Let The Sunshine In!
What the hippies saw that was "wrong" with the America they loved: racism, pollution, poverty, sexual repression, the war in Vietnam, political corruption (and forty plus years later, only one has been fixed—we've added the war on terror). The show opened at The Biltmore Threatre on April 29, 1968 and the critics loved it. Hair ran for 1,750 performances, closing on July 1, 1972. A movie (with Treat Williams) was made in 1975. The musical has been performed everywhere on the planet, including communist Yugoslavia. Parts were even played by Apollo astronauts on the way to the moon!

Hair - The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical
RCA Victor LSO-1150
6/68  1  [UK: 10/68]
Back Cover

1968 Poster

Side One
Aquarius Dyson & Company 2:55
Donna/Hashish Ragni & Company 2:45
Sodomy Curry & Company 0:50
Colored Spade Washington & Company 1:10
Manchester England Rado & Company 1:20
I'm Black/Ain't Got No Washington, Curry, Ragni & Rado/Curry, Washington, Moore & Company 1:10
Air Eaton, Plimpton, Moore & Company 1:15
Initials Company 0:55
I Got Life Rado & Company 3:05
Hair Rado, Ragni & Company 2:55
My Conviction Kramer 1:36
Don't Put It Down Ragni & Curry 2:00
Frank Mills Plimpton 2:05
Be-In Company 3:00
Side Two
Where Do I Go? Rado & Company 2:40
Black Boys/White Boys Keaton, Norstrand & Mosco/Moore, Davis & Marks 3:35
Easy To Be Hard Kellogg 2:35
Walking In Space Company 5:00
Abie Baby Washington, Dyson, Burks & Davis 2:45
Three-Five-Zero-Zero/What A Piece Of Work Is Man Company/Dyson & Harris 4:45
Good Morning Starshine Kellogg, Moore, Rado & Ragni 2:30
The Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In) Rado, Kellogg, Moore & Company 3:35
James Rado-Claude
Gerome Ragni-Berger
Lynn Kellogg-Sheila
Steve Curry-Woof
Lamont Washington-Hud
Sally Eaton-Jeanie
Shelley Plimpton-Crissy
Melba Moore-Dionne
§Cover Art-Rúspoli-Rodríguez
Directed by: Tom O'Horgan


Hair Medley / Aquarius
MacDermot-Rado-Ragni (2:58) / MacDermot-Rado-Ragni (2:55)
RCA Victor SP-45-184, ?/69

RCA sent this special promo 45 out to radio stations.



Original 1967 Production
Hair was originally an off-broadway (Joe Papp production) that opened on Oct 17, 1967 at the New York Shakespeare Festival Public Theatre in the East Village and ran for six weeks. It then opened at The Cheetah (a discothèque on Broadway) on Dec 22 for 45 performances. An abridged original cast album was issued:

New York Shakespeare Festival Public Theater Presents
Hair - An American Tribal Love-Rock Musical
RCA Victor LSO-1143
11/67 [UK: ?/70]
Back Cover

1967 Playbill

Side One
Ain't Got No Daniels, Ragni, Dean, Wilkinson & Company  
I Got Life Daniels & Maricle 4:00
Air Eaton, Plimpton & Allen 1:25
Going Down Ragni & Company 2:33
Hair Daniels, Ragni & Company 3:00
Dead End O'Hara & Company 2:33TD>
Frank Mills Plimpton 1:47
Hare Krishna Company 3:10
Where Do I Go? Daniels & Company 2:54
Side Two
Electric Blues Evans, Compton, Jabara 2:35
Easy To Be Hard Evans, Compton, Jabara & Company 2:03
Manchester Daniels 1:00
White Boys Allen, Batson & Robinson  
Black Boys Compton, Plimpton & Evans 3:30
Walking In Space Company 4:20
Aquarius Company 2:15
Good Morning Starshine O'Hara & Company 3:47
Exanaplanetooch Daniels 2:35
The Climax O'Hara 1:45
Walker Daniels-Claude
Gerome Ragni-Berger
Jill O'Hara-Sheila
Steve Dean-Woof
Arnold Wilkerson-Hud
Sally Eaton-Jeanie
Shelley Plimpton-Crissy
§Cover Photo-unknown
Directed by: Gerald Freedman

Note: Both of these cast albums are abridged versions - too many songs for a single album.
In 2003, RCA released a 2-CD Deluxe edition with the complete Broadway show, the 1967 cast album,
and interviews with Galt McDermont.



Hit Generator!
The catchy tunes lent themselves to Top 40 hits, like Broadway used to do in the 30s and 40s. All spring and summer long in 1969, we were bombarded with these records. Arrggh!
Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In The 5th Dimension #1, WABC
Hair The Cowsills #2, WABC
Easy To Be Hard Three Dog Night #2, WABC
Good Morning Starshine Oliver #3, WABC
Where Do I Go/Be-In (Hare Krishna) The Happenings #16, WABC



Good Morning Starshine Strawberry Alarm Clock (45, Good Morning Starshine) 4/69
Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In) Brian Auger & The Trinity with Julie Driscoll (Streetnoise) 8/69
I've Got Life Brian Auger & The Trinity with Julie Driscoll (Streetnoise) 8/69
Donna Alex Harvey (UK LP) ?/69
Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In (The Flesh Faitures) The Ventures (Hawaii Five-O) 4/69
Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In Diana Ross & The Supremes (Let the Sunshine In) 5/69
Where Do I Go? The Free Design (Heaven/Earth) ?/69
Dead End; Walking In Space Quincy Jones (Walking In Space) 6/69
Ain't Got No; I Got Life Nina Simone (45) 11/68


Want more? lists cast recordings from Mexico, London, Munich, Sweden, Brazil, and many, many others (100+ listed!).


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