The Pretty Things

The Pretty Things Alpha Listing
Complete title listing for UK/US 45s/EPs/LPs.
Rosalyn / Big Boss Man¹
Duncan-Farley (2:20) / Dixon-Smith (2:38)
Fontana 1916, 7/64 UK

Don't Bring Me Down / We'll Be Together
Dee (2:09) / May-Stax-Taylor (2:09)
Fontana 1941, 11/64 T20

Honey, I Need / I Can Never Say
Button-Smithling-Taylor (1:58) / Pretty Things (2:35)
Fontana 1508, 3/65 T20


The Pretty Things
Fontana SRF-67544
5/65 [UK: 3/65] T20
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Honey, I Need Button-Smithling-Taylor 1:58
Rosalyn Duncan-Farley 2:20
13 Chester Street Pretty Things 2:20
Unknown Blues Pretty Things 3:00
I Can Never Say Pretty Things 2:35
The Moon Is Rising Reed 2:30
Side Two
Don't Bring Me Down Dee 2:09
Road Runner McDaniel 3:13
We'll Be Together May-Stax-Taylor 2:09
Judgement Day Pretty Things 2:45
Big City Duncan-Klein 2:30
Pretty Things McDaniel 1:39
Phil May-vocals, harp
Dick Taylor-guitar
Brian Pendleton-guitar
John Stax-bass, harp [not credited]
Viv Prince-drums
§Cover Photo-Pete Ciccone
Produced by: Bobby Graham

Note: See blue note for differences in US & UK albums

Cry To Me¹ / I Can Never Say
Bert-Russell (2:51) / Adap by Pretty Things (2:45)
Fontana 1518, 7/65 UK

Midnight To Six Man¹ / Can't Stand The Pain¹
May-Sterling-Taylor (2:22) / Graham-May-Taylor (2:44)
Fontana 1540, 12/65 UK


Get The Picture?
Fontana TL 5280 [UK]
N/R [UK: 12/65]
UK Back Cover

Side One
You Don't Believe Me Graham-May-Morrell-Page 2:24
Buzz The Jerk May-Taylor 1:55
Get The Picture May-Taylor 1:56
Can't Stand The Pain Graham-May-Taylor 2:42
Rainin' In My Heart Moore-West 2:33
We'll Play House Aldo-Gandy-May-Taylor 2:34
Side Two
You'll Never Do It Baby Fox-Smith 2:29
I Had A Dream - 2:59
I Want Your Love Dee-Tarr 2:18
London Town Russell 2:28
Cry To Me Russell 2:53
I'm Gonna Find A Substitute Turner 2:59
Phil May-vocals, harp
Dick Taylor-guitar
Brian Pendleton-guitar
John Stax-bass, harp
Viv Prince-drums
§Cover Photo-Pete Ciccone
Produced by: Bobby Graham, Glyn Johns

Note: This album, and their third—Emotions!
UK 3rd Album

(5/67), not released in the US til the CD era.
Most of #1, portions of this, the third, and some UK 45s were released in 1976 on the 2-Lp set: Vintage Years (see below).

Come See Me / . s. d.
Barnes-Jackson-Tubbs (2:45) / May-Taylor (2:22)
Fontana TF-688 [UK], 4/66 UK

UK 45 to show B-side; timing from French EP
Come See Me¹ / Judgement Day
Barnes-Jackson-Tubbs (2:45) / arr The Pretty Things (2:45)
Fontana 1550, 6/66

The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream(4/29/67)

How does a band make some extra scratch whilst playin' rock 'n' roll ?? 

Talkin' About The Good Times¹ / Walking Through My Dreams¹
May-Taylor-Waller (3:40) / May-Povey-Taylor-Waller (3:35)
Laurie 3458, 7/68

Private Sorrow / Balloon Burning
May-Povey-Taylor-Waller (3:30) / May-Povey-Taylor-Waller (3:39)
Rare Earth 5005, 7/69

Last US single until 1975

S F Sorrow
Rare Earth RS-506
10/69 [UK: 12/68]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

