Iron Butterfly
Iron Butterfly with Pinera & Rhino

Magic Mountain Music Festival(6/10/67)

Atco SD 33-227
1/22/68 BB [UK: 2/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Possession Ingle 2:41
Unconscious Power Bushy-Ingle-Weis 2:29
Get Out Of My Life, Woman Toussaint 3:54
Gentle As It May Seem DeLoach-Weis 2:25
You Can't Win DeLoach-Weis 2:38
Side Two
So-Lo DeLoach-Ingle 4:02
Look For The Sun DeLoach-Ingle-Weis 2:11
Fields Of Sun DeLoach-Ingle 3:10
Stamped Ideas DeLoach-Ingle 2:04
Iron Butterfly Theme Ingle 4:35
Darryl DeLoach-tambourine, vocals
Doug Ingle-organ, vocals
Danny Weis-guitar
Jerry Penrod-bass, vocal (Look For The Sun)
Ron Bushy-drums
§Cover Art-Armando Busich
Produced by: Brian Stone, Charles Greene


Darryl DeLoach, Danny Weis, and Jerry Penrod (Danny and Jerry eventually to Rhinoceros)

Erik Brann, Lee Dorman (late replacements held up first album release)

Unconscious Power / Possession
Bushy-Ingle-Weis (2:29) / Ingle (2:41)
Atco 45-6573, 4/68


 ➜ Live: 4/26-27, Fillmore East; released 2011: Fillmore East 1968 

The Savage Seven(5/24/68)
Soundtrack album contains unique track

Atco SD 33-250
6/14/68 T20 [UK: 7/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Most Anything You Want Ingle 3:41
Flowers And Beads Ingle 3:05
My Mirage Ingle 4:51
Termination Brann-Dorman 2:50
Are You Happy Ingle 4:28
Side Two
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Ingle 17:05
Doug Ingle-organ, vocals
Erik Brann-guitar, vocal (Termination)
Lee Dorman-bass
Ron Bushy-drums
§Cover Photo-Stephen Paley
Produced by: Jim Hilton

Note: The album that would not go away—spending 140 weeks on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida³ / Iron Butterfly Theme³
Ingle (2:52) / Ingle (3:24)
Atco 45-6606, 7/68 BB

Newport Pop Festival(8/4/68)
Soul Experience / In The Crowds
Brann-Bushy-Dorman-Ingle (2:50) / Dorman-Ingle (2:12)
Atco 45-6647, 9/68 BB

San Francisco International Pop Festival(10/26/68)
Miami Pop Festival(12/30/68)

Atco SD 33-280
1/17/69 T20 [UK: 2/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
In The Time Of Our Lives Bushy-Ingle 4:46
Soul Experience Brann-Bushy-Dorman-Ingle 2:50
Lonely Boy Ingle 5:05
Real Fright Brann-Bushy-Ingle 2:40
In The Crowds Dorman-Ingle 2:12
Side Two
It Must Be Love Ingle 3:11
Her Favorite Style Ingle 3:11
Filled With Fear Ingle 3:23
Belda-Beast Brann 5:46
Doug Ingle-organ, vocals
Erik Brann-guitar, vocal (Belda-Beast)
Lee Dorman-bass
Ron Bushy-drums
§Cover Art-The Graffiteria
Produced by: Jim Hilton

Note: Lonely Boy dedicated to Duneya West

In The Time Of Our Lives / It Must Be Love²
Bushy-Ingle (4:46) / Ingle (4:23)
Atco 45-6676, 6/69 BB

Denver Pop Festival(6/27/69)
Mississippi River Festival(7/10/69)
Atlantic City Pop Festival(8/1/69)
New Orleans Pop Festival(8/31/69)
9/9/69: The Marquee, London
I Can't Help But Deceive You Little Girl¹ / To Be Alone¹
Ingle (3:06) / Edmondson-Ingle (3:03)
Atco 45-6712, 10/69

Palm Beach Music & Art Festival(11/28/69)

Erik Brann, replaced by:

Mike Pinera (from Blues Image) and El Rhino

Atco SD 33-318
4/22/70 T20 [UK: 4/70]
Back Cover

Side One
In The Time Of Our Lives Bushy-Ingle 4:23
Filled With Fear Ingle 3:27
Soul Experience Brann-Bushy-Dorman-Ingle 3:55
You Can't Win DeLoach-Weis 2:48
Are You Happy Ingle 3:20
Side Two
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Ingle 19:00
Doug Ingle-organ, vocals
Erik Brann-guitar
Lee Dorman-bass
Ron Bushy-drums
§Cover Art-John Kress
Produced by: Richard Podolor

Note: Recorded in late May, 1969,

Atco SD 33-339
8/13/70 T20 [UK: 4/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Free Flight Iron Butterfly 0:40
New Day Iron Butterfly 3:08
Shady Lady* Iron Butterfly 3:50
Best Years Of Our Life Iron Butterfly 3:55
Slower Than Guns* Iron Butterfly 3:37
Stone Believer Iron Butterfly 5:20
Side Two
Soldier In Our Town* Iron Butterfly 3:10
Easy Rider (Let The Wind Pay The Way)* Iron Butterfly 3:06
Butterfly Bleu Iron Butterfly 14:03
Doug Ingle-organ, lead vocals
Lee Dorman-bass
Ron Bushy-drums
Mike Pinera-guitar, lead vocals
El Rhino [Larry Reinhardt]-guitar
Bill Cooper-twelve string guitar
Richard Podolor-sitar, twelve string guitar
Robert Woods Edmonson-lyrics*
§Cover Photo-Roger Webster
Produced by: Richard Podolor


Easy Rider (Let The Wind Pay The Way) / Soldier In Our Town
Iron Butterfly-Edmonson (3:05) / Iron Butterfly-Edmonson (3:15)
Atco 45-6782, 9/70 BB

Doug Ingle quits, band adds horns and releases last single
Silly Sally¹ / Stone Believer³
Jones-Pinera (2:10) / Iron Butterfly (3:10)
Atco 45-6818, 5/71

The band broke up after that last single, but Bushy & Braun reformed in 74, with rotating folks.
There has been some form of IB since then.


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