The Soft Machine

Love Makes Sweet Music / Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin'
Ayers (2:47) / Ellidge (2:27)
Polydor 56151 [UK], 2/67

produced by Kim Fowley, maybe Jimi on rhythm?
The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream(4/29/67)
2/1/68: Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco
with Jimi Hendrix Experience (headliner)
Joy Of A Toy³ / Why Are We Sleeping?³
Ayers-Ratledge (2:40) / Ayers-Ratledge-Wyatt (3:32)
Probe 452, 11/68


Volume One
Probe CPLP-4500
11/68 BB [UK: 12/68]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Censored Cover

Censored Back Cover

Side One
Hope For Happiness Ayers-Hopper-Ratledge 4:20
Joy Of A Toy Ayers-Ratledge 2:49
Hope For Happiness (Reprise) Ayers-Hooper-Ratledge 1:37
Why Am I So Short? Ayers-Hopper-Ratledge 1:38
So Boot If At All Ayers-Ratledge-Wyatt 7:22
A Certain Kind Hopper 4:10
Side Two
Save Yourself Wyatt 2:25
Priscilla Ayers-Ratledge-Wyatt 1:05
Lullabye Letter Ayers 4:37
We Did It Again Ayers 3:46
Plus Belle Qu'une Poubelle Ayers 1:01
Why Are We Sleeping? Ayers-Ratledge-Wyatt 5:31
Box 25/4 Lid Hopper-Ratledge :47

Note: The album art underwent many censorship changes, see more at Discogs .

Mike Ratledge-Lowrey Holiday De Luxe organ, piano (Box 25/4 Lid)
Kevin Ayers-bass, lead vocals (We Did It Again), spoken word (Box 25/4 Lid), backing vocals, piano (So Boot If At All)
Robert Wyatt-drums, lead vocals
Hugh Hopper-bass (Box 25/4 Lid)
The Cake-backing vocals (Why Are We Sleeping?)
§Cover Art-Byron Goto, Henry Epstein
Produced by: Tom Wilson, Chas Chandler


Kevin Ayers to solo career

Hugh Hopper in from The Wild Flowers

Volume Two
Probe 4505
7/69 [UK: 4/69]
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Inside Cover

Side I: Rivmic Melodies
Pataphysical Introduction, Pt 1 Wyatt 1:00
A Concise British Alphabet, Pt 1 Hopper, arr Wyatt :10
Hibou, Anemone And Bear† Ratledge-Wyatt 5:58
A Concise British Alphabet, Pt 2 Hopper, arr Wyatt :12
Hulloder Hopper, arr Wyatt :52
Dada Was Here Hopper, arr Wyatt 3:25
Thank You Pierrot Lunaire Hopper, arr Wyatt :47
Have You Ever Bean Green? Hopper, arr Wyatt 1:23
Pataphysical Introduction, Pt 2 Wyatt :50
Out Of Tunes† Hopper-Ratledge-Wyatt 2:30
Side II
As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still Ratledge-Wyatt 2:30
Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening Hopper 2:30
Esther's Nose Job:    
  Fire Engine Passing With Bells Clanging Ratledge 1:50
  Pig Ratledge 2:08
  Orange Skin Food Ratledge 1:52
  A Door Opens And Closes Ratledge 1:09
  10:30 Returns To The Bedroom Hopper-Ratledge-Wyatt 4:14
Mike Ratledge-Lowrey Holiday De Luxe organ, flute†, piano, harpsichord (Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening)
Hugh Hopper-bass, acoustic guitar (Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening), alto sax
Robert Wyatt-drums, percussion, lead vocals
Brian Hopper-soprano & tenor sax
§Cover Art-Byron Goto, Henry Epstein
Produced by: Michael Jeffrey

Note: Despite Side II beeing labeled Ester's Nose Job, the first two songs are not part of that piece (wiki )

Columbia G-30339
10/70 [UK: 6/70] T20
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Facelift* Hopper 18:54
Side Two
Slightly All The Time Ratledge 18:14
Side Three
Moon In June Wyatt 19:18
Side Four
Out-Bloody-Rageous Ratledge 19:17
Mike Ratledge-Hohner Pianet, Lowrey organ, piano
Hugh Hopper-bass
Robert Wyatt-drums, vocal (Moon In June, also uncredited keyboards)
Elton Dean-sax, saxello (except Moon In June)
Lyn Dobson-flute, soprano sax (Facelift)
Nick Evans-trombone (Slightly All The Time, Out-Bloody-Rageous)
Jimmy Hastings-flute, clarinet (Slightly All The Time, Out-Bloody-Rageous)
Rab Spall-violin (Moon In June)
§Cover Design-John Hays; Photo-Jurgen D Ensthaler
Produced by: The Soft Machine

Note: *Recorded live at at Fairfield Hall Croydon Jan 4, 1970 and at Mothers Club Birmingham, Jan 11, 1970
Moon In June was the last Soft Machine composition with lyrics

Columbia C-30754
6/71 [UK: 2/71] UK
Back Cover

Side One
Teeth Ratledge 9:15
Kings And Queens Hopper 5:02
Fletcher's Blemish Dean 4:35
Side Two
Virtually, Pt 1 Hopper 5:16
Virtually, Pt 2 Hopper 7:09
Virtually, Pt 3 Hopper 4:33
Virtually, Pt 4 Hopper 3:23
Mike Ratledge-organ, piano
Hugh Hopper-bass
Robert Wyatt-drums
Elton Dean-sax, saxello
Mark Charig-cornet
Nick Evans-trombone
Jimmy Hastings-flute, clarinet
Alan Skidmore-sax
Roy Babbington-double bass
§Cover Design-Bloomsbury Group; Photo-Campbell MacCallum
Produced by: The Soft Machine


Newport Jazz Festival(7/4/71) Cancelled

Robert Wyatt out—joins with Richard Sinclair (Caravan) form Matching Mole.


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