Released in England in 12/68, this was the first "rock opera" on record.
It inspired Townshend's Tommy. Because of the delay in the US release,
many thought that SF Sorrow was a copy of Tommy.
UK Back Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
S F Sorrow Is Born May-Taylor-Waller 3:08
Bracelets May-Taylor-Waller 3:37
She Says Good Morning Alder-May-Taylor-Waller 3:20
Private Sorrow/Balloon Burning May-Povey-Taylor-Waller 7:34
Death Alder-May-Taylor-Waller 3:07
Side Two
Baron Saturday May-Taylor-Waller 3:57
The Journey Alder-May-Taylor-Waller  
I See You May-Taylor-Waller 8:26
Well Of Destiny Alder-May-Povey-Smith-Taylor-Waller  
Trust May-Taylor-Waller 2:46
Old Man Going Alder-May-Povey-Taylor-Waller 3:05
Loneliest Person Alder-May-Taylor-Waller 1:26
Phil May-vocals
Dick Taylor-guitar, vocals
John Povey-organ, sitar, percussion, vocals
Wally Allen (aka Waller)-bass, guitar, vocals, wind instruments, piano
Skip Alan-drums
§US Cover Art-Bob Cato; UK Cover Art-Phil May, UK Back Cover Photo-Dick Taylor
Produced by: Norman Smith

Note: Released in the UK in December, 1968—well before that album 'bout the deaf, dumb and blind kid

Isle of Wight Festival of Music(8/30/69)

Rare Earth RS-515
9/70 [UK: 6/70] UK
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Scene One
   The Good Mr Square
   She Was Tall, She Was High
In The Square May-Waller 1:54
The Letter/Rain May-Waller 4:07
Miss Fay Regrets May-Waller 3:24
Cries From The Midnight Circus May-Waller 6:25
Side Two
Grass May-Waller 4:18
Sickle Clowns May-Waller 6:32
She's A Lover May-Waller 3:28
What's The Use May-Waller 1:42
Parachute Smith-Waller 3:48
Phil May-vocals
Victor Unitt-guitar
John Povey-keyboards, sitar, vocals
Wally Allen (aka Waller)-bass, guitar, vocals
Skip Alan-drums
§Cover Design, Photo-Hipgnosis
Produced by: Norman Smith



Greg Makes Good

The Prettys were pretty much neglected on this side of the pond. To make up for that, Greg Shaw (of the rock 'zine BOMP ) put together this great collection of tracks in 1976. Like John Mendelsohn's Kink kompilation, Greg also supplied the excellent liner notes in this 2-record. Great stuff from one of England's premier R&B-Rocker groups.

Five tracks from Get The Picture (UK 2nd Lp 12/65), two from Emotions! (UK 3rd 5/67), and some singles (the rest are from the 1st album). Also see the new Alpha PDF at the top of the page for all the 65-71 tracks—we missed a bunch!

The Vintage Years
Sire SASH-3713-2
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Don't Bring Me Down Dee 2:13
Road Runner McDaniel 3:09
Come See Me(non-LP 45) Barnes-Jackson-Tubbs 2:35
Rainin' In My Heart(UK 2nd) Moore 2:27
13 Chester Street Pretty Things 2:17
I Can Never Say May-Taylor 2:32
Honey I Need Button-Smithling-Taylor 1:57
Side Two
Rosalyn Duncan-Farley 2:17
Can't Stand The Pain(non-LP 45) Graham-May-Dick Taylor 2:40
The Moon Is Rising Reed 2:28
Judgement Day Pretty Things 2:41
Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut(UK 1st) McDaniel 2:55
Gonna Find A Substitute(UK 2nd) Turner 2:56
Oh Baby Doll(UK 1st) Berry 2:55
Side Three
Midnight To Six Man(non-LP 45) May-Taylor 2:17
Buzz The Jerk(UK 2nd) May-Taylor 1:52
We'll Play House(UK 2nd) Aldo-Gandy-May-Taylor 2:32
Cry To Me(UK 2nd) Russell 2:51
Don't Lie To Me(UK 1st) Berry 3:47
Unknown Blues Stephen 3:43
Big City Duncan-Klein 1:57
Side Four
Tripping(UK 3rd) May-Taylor 3:21
Photographer(UK 3rd) May-Sterling-Taylor 2:05
A House In The Country(UK 45) Davies 2:58
Progress(UK 45) Halley-Spencer 2:39
She's Fine She's Mine(UK 1st) McDaniel 4:15
L S D(UK 45) May-Taylor 2:20
Pretty Thing Dixon 1:34
personel as per source albums
§Art Direction, Design-John Kosh, Mick Haggerty
Compiled by: Greg Shaw

Note: Read the liner notes (if you squint real hard) at 45worlds


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