The Move
The Idle Race ♦ Electric Light Orchestra 

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Carl Wayne & The Vikings
My Girl / Shimmy Shammy Jingle
Robinson-Wright (2:10) / Romaine (1:48)
ABC-Paramount 45-10752, 11/65

Carl, Ace, and Bev were in this group

Danny King
Amen / Outside Of My Room
King (2:02) / Harris-King (2:31)
Mala 524, 2/66

Trevor was in this group (and Roy maybe played on an earlier 45)

Note: UK singles for both can be found at 45cat

Night Of Fear¹ / The Disturbance¹
Wood (2:18) / Wood (2:45)
Deram 7504, 3/67 T20

Their first UK single (Deram DM-109, 12/66
The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream(4/29/67)
I Can Hear The Grass Grow¹ / Wave The Flag And Stop The Train¹
Wood (3:08) / Wood (3:00)
Deram 7506, 6/67 T20

Here We Go 'Round the Lemon Tree¹ / My Father's Son¹
Wood (2:42) / Pritchard (2:12)
Liberty 55997, 9/67

Flowers In The Rain / (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree
Wood (2:28) / Wood (3:08)
A&M 884, 10/67 T20

Note: In jolly ole, the boys got themselves in a bit of a snit with a postcard
Postcard Story

their manager sent out promoting Flowers.
Watch this mini-doc about the events @ Yesterday's Papers Youtube channel. It's OK if you don't come back for awhile!
Fire Brigade / Walk Upon The Water
Wood (2:21) / Wood (3:20)
A&M 914, 2/68 T20


The Move
Regal Zonophone SLRZ 1002 [UK]
N/R [UK: 3/68] T20
UK Back Cover

74 A&M Issue

Side One
Yellow Rainbow Wood 2:37
Kilroy Was Here Wood 2:44
(Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree Wood 3:01
Weekend Post 1:48
Walk Upon The Water Wood 3:23
Flowers In The Rain Wood 2:21
Hey Grandma Miller-Stevenson 3:12
Side Two
Useless Information Wood 2:57
Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart Hanley 2:50
The Girl Outside Wood 2:55
Fire Brigade Wood 2:24
Mist On A Monday Morning Wood 2:32
Cherry Blossom Clinic Wood 2:36
Carl Wayne-vocals
Roy Wood-guitar, vocals
Trevor Burton-guitar, vocals
Ace Kefford-bass, vocals
Bev Bevan-drums, lead vocal (Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart)
Nicky Hopkins-piano (Hey Grandma), harpsichord (Mist On A Monday Morning)
String, Brass and Woodwind by Toni Visconti
§Cover Art-The Fool
Produced by: Denny Cordell

Note: Not released in US until A&M packaged this (plus 45s) in the 2-Lp set "The Best Of The Move" in 1974 (see note 2)

Yellow Rainbow / Something¹
Wood (2:36) / Morgan (3:10)
A&M 966, 8/68

Great South Coast Bank Holiday Pop Festivity(8/31/68)
The End Of The Road / Morning Sunshine
Lynne (2:05) / Lynne (1:46)
Liberty 56064, 5/68


Something Else [UK EP]
Regal Zonophone TRZ2001 [UK]
6/68 [UK]
Side One
So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star Hillman-McGuinn 2:52
Stephanie Knows Who Lee 2:59
Something Else Cochran-Sheeley 2:21
Side Two
It'll Be Me Clement 2:37
Sunshine Help Me Wright 5:16
Carl Wayne-vocals
Roy Wood-guitar, vocals
Trevor Burton-guitar, vocals
Ace Kefford-bass, vocals
Bev Bevan-drums
Produced by: Denny Cordell

Note: Recorded live at The Marquee, February 27, 1968

Blackberry Way¹ / Something¹
Wood (3:25) / Morgan (3:10)
A&M 1020, 1/69  #1 


Burton (on-stage fight) & Kefford (too many trips) out

Rice Price in

The Birthday Party
Liberty LST-7603
3/69 [UK: 10/68]
Back Cover

UK Cover (was gatefold)

Side One
Skeleton And The Roundabout Lynne 2:20
Happy Birthday Hill-Hill 0:23
The Birthday Lynne 2:58
I Like My Toys Lynne 2:10
Morning Sunshine Lynne 1:46
Follow Me Follow Lynne 2:46
Sitting In My Tree Lynne 1:52
Side Two
On With The Show Lynne 2:19
Lucky Man Lynne 2:36
Don't Put Your Boys In The Army, Mrs Ward Lynne 2:12
Pie In The Sky Pritchard 2:25
The Lady Who Said She Could Fly Lynne 2:19
End Of The Road Lynne 2:05
Jeff Lynne-guitar, piano, vocals
Dave Pritchard-guitar, vocals
Greg Masters-bass, vocals
Roger Spencer-drums, vocals
§Cover Collage-Graydon Wallick
Produced by: Eddie Offord & Gerald Chevin

Note: The next two Idle Race albums were not released here.

Jeff Lynne quits Idle Race and joins The Move, see below...

