Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band
Jim Kweskin ♦ Geoff & Maria Muldaur ♦ Lyman Family 

Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band
Vanguard VSD-2158
11/63 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Washington At Valley Forge Ager-Yellen 2:00
Sweet Sue Harris-Young 3:45
Overseas Stomp Shade 2:25
Coney Island Washboard Adams-Durand-Nestor-Shugart 2:23
Wild About My Loving trad 3:31
Mobile Line trad 3:25
I'm Satisfied With My Gal trad 1:56
Side Two
Newport News trad 3:20
My Gal trad 2:50
Borneo trad 2:06
Hawaii trad 3:08
Beedle Um Bum trad 2:28
Going To Germany Lewis 2:15
Boodle Am Shake trad 1:48
Jim Kweskin-guitar, kazoo, comb & tissue paper, vocals
Geoff Muldaur-guitar, washboard, kazoo, vocals
Fritz Richmond-jug, washtub bass
Bruno Wolf-vocals, kazoo, harmonica, spoons
Bob Siggins-banjo, mandolin, steel guitar
§Cover Photo-Lawrence Shustak
Produced by:

Note: Album is sub-titled (Unblushing Brassiness)

Don't You Leave Me Here / Rag Momma
Morton (2:32) / trad (2:08)
Vanguard VRS-35027, 3/64

The Blues Project, 3/64
Three early Geoff Muldaur tracks

Jug Band Music
Vanguard VSD-79163 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me Carvon-Morgan-Swanstone 1:56
Jug Band Music† Memphis Jug Band(Add. Verses - G Muldaur) 2:57
I'm A Woman Leiber-Stoller 3:51
Morning Blues‡ Macon(Add. Verses - Dave Simon) 3:00
Vamp Of New Orleans (Sadie Green) Dunn-Wells 2:49
Don't You Leave Me Here† Morton 2:34
Somebody Stole My Gal Wood 3:13
Side Two
K C Moan‡ Memphis Jug Band 3:44
Good Time Charlie Koerner 1:56
Jug Band Waltz Memphis Jug Band 3:36
Whoa Mule Get Up In The Sky Cannon 3:20
Memphis† Berry 3:00
Ukelele Lady‡ Kahn-Whiting 3:49
Rag Mama Blind Boy Fuller 2:08
Jim [Kewskin]-guitar, vocals, comb, banjo
Fritz [Richmond]-jug, washtub bass
Geoffrey [Muldaur]-vocals, guitar, kazoo, washboard, makes faces, vocals†
Maria D'Amato-star female vocalist (I'm A Woman), guitar, kazoo, fiddle, sandpaper block
Bill Keith-banjo
Mel Lyman-harmonica, banjo
Bruno Wolfe-lead vocals‡
Rex Rakish-vocals, everything in the band
§Cover Photo-Larry Shustak
Produced by:


Newport Folk Festival(7/24/65)

Relax Your Mind
Vanguard VSD-79188
2/66 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Sister Kate's Night Out:
  I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/
  Heebie Jeebies/15 Cents
Piron/Atkins/Jaxon 3:18
Hannah Bouchillion 4:04
Bye Bye Trad 3:35
The Cuckoo Trad 3:59
I Ain't Never Been Satisfied Trad, new words Kweskin-Kweskin 2:34
Eight More Miles To Louisville Jones 2:59
Side Two
I Got Mine Trad 3:27
Buffalo Skinners Trad 5:24
Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor Trad 3:05
Guabi Guabi Trad 3:05
My Creole Belle Hurt 4:35
Relax Your Mind Leadbelly 3:55
Jim Kweskin-vocals, guitar
Fritz Richmond-bass, vocal (Guabi Guabi)
Marilyn Kweskin-vocals (I Ain't Never Been Satisfied)
Mel Lyman-harmonica
Produced by:

Note: I Got Mine and Buffalo Skinners recorded At Club 47, Cambridge, Mass
Composer credits from CD

Newport Folk Festival(7/20,22,24/66)

See Reverse Side For Title
Vanguard VSD-79234
11/66 [UK: 7/67]
Back Cover

Side One
Blues In The Bottle Stampfel-Weber 3:24
Chevrolet Young-Young 2:51
Christopher Columbus Berry-Razaf 2:07
Never Swat A Fly Brown-DeSylva-Henderson 3:32
Richland Woman Hurt 4:21
Downtown Blues Sane-Stokes 2:09
Turn The Record Over Keith-Kweskin-Muldaur-Richmond 2:35
Side Two
Fishing Blues Thomas-Williams 3:21
Storybook Ball Montgomery-Perry 3:21
That's When I'll Come Back To You Biggs 2:50
Viola Lee Blues Lewis 3:55
Papa's On The Housetop Carr 2:19
Onyx Hop Newton 2:30
Jim Kweskin-guitar, vocals
Fritz Richmond-jug, washtub bass
Geoff Muldaur-guitar, kazoo, washboard
Maria D'Amato-vocals, fiddle
Bill Keith-banjo
§Cover Photo-Charlie Frizzell
Produced by:


