Bert Sommer

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Bert & Bill
You're What Makes My Lonely Life Worthwhile / A Different Time
Sommer (2:49) / Herbert (2:31)
Vanguard VRS-35044, 9/66


Note: Off to join the cast of Hair, write songs for The Vagrants, and sing on a Left Banke single.

Hold The Light / She's Gone
Sommer (2:52) / Sommer (2:57)
Capitol 2434, 3/69


The Road To Travel
Capitol ST-189
Back Cover

Side One
And When It's Over Sommer 2:07
Jennifer Sommer 3:32
Things Are Goin' My Way Sommer 2:27
She's Just A Girl Sommer 3:43
Tonight Together Sommer 2:26
The Road To Travel Sommer 3:50
Side Two
She's Gone Sommer 2:57
Hold The Light Sommer 2:52
A Simple Man Sommer 2:43
Brink Of Death Sommer 3:19
A Note That Read Sommer 3:21
Bert Sommer-guitar, vocals
Hugh McCracken, Al Giorgoni, Danny Cooch [Kootchmar], David Cohen, Sam Brown-electric & acoustic guitars
Paul Griffin, Ron Frangipane-piano
Joe Mack, Renie Press-bass
Al Rogers-drums
Artie Kaplan-flute
Specs Powell-vibes
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Artie Kornfeld


Woodstock Music & Art Fair(8/15/69)
We're All Playing In The Same Band / It's A Beautiful Day
Sommer (3:17) / Sommer (3:00)
Eleuthera 470, 6/70 BB


Eleuthera ELS-3600
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Smile Sommer 3:02
It's A Beautiful Day Sommer 3:00
Eleuthera Sommer 2:16
The Grand Pianist Brown-Sommer 2:25
Uncle Charlie Sommer 2:27
I've Got To Try/Zip Zap Sommer/Sullivan-Sommer 4:25
Side Two
America Simon 3:16
Mama, If You're Able Sommer 2:07
Friends Sommer 3:15
On The Other Side Sommer 4:34
Here In The Timeless Life Sommer 2:40
We're All Playin' In The Same Band Sommer 3:17
Bert Sommer-guitar, vocals
Jimmy Calvert-electric guitar
Hugh McCracken-electric & acoustic guitar
Ron Frangipane-piano, organ
Joe Mack-bass
Al Rogers-drums
Specs Powell-percussion
§Album Design-Frank Yandolino; Cover Photo-Chuck Serra
Produced by: Artie Kornfeld


Smile / America
Sommer (3:02) / Simon (3:16)
Eleuthera 471, 10/70

The Battle Of New Orleans / On The Other Side
Driftwood (2:23) / Sommer (4:34)
Eleuthera 472, 11/70


Bert Sommer
Buddah BDS-5082
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Stick Together Sommer 3:16
Love Is Winning Sommer 3:07
She Knows Me Better Sommer 3:02
People Got To Be Free Brigati-Cavalire 2:25
I Wondered Where You Be Sommer 2:42
Magic Elixir Brown-Sommer 2:26
Side Two
The People Will Come Together Sommer-Wilhelm 3:04
You've Got To Be Carefully Taught Rogers-Hammerstein 3:14
The Same Old Story Sommer 2:55
Me And The Sunshine Sommer 2:26
Back On The Bag Sommer 2:45
Battle Of New Orleans Driftwood 2:23
Bert Sommer-guitar, vocals
David Spinozza, Hugh McCracken-acoustic & electric guitars
Ron Frangipane-piano, organ, harpsichord
Tony Levin-bass
Mike Miniere-drums, percussion
§Cover Art-Robert Schulenberg
Produced by: Artie Kornfeld


She Knows Me Better / The People Will Come Together
Sommer (3:02) / Sommer-Wilhelm (3:04)
Buddah BDA-243, 6/71



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