The McCoys

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Rick & The Raiders
I Know That I Love You / What Can I Do
Zehringer (2:08) / Zehringer (2:04)
Sonic 76234, 12/64

early Union City, IN group with the Zehringers and pals

Hang On Sloopy / I Can't Explain It
Farrell-Russell (2:57) / Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer (2:35)
Bang B-506, 7/65  #1  T20

Fever / Sorrow
Davenport (2:47) / Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer (2:02)
Bang B-511, 10/65 T20 UK


Hang On Sloopy
Bang BLP-S212
10/65 BB [UK: ?/65]
Back Cover

Side One
Meet The McCoys - 2:00
Hang On Sloopy Farrell-Russell 2:57
Fever Cooley-Davenport 2:47
Sorrow Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer 2:02
If You Tell A Lie Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer 1:58
I Don't Mind Brown 2:37
Stubborn Kind Of Fellow Gaye-Gordy-Stevenson 2:50
Side Two
I Can't Help Fallin' In Love Creatore-Peretti-Weiss 2:05
All I Really Want To Do Dylan 2:05
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag Brown 1:58
I Can't Explain It Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer 2:35
High Heel Sneakers Higginbotham 3:00
Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday's Just As Bad) Walker 4:00
NOTE: No artist credits on album
Rick Zehringer-guitar
Ronnie Brandon-organ
Randy Hobbs-bass
Randy Zehringer-drums
§Cover Art-Burt Portnoy
Produced by: Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein, Richard Gottehrer


Up And Down¹ / If You Tell A Lie
Lambert-Pigues (2:33) / Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer (1:58)
Bang B-516, 1/66 BB

Come On Let's Go / Little People
Valens (2:38) / Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer (2:17)
Bang B-522, 4/66 BB

(You Make Me Feel) So Good / Runaway
Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer-Pomus-Shuman (2:42) / Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer (2:57)
Bang B-527, 7/66 BB


You Make Me Feel So Good
Bang BLP-S213
Back Cover

Side One
Say Those Magic Words Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer-Pomus-Shuman 2:50
Everyday I Have To Cry Alexander 2:22
(You Make Me Feel) So Good Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer-Pomus-Shuman 2:38
The Dynamite Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer 2:09
Drive My Car Lennon-McCartney 2:26
Mr Summer Zehringer 2:44
Side Two
Stagger Lee Logan-Price 2:31
Sweets For My Sweet Pomus-Shuman 2:42
Smokey Joe's Cafe Lieber-Stoller 2:17
Little People Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer 2:16
Runaway Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer 2:58
C'Mon Let's Go Valens 2:38
NOTE: No artist credits on album
Rick Zehringer-guitar
Ronnie Brandon-organ
Randy Hobbs-bass
Randy Zehringer-drums
§Cover Art-Loring Eutemey
Produced by: Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein, Richard Gottehrer


Don't Worry Mother, Your Son's Heart Is Pure¹ / Ko-Ko¹
Zehringer (3:17) / Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer (2:10)
Bang B-532, 9/66 BB

I Got To Go Back (And Watch That Little Girl Dance)¹ / Dynamite¹
Barry-Berns (2:39) / Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer (2:09)
Bang B-538, 12/66 BB

Beat The Clock¹ / Like You Do To Me¹
Gottehrer-Stroll (3:00) / Hobbs-Zehringer-Zehringer (2:49)
Bang B-543, 4/67 BB

Say Those Magic Words / I Wonder If She Remembers Me¹
Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer-Pomus-Shuman (2:50) / Berns (2:49)
Bang B-549, 8/67

The band breaks Bang contract and signs with Mercury and record their own material (mostly)

Infinite McCoys
Mercury SR-61163
5/68 [UK: ?/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Faces Peterson-Zehringer 4:00
Jesse Brady Zehringer 4:26
Resurrection Hobbs-Peterson-Zehringer-Zehringer 6:03
Rosa Rodriguez Zehringer-Zehringer 2:58
Hell Hobbs-Peterson-Zehringer-Zehringer 2:23
Genesis Through A Window Peterson 4:01
Side Two
Song For Janie Buckley 2:55
He Likes It Zehringer 3:41
Open Your Eyes Zehringer 5:00
Eldorado Zehringer-Zehringer 3:35
Melodrama Zehringer 4:13
Union City Waltz Zehringer 1:42
Rick Zehringer-guitar, organ, ondioline, wind, organ, percussion, celesta, timpani, whistle
Robert Peterson-piano, organ, vibraphone, marimba, tambourine, harpsichord, machinery effects, percussion, whistle
Randy Hobbs-bass, temple block, tabla, cow bell, percussion, whistle, sardonic screams
Randy Zehringer-drums, celesta, tambourine, tabla, timpani, percussion, whistle, triangle, vibraphone, finger cymbals
Willard Suyker-steel guitar (Rosa Rodriguez)
Jesse Brady and Melodrama are assisted by horns from Blood, Sweat & Tears:
  Freddy Lipsius-alto saxophone (and arrangement)
  Dick Halligan-trombone
  Jerry Weiss, Randy Brecker-trumpet
§Cover Art-Mike Alzea; Photos-Mark Roth
Produced by: The McCoys


Jesse Brady³ / Resurrection³
Zehringer (2:47) / Hobbs-Peterson-Zehringer-Zehringer (4:37)
Mercury 72843, 9/68 BB


Human Ball
Mercury SR-61207
Back Cover

Side One
Human Ball Blues Hobbs-Peterson-Zehringer-Zehringer 1:52
Only Human Zehringer 3:26
Epilogue Zehringer 1:41
All Over You Dylan 4:04
Daybreak Zehringer 7:33
Side Two
It Really Doesn't Matter Zehringer 5:30
Love Don't Stop Zehringer-Zehringer 3:22
Clergy Lies Peterson 4:49
Stormy Monday Blues Walker 6:27
Rick Zehringer-guitar, organ
Robert Peterson-piano, organ
Randy Hobbs-bass, percussion
Randy Zehringer-drums, percussion
Pete Drake-pedal steel guitar
§Cover Art-Fredda Bolsom
Produced by: The McCoys

Note: Band not credited on album
Human Ball Blues and Stormy Monday Blues recorded live at Steve Paul's "Scene"

Daybreak³ / Epilogue
Zehringer (3:18) / Zehringer (1:41)
Mercury 72897, 3/69

Only Human / Love Don't Stop
Zehringer (3:26) / Zehringer-Zehringer (3:22)
Mercury 72917, 5/69

Don't Fight It¹ / Rosa Rodrigues
Cropper-Pickett (2:45) / Zehringer-Zehringer (2:58)
Mercury 72967, 9/69

Rick, Randy, & Randy become Johnny Winter's band


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