Jump For Joy
Vanguard VSD-79243
6/67 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Moving Day Sterling-Von Tilzer, add words Kweskin 3:18
Memphis Blues Handy-Robinson 2:56
Kicking The Gong Around Arlen-Koehler 3:16
You're Not The Only Oyster In The Stew Burk-Spina 2:55
He's In The Jailhouse Now Anderson 4:31
My Melancholy Baby Burnett-Morton-Watson 3:18
Side Two
There'll Be Some Changes Made Overstreet 3:24
Medley: Oh Miss Hannah/That's My Weakness Now Deppen-Hollingsworth/Green-Stept 3:49
Jazzbo Brown Gershwin-Gershwin-Heyward 3:44
Stagerlee PD 3:37
I Can't Give You Anything But Love Fields-McHugh 3:25
Louisiana Johnson-Razaf-Schafer 3:03
Jim Kweskin-vocals, guitar
with: The Neo-Passe Jazz Band:
Ted Butterman-cornet
Marty Gross-banjo, guitar, arrangements
Frank Chace-clarinet, bass sax
Kim Cusack-tenor sax, clarinet
Johnny Frigo-violin
Truck Parham-bass
Wayne Jones-drums
§Cover Design-Jules Halfant; Photo-Charlie Frizzell
Produced by: Samuel Charters


Newport Folk Festival(7/15/67)

Garden Of Joy
Reprise RS-6266
11/67 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
If You're A Viper Howard 1:57
Minglewood Lewis 2:50
Garden Of Joy Hayes 2:17
The Circus Song Guernsey-Thompson 3:29
My Old Man Hanighen-Mercer 2:00
Kaloobafak (I'm Confessin' That I Love You) Dougherty-Neiburg-Reynolds-Richmond 3:51
Side Two
The Sheik Of Araby Smith-Snyder-Wheeler 1:57
When I Was A Cowboy Ledbetter 3:20
Mood Indigo Bigard-Ellington-Mills 2:24
I Ain't Gonna Marry Martin 2:49
Ella Speed trad 2:55
Gee Baby, Ain't It Good To You Razaf-Redman 2:52
Jim Kweskin-guitar, vocals
Fritz Richmond-jug, washtub bass, vocals
Jeff Muldaur-guitar, mandolin, clarinet, washboard, vocals
Maria Muldaur-kazoo, tambourine, vocals
Bill Keith-banjo
Richard Greene-violin, viola
§Art Direction-Ed Thrasher; Cover photos-John Peden
Produced by: John Court


clips from Newport Folk Festivals 1963-1966

Geoff & Maria go out as a duo.

Minglewood / The Sheik Of Araby
Lewis (2:50) / Smith-Snyder-Wheeler (1:57)
Reprise 0624, 11/67

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight¹ / The Circus Song
Dylan (2:46) / Guernsey-Thompson (3:29)
Reprise 0675, 3/68

Newport Folk Festival(7/25/68) Jim Kweskin

Whatever Happened To Those Good Old Days At Club 47
Vanguard VSD-79278
9/68 [UK: ?/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Mississippi Mud Barris-Cavanaugh 2:28
Buddy Bolden Blues Morton 3:05
Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home Trad 2:34
Ain't She Sweet Ager-Yellen 3:49
La Bomba Trad 2:40
Side Two
Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl - 3:17
I Had A Dream Last Night Rodgers 3:13
Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue Henderson-Lewis-Young 2:52
Ella Speed Trad 2:29
Blues Trad 2:35
Sheik Of Araby Smith-Snyder-Wheeler 2:30
Jim Kweskin-guitar, comb, autoharp, vocals
Fritz Richmond-jug, washtub bass
Maria Muldaur-fiddle (Ella Speed)
§Cover Art-Kim Whitesides
Produced by:


Open Up Your Soul¹ / Sittin' Alone In The Moonlight¹
Berns-Ragovoy (3:22) / Monroe (3:32)
Reprise 0807, 1/69

The 1969 Warner/Reprise Record Show, 11/69
Unreleased Muldaurs track: All Bowed Down

The Lyman Family With Lisa Kindred:
American Avatar
Reprise RS-6353
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
California Water-Take One Lyman Family 4:19
James Alley Blues Brown 4:41
Good Shepherd Lyman Family 4:59
Jesus Met The Woman At The Well Lyman Family 5:24
Side Two
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Man To Cry Dylan 4:29
My Love Comes Rolling Down Von Schmidt 6:56
California Water-Take Two Lyman Family 9:19
Lisa Kindred-vocals
Mel Lyman-harmonica
Bruce Langhorne-guitar, electric bass, hand drums
Geoff Muldaur-guitar
Jim Kweskin-guitar
Terry Bernhard-piano
Reed Wasson-string bass
§Cover Design-American Avatar
Produced by: Mel Lyman


