Visconti


Name change!
Ride A White Swan / Summertime Blues¹
Bolan (2:14) / Capehart-Cochran (2:44)
Blue Thumb 7121, 12/70 BB T20

Hot Love¹ / One Inch Rock/Seagull Woman
Bolan (4:50) / Bolan (2:21)/Bolan (2:21)
Reprise 1006, 3/71 BB  #1 

Yup, two songs on the B-side

T Rex
Reprise RS-6440
4/71 BB [UK: 12/70] T20
Flipped Open Front

Flipped Open Back

Side One
The Children Of Rarn Bolan :51
Jewel Bolan 2:48
The Visit Bolan 1:52
Childe Bolan 1:42
The Time Of Love Is Now Bolan 2:40
Diamond Meadows Bolan 2:00
Root Of Star Bolan 2:31
Beltane Walk Bolan 2:28
Side Two
Is It Love? Bolan 2:32
One Inch Rock Bolan 2:21
Summer Deep Bolan 1:48
Seagull Woman Bolan 2:21
Sun Eye Bolan 2:05
The Wizard Bolan 8:45
Ride A White Swan Bolan 2:19
Marc Bolan-organ, bass, guitar, vocals
Mickey Finn-bass, drums, vocals, pixiephone
Howard Kaylan, Mark Volman-backing vocals (Seagull Woman)
Tony Visconti-piano, string arrangements
§Album Design-Graphreaks; Cover Photo-Pete Sanders
Produced by: Tony Visconti


Glam Rock Inventor

Hippie instruments and songs don't cut it anymore.
Add a real rhythm section, a Marshall stack, some eye shadow and glitter and reinvent yourself!


Bang A Gong (Get It On) / Raw Ramp¹
Bolan (4:25) / Bolan (4:14)
Reprise 1032, 7/71 T20  #1 

Hot Platters, 9/71
Non-LP single: Hot Love

Electric Warrior
Reprise RS-6466
10/71 BB [UK: 9/71]  #1 
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Inner Sleeve (Marc)

UK Inner Sleeve (Mickey)

Side One
Mambo Sun Bolan 3:38
Cosmic Dancer Bolan 4:26
Jeepster Bolan 4:10
Monolith Bolan 3:45
Lean Woman Blues Bolan 3:01
Side Two
Bang A Gong (Get It On) Bolan 4:24
Planet Queen Bolan 3:11
Girl Bolan 2:29
The Motivator Bolan 3:57
Life's A Gas Bolan 2:23
Rip Off Bolan 3:38
Marc Bolan-guitar, vocals
Mickey Finn-percussion, vocals
Steve Currie-bass
Will Legend-drums
Rick Wakeman-keyboards (Bang A Gong (Get It On))
Ian McDonald-saxophone
Burt Collins-flugelhorn, horn
Howard Kaylan, Mark Volman-vocals
Tony Visconti-piano
§Album Design-Hipgnosis (based on a photo by Spud Murphy)
Produced by: Tony Visconti

Note: UK release featured sleeve with portraits by George Underwood (last 2 notes) and a poster (same as inside photo)

Jeepster / Rip Off
Bolan (4:13) / Bolan (3:41)
Reprise 1056, 11/71 T20

Last 45 was #10 and this doesn't crack the chart at all??—damn fickle fans


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