Savoy Brown

The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream(4/29/67)

Getting To The Point
Parrot 71024
8/68 [UK: 6/68]
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UK Cover

Side One
Flood In Houston Simmonds-Youlden 4:00
Stay With Me Baby Peverett-Simmonds-Youlden 2:35
Honey Bee Waters 6:25
The Incredible Gnome Meets Jaxman Simmonds 3:30
Give Me A Penny Trad 4:20
Side Two
Mr Downchild Simmonds-Youlden 5:25
Getting To The Point Simmonds 4:20
Big City Lights Hall-Youlden 3:25
You Need Love Dixon 7:40
Chris Youlden-vocals
Kim Simmonds-lead guitar
Lonesome Dave Peverett-rhythm guitar
Bob Hall-piano
Rivers Jobe-bass
Roger Earl-drums
§Cover Photo-uncredited; UK Cover Design-Decca Publicity Art Department
Produced by: Mike Vernon

Note: This was Savoy Brown's second album. Their first, Shake Down
First UK album

, was released in the UK in September, 1967; but not here
Shake 'Em On Down (Part 1)¹ / Shake 'Em On Down (Part 2)¹
Hall-Savoy Brown (3:05) / Hall-Savoy Brown (3:14)
Parrot 40034, 10/68

From the UK LP. That's Bob Portius on vocal
1/26-30/69: Steve Paul's Scene, New York
cancelled 1/24-25 at Fillmore East (held up by Customs)
Grits Ain't Groceries¹ / She's Got A Ring In His Nose And A Ring On Her Hand
Turner (2:42) / Youlden (3:07)
Parrot 40037, 2/69


Blue Matter
Parrot 71027
3/69 BB [UK: 3/69]
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UK Cover (not gatefold)

UK Back Cover

Studio: Side One
Train To Nowhere Simmonds-Youlden 4:12
Tolling Bells Simmonds-Youlden 6:33
She's Got A Ring In His Nose And A Ring On Her Hand Youlden 3:07
Vicksburg Blues Hall-Youlden 4:00
Don't Turn Me From Your Door Hooker 5:04
Live: Side Two
I May Be Wrong Peverett 7:50
Louisiana Blues Morganfield 9:06
It Hurts Me Too London 6:53
Chris Youlden-lead vocals, guitar, piano
Kim Simmonds-lead guitar, piano, piano
Lonesome Dave Peverett-second guitar, vocals (side two only)
Bob Hall-piano
Tone Stevens-bass
Roger Earl-percussion, drums
Rivers Jobe-bass (Train To Nowhere, Tolling Bells, and Vicksburg Blues only)
horn section on Train To Nowhere
§Cover Art-Dave Anstey
Produced by: Mike Vernon

Note: Side Two recorded at The City of Leicester College of Education, Dec 5, 1968
Youlden was sick, so Lonesome Dave was pressed into service on lead vocals

Train To Nowhere / Made Up My Mind
Simmonds-Youlden (4:12) / Youlden (2:56)
Parrot 40039, 6/69

Laurel Pop Festival(7/12/69)

A Step Further
Parrot 71029
8/69 BB [UK: 8/69]
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Inside Cover

UK Back Cover (not gatefold)

Side One
Made Up My Mind Youlden 2:56
Waiting In The Bamboo Grove Simmonds 3:37
Life's One Act Play Youlden 6:29
I'm Tired Youlden 3:21
Where Am I? Brown-Willie 1:51
Side Two
Savoy Brown Boogie, including
   I Feel So Good
   Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
   Little Queenie
   Purple Haze
   Hernando's Hideaway
Chris Youlden-vocals
Kim Simmonds-lead guitar, harmonica, cowbell
Lonesome Dave Peverett-second guitar (lead on Made Up My Mind)
Bob Hall-piano, harpsichord
Tone Stevens-bass, percussion
Roger Earl-drums, conga, vocals
horns and strings on most of side one (complete details on this Discogs listing)
§Cover Photo-Terence Ibbott
Produced by: Mike Vernon

Note: Side Two recorded at Cook's Ferry Inn, London, May 12, 1969

I'm Tired / Stay With Me Baby
Youlden (3:06) / Peverett-Simmonds-Youlden (2:35)
Parrot 40042, 10/69 BB


Raw Sienna
Parrot 71036
4/70 BB [UK: 4/70]
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Inside Cover

Side One
A Hard Way To Go Youlden 2:17
That Same Feelin' Simmonds 3:36
Master Hare Simmonds 4:45
Needle And Spoon Youlden 3:18
A Little More Wine Youlden 4:51
Side Two
I'm Crying Youlden 4:17
Stay While The Night Is Young Youlden 3:07
Is That So? Simmonds 7:40
When I Was A Young Boy Youlden 3:02
Chris Youlden-lead vocals, piano
Kim Simmonds-lead guitar, piano (That Same Feelin', Master Hare)
Lonesome Dave Peverett-rhythm guitar, bottleneck guitar (A Little More Wine)
Tone Stevens-bass
Roger Earl-percussion, drums
Terry Noonan-brass and string arrangements
§Cover Art-Ignatz
Produced by: Kim Simmonds & Chris Youlden


A Hard Way To Go / The Incredible Gnome Meets Jaxman
Youlden (2:17) / Simmonds (3:30)
Parrot 40046, 4/70


Chris Youlden to solo career (album in 1972)

Poor Girl / Master Hare
Stevens (4:05) / Simmonds (4:45)
Parrot 40057, 6/70


Looking In
Parrot 71042
10/70 BB [UK: 10/70] UK
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Gypsy Simmonds :57
Poor Girl Stevens 4:04
Money Can't Save Your Soul Peverett-Simmonds 5:34
Sunday Night Simmonds 5:23
Looking In Peverett-Simmonds 5:17
Side Two
Take It Easy Peverett-Simmonds 3:40
Sitting An' Thinking Simmonds 2:49
Leavin' Again Peverett-Simmonds 8:29
Romanoff Simmonds 1:01
Kim Simmonds-lead guitar, piano
Lonesome Dave Peverett-guitar, vocals
Tone Stevens-bass
Roger Earl-drums
Owen Finnegan-percussion, conga
§Artwork-David Anstey, Jim Baikie
Produced by: Kim Simmonds


Peverett, Stevens, Earl to Foghat

Raymond, Silvester, Bidwell from Chicken Shack

Sitting An' Thinking / The Same Feeling
Simmonds (2:25) / Simmonds (3:36)
Parrot 40060, 3/71


Street Corner Talking
Parrot 71047
9/71 BB [UK: 9/71]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Tell Mama Raymond-Simmonds 5:15
I Can't Get Next To You Strong-Whitfield 6:35
Let It Rock Raymond-Simmonds 3:07
Time Does Tell Simmonds 5:25
Side Two
Street Corner Talking Simmonds 4:00
All I Can Do Raymond-Simmonds 10:54
Wang Dang Doodle Dixon 7:15
Kim Simmonds-lead guitar
Dave Walker-lead vocals
Paul Raymond-guitar, keyboards, vocals (Let It Rock)
Andy Silvester-bass
Dave Bidwell-drums
§Cover Art-David Anstey
Produced by: Neil Slaven


Tell Mama³ / Rock And Roll On The Radio
Raymond-Simmonds (2:59) / Raymond-Simmonds (3:07)
Parrot 40066, 10/71 BB

B-side know as Let It Rock on the album.


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