Pottery Pie
Reprise RS-6350
3/70 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Catch It Von Schmidt 3:17
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Dylan 3:56
New Orleans Hopscop Blues Thomas 2:45
Trials, Troubles, Tribulations arr M Muldaur 4:44
Prairie Lullabye Hill 4:48
Guide Me, O Great Jehovah arr M Muldaur 1:36
Side Two
Me And My Chauffeur Blues Memphis Minnie 6:21
Brazil Barroso-Russell 4:17
Georgia On My Mind Carmichael-Gorrell 3:44
Death Letter Blues Son House 6:12
Geoff & Maria Muldaur with Spunk & The Spunkettes:
Geoff Muldaur-guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals
Maria Muldaur-vocals
Amos Garrett-lead guitar
Bill Keith-pedal steel guitar
Billy Wolf-bass
Billy Mundi-drums
Rick Marcus-drums
Peter Ecklund-trumpet, whistling (Georgia On My Mind)
Betsy Siggins-backing vocals
Hal Grossman & friends-horns
Produced by: Joe Boyd


Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits

Vanguard VSD-13/14, 9/70, BB [UK: N/R]
no unique tracks

Richard D Herbruck Presents Jim Kweskin's America
Co-starring Mel Lyman And The Lyman Family
Reprise RS-6464
11/71 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Back In The Saddle Autry-Whitley 2:46
Sugar Babe Lipscomb 3:00
Okie From Muskogee Burris-Haggard 3:50
99 Year Blues Daniels 3:43
Ramblin' Round Your City Guthrie-Ledbetter 5:42
Amelia Earhart's Last Flight McEnery 4:57
Side Two
Stealin' Memphis Jug Band 4:27
Old Rugged Cross Bennard 7:50
Dark As A Dungeon Travis 6:33
Old Black Joe Foster 6:59
Jim Kweskin-guitar, banjo, vocals
Reed Wasson-bass
Mayne Smith-dobro, bells, guitar, sandpaper blocks, vocals
Etta Green-cello, vocals (Sugar Babe, Amelia Earhart's Last Flight)
Richard Herbruck-narrator (Okie From Muskogee), tuba (Stealin')
Mel Lyman-harmonica, vocals
Marilyn Kweskin-vocals (Sugar Babe)
Claudia Herbruck, Eve Lyman, Jim Kweskin, Marilyn Kweskin, Mayne Smith, O D Long, Reed Wasson-chorus (99 Year Blues)
§Front Cover Collage-Susan B Lyman; Back Cover Monsters-Anthony Benton Gude
Produced by: Richard D Herbruck




One more album from Geoff & Maria before they divorced and went their separate ways.

Geoff hooked up with Paul Butterfield's Better Days and Maria became a waitress in a donut shop.

Sweet Potatoes
Reprise MS-2073
7/72 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Blue Railroad Train Delmore 3:00
Havana Moon Berry 4:52
Lazy Bones Carmichael-Mercer 4:50
Cordelia Muldaur 3:55
Dardanella Bernard-Black-Fisher 4:30
Side Two
I'm Rich Muldaur 5:11
Sweet Potatoes Gutcheon 2:03
Kneein' Me Muldaur 3:18
Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be) Davis-Ramirez-Sherman 4:07
Hard Time Killin' Floor James 4:55
Geoff Muldaur-vocals, piano, guitar, organ, horns
Maria Muldaur-vocals, tambourine
Amos Garrett-lead guitar, trombone, vocal (Lazy Bones)
Bill Keith-pedal steel guitar
John Kahn-bass
Billy Mundi-drums, percussion, gong
Paul Butterfield-blues harp (Havana Moon)
Bobby Notkoff-violin (Lazy Bones, Dardanella, Lover Man)
Stuart Brotman-bass trombone (Cordelia), bowed bass (Lover Man)
Munc Blackburn-flute (Lover Man), alto sax (Dardanella, I'm Rich)
Peter Ecklund-trumpet (Dardanella, I'm Rich)
Junior Turlock-bass (I'm Rich)
Trevor Lawrence-bar sax (I'm Rich)
Gene Dinwiddie-tenor saxophone (I'm Rich)
Jeff Gutcheon piano (Kneein' Me)
Billy Wolf-bass (Hard Time Killin' Floor)
Horns And Strings Arranged By Geoff Muldaur
§Cover Painting-Eric Von Schmidt
Produced by: Nobody [Geoff Muldaur], Joe Boyd (Hard Time Killin' Floor)


Jim continued his folky ways, writing songs for Sesame Street.
In the 80s, he left the music business, but returned in the 2000s.


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