Van Morrison

One Two Brown Eyes / Don't Start Crying Now¹
Morrison (2:41) / Moore-West (2:03)
Parrot 9702, 9/64

Gloria / Baby Please Don't Go¹
Morrison (2:37) / Williams (2:40)
Parrot 9727, 2/65 BB

Charted #71 in May 66 reissue
Here Comes The Night / All For Myself¹
Morrison (2:44) / Morrison (2:45)
Parrot 9747, 5/65 BB


Parrot PAS-71005
 7/65 BB
Back Cover

Reissue Cover (after Gloria hit big)

UK Cover

Side One
Here Comes The Night Morrison 2:45
Mystic Eyes Morrison 2:41
Don't Look Back Hooker 3:23
Little Girl Morrison 2:21
One Two Brown Eyes Morrison 2:39
Gloria Morrison 2:38
Side Two
One More Time Morrison 2:47
If You And I Could Be As Two Morrison 2:47
I Like It Like That Morrison 3:35
I'm Gonna Dress In Black Gillon-Howe 3:34
(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 Troup 2:22
Go On Home Baby Berns-Farrell 2:39
Van Morrison-harmonica, tenor sax, vocals
Jim Parker-guitar
Pete Bardens-keyboards
Alan Henderson-bass
John Starks-drums
Produced by: Tommy Scott, Bert Berns, Dick Rowe


(It Won't Hurt) Half As Much¹ / I'm Gonna Dress In Black
Williams (?) / Gillon-Howe (3:34)
Parrot 9784, 8/65

Mystic Eyes / If You And I Could Be As Two
Morrison (2:40) / Morrison (2:50)
Parrot 9796, 10/65 BB

Call My Name² / Bring 'Em On In²
Scott (2:20) / Morrison (3:44)
Parrot 9819, 3/66


Them Again
Parrot PAS-71008
4/66 BB
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Could You Would You Morrison 3:05
Something You Got Kenner 2:31
Call My Name Scott 2:20
Turn On Your Love Light Malone-Scott 2:20
I Can Only Give You Everything Coulter-Scott 2:40
My Lonely Sad Eyes Morrison 2:28
Side Two
Out Of Sight Brown-Wright 2:21
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Dylan 3:48
Bad Or Good Morrison 2:07
How Long Baby Gillon 3:38
Don't You Know Scott 2:24
Bring 'Em On In Morrison 3:44
Van Morrison-vocals, harmonica
Jim Armstrong-guitar
Ray Elliot-piano, sax
Alan Henderson-bass
John Wilson-drums
Produced by: Tommy Scott


Van Morrison to solo career (see below)
Richard Cory¹ / Don't You Know
Simon (2:43) / Scott (2:22)
Parrot 3003, 5/66

Brown Eyed Girl / Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)
Morrison (2:53) / Berns-Farrell (2:57)
Bang 545, 6/67 BB

Ro Ro Rosey / Chick-A-Boom¹
Morrison (2:58) / Morrison (3:12)
Bang 552, 10/67


Blowin' Your Mind!
Bang BPS-218
9/67 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Brown Eyed Girl Morrison 3:03
He Ain't Give You None Morrison 5:13
TB Sheets Morrison 9:44
Side Two
Spanish Rose Morrison 3:06
Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) Berns-Farrell 2:57
Ro Ro Rosey Morrison 3:03
Who Drove The Red Sports Car? Morrison 5:35
Midnight Special Morrison 2:51
Van Morrison-guitar, keyboards, sax, vocals
Studio musicians
Produced by: Bert Berns


Astral Weeks
Warner Bros WS-1768
11/1/68 RS500
Back Cover

Part One: In The Beginning
Astral Weeks Morrison 7:00
Beside You Morrison 5:10
Sweet Thing Morrison 4:10
Cyprus Avenue Morrison 6:50
Part Two: Afterwards
The Way Young Lovers Do Morrison 3:10
Madame George Morrison 9:25
Ballerina Morrison 7:00
Slim Slow Slider Morrison 3:20
Van Morrison-guitar, keyboards, sax, vocals
Jay Berliner-guitars
Richard Davis-double bass
Connie Kay-drums
Warren Smith, Jr-percussion, vibraphone
John Payne-flute, soprano sax (Slim Slow Slider)
Larry Fallon-harpsichord (Cyprus Avenue)
Barry Kornfeld-acoustic guitar (The Way Young Lovers Do)
String arrangements and conducting: Larry Fallon
Produced by: Lewis Merenstein