Curly¹ / This Time Tomorrow¹
Wood (2:47) / Morgan (3:42)
A&M 1119, 9/69 T20

9/21-24/69: Ungano's, New York City
Spring 1969 tour cancelled; no label support (& Burton quit) this tour—cancelled Fillmore East show and went home

 ➜ Live: 10/17-18/69, Fillmore West; released 2011: Live At The Fillmore 1969 

A&M SP-4259
5/70 [UK: 2/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Hello Susie Wood 4:55
Beautiful Daughter Wood 2:36
Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited Wood 7:40
Side Two
Fields Of People Day-Pierson 10:09
Don't Make My Baby Blue Mann-Weil 6:16
The Last Thing On My Mind Paxton 7:35
Carl Wayne-guitar, vocals
Roy Wood-guitar, vocals
Rick Price-bass, vocals
Bev Bevan-drums, vocals
§Cover Art-Nickleby
Produced by: Roy Wood


Carl Wayne quits to become a lounge singer

Jeff Lynne joins (from Idle Race)

Brontosaurus³ / Lightning Never Strikes Twice¹
Wood (4:25) / Price-Tyler (3:12)
A&M 1197, 6/70 T20


Looking On
Capitol ST-658
4/71 [UK: 10/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Looking On Wood 7:47
Turkish Tram Conductor Blues Bevan 4:48
What? Lynne 6:45
When Alice Comes Back To The Farm Wood 3:40
Side Two
Open Up Said The World At The Door Lynne 7:12
Brontosaurus Wood 4:30
Feel Too Good Wood 9:33
Roy Wood-vocals, oboe, sitar, slide guitar, cello, guitar, bass, sax
Jeff Lynne-piano, guitar, percussion, drums (Feel Too Good), vocals (lead on What?)
Rick Price-bass
Bev Bevan-drums, percussion
P P Arnold, Doris Troy-backing vocals (Feel Too Good) [uncredited]
§Album Design-Graphreaks
Produced by: Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood

Note: Something unique on this record that the CD Industry shamelessly copied: Hidden Track
After Feel Too Good wraps and a pause, there's a mad bit called The Duke Of Edinburgh's Lettuce (1:15). Enjoy!

Message From The Country
Capitol ST-811
7/71 [UK: 5/71]
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
It Wasn't My Idea Wood 5:31
The Minister Lynne 4:29
Message From The Country Lynne 4:45
The Words of Aaron Wood 5:26
Ben Crawley Steel Co Wood 3:07
Side Two
Until Your Mama's Gone Wood 5:06
No Time Copestake 3:39
Ella James Wood 3:13
Don't Mess Me Up Bevan 3:11
My Marge Wood 2:01
Roy Wood-guitar, steel guitar, bass, clarinet, bassoon, sax, oboe, recorders, vocals
Jeff Lynne-piano, guitar, keyboards, percussion, vocals
Bev Bevan-drums, percussion, lead vocal (Ben Crawley Steel Co)
§US Cover Art-uncredited; UK Cover Painting-Roy Wood (idea by Jeff)
Produced by: Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood

Note: Tracks are in different order on UK release. See Discogs for details.

A Bright Idea

At the recording sessions for this last album, Roy and Jeff also recorded material for the first Electric Light Orchestra album (called No Answer here in the colonies). Read all about it , and look below for record details!
Tonight¹ / Don't Mess Me Up
Wood (3:16) / Bevan (3:07)
Capitol 3126, 7/71 T20

Chinatown¹ / Down On The Bay¹
Wood (2:44) / Lynne (4:14)
United Artists 50876, 1/72 UK



Moving Towards The Light

As mentioned above, the seeds for the Electric Light Orchestra started during the recording sessions for the last Move album. Well, this is that result. Maybe not the greatest ELO album, but it was pretty unique for its time. Roy decided to take his unusual ideas to other wordly places and left ELO after this album (solo albums, groups like Wizzard and Wizzo, and working with The Wombles (Youtube link)).

Jeff Lynne and Bev Bevan continued with ELO and recorded massively successful records you mighta heard about. They re-recorded Do Ya (the last Move single) in 1977 for their New World Record album.


No Answer
United Artists UAS-5573
3/72 BB [UK: 12/71] UK
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Lyric Sheet

Side One
10538 Overture Lynne 5:30
Look At Me Now Wood 3:16
Nellie Takes Her Bow Lynne 5:58
The Battle Of Martston Moor Wood 6:02
Side Two
First Movement (Jumpin' Biz) Wood 2:58
Mr Radio Lynne 5:02
Manhattan Rumble (49th Street Massacre) Lynne 4:21
Queen Of The Hours Lynne 3:21
Whisper In The Night Wood 4:48
Roy Wood-cello, oboe, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, string bass, bassoon, clarinet, slide guitar, percussion, recorder, vocals
Jeff Lynne-piano, guitar, percussion, bass, vocals
Bev Bevan-drums, percussion
Bill Hunt-French horn, hunting horn
Steve Woolam-violin
§Cover Art-Hipgnosis; Lamp–Ingo Maurer
Produced by: Roy Wood & Jeff Lynne

Note: Label says: Move Enterprises Ltd. Presents the Services of The Electric Light Orchestra

California Man¹ / Do Ya¹
Wood (3:35) / Lynne (4:03)
United Artists 50928, 7/72 T20 / BB

One of only a few singles listed in Post 71 Extra—I just had to, just had to!


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