Note: The flute player on Beside You and Cyprus Avenue is unkown—nobody seems to remember

Warner Bros WS-1835
2/28/70 BB RS500
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
And It Stoned Me Morrison 4:30
Moondance Morrison 4:35
Crazy Love Morrison 2:34
Caravan Morrison 4:57
Into The Mystic Morrison 3:25
Side Two
Come Running Morrison 2:30
These Dreams Of You Morrison 3:50
Brand New Day Morrison 5:09
Everyone Morrison 3:31
Glad Tidings Morrison 3:13
Van Morrison-guitar, keyboards, sax, tabla, tambourine, vocals
John Platania-guitar
Jeff Labes-piano, organ, clavinette
Jack Schrorer-piano, sax
John Klingberg-bass
Gary Mallaber-drums, percussion, vibraphone
Guy Masson-conga
David Shaw-clarinet, percussion
Collin Tillton-flute, sax
Judy Clay, Emily Houston, Jackie Verdell-vocals (Crazy Love, Brand New Day)
Produced by: Van Morrison, Lewis Merenstein


Come Running / Crazy Love
Morrison (2:30) / Morrison (2:34)
Warner Bros 7383, 4/70 BB

Domino / Sweet Jannie
Morrison (3:06) / Morrison (2:11)
Warner Bros 7434, 10/70 BB


His Band And The Street Choir
Warner Bros WS-1884
11/15/70 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Lyric Insert

Side One
Domino Morrison 3:06
Crazy Face† Morrison 2:55
Give Me A Kiss Morrison 2:30
I've Been Working Morrison 3:25
Call Me Up In Dreamland† Morrison 3:52
I'll Be Your Lover Too Morrison 3:57
Side Two
Blue Money Morrison 3:40
Virgo Clowns Morrison 4:10
Gypsy Queen Morrison 3:16
Sweet Jannie Morrison 2:11
If I Ever Needed Someone Morrison 3:45
Street Choir Morrison 4:53
Van Morrison-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, tenor sax†, vocals
His Band:
John Platania-guitar, mandolin
Alan Hand-Hammond organ, piano, celeste
Jack Schroer-piano, saxes
Keith Johnson-organ, trumpet, keyboards
John Klingberg-bass
Dahaud Elias Shaar-drums, percussion, clarinet, vocals
David Shaw-clarinet, percussion
The Street Choir:
Janet Planet, Martha Velez, Ellen Schroer, Andrew Robinson, Larry Goldsmith-vocals
Produced by: Van Morrison


Blue Money / Sweet Thing
Morrison (3:40) / Morrison (4:10)
Warner Bros 7462, 1/71 BB

Spanish Rose / Midnight Special
Morrison (3:06) / arr, Morrison (2:51)
Bang 585, 4/71

Call Me Up In Dreamland / Street Choir
Morrison (3:52) / Morrison (4:53)
Warner Bros 7488, 5/71 BB

Wild Night / When That Evening Sun Goes Down
Morrison (3:30) / Morrison (3:06)
Warner Bros 7518, 9/71 BB


Tupelo Honey
Warner Bros WS-1950
10/71 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover


Side One
Wild Night Morrison 3:29
(Straight To Your Heart) Like A Cannonball Morrison 3:37
Old Old Woodstock† Morrison 4:14
Starting A New Life† Morrison 2:06
You're My Woman Morrison 6:40
Side Two
Tupelo Honey† Morrison 6:53
I Wanna Roo You (Scottish Derivative) Morrison 3:22
When That Evening Sun Goes Down† Morrison 3:02
Moonshine Whiskey Morrison 6:45
Van Morrison-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, sax, vocals
Ronnie Montrose-guitar, mandolin, vocals
John McFee-steel guitar
Jack Schroer-piano, sax
Mark Jordon-piano
Ted Templeman-organ (Tupelo Honey)
Bill Church-bass
Rick Schlosser-drums
Connie Kay-drums†
Gary Mallaber-drums, percussion, vibraphone
Walter Samuel
Janet Planet-vocals
Ellen Schroer-vocals
Stuart "Boots" Houston-flute, vocals
Bruce Royston-flute
Luis Gasca-trumpet
Produced by: Van Morrison, Ted Templeman


Tupelo Honey³ / Starting A New Life
Morrison (3:59) / Morrison (2:06)
Warner Bros 7543, 11/71 BB



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