The Flock

Can't You See (That I Really Love Her) / Hold On To My Mind
Canoff-Glickstein (2:31) / Canoff-Glickstein-Mann (2:18)
Destination 628, 11/66

I Like You / Are You The Kind
Canoff-Glickstein (2:14) / Canoff-Glickstein (1:55)
Destination 631, 2/67

Take Me Back / Each Day Is A Lonely Night
Stanley (2:35) / Canoff-Glickstein (2:15)
Destination 635, 6/67

What Would You Do If The Sun Died? / Magical Wings
Glickstein-Webb (2:35) / Glickstein (3:45)
U S A 910, 5/68

Denver Pop Festival(June 27-29)

The Flock
Columbia CS-9911
7/69 BB
Back Cover

Lyric Sheet Insert

Side One
Introduction The Flock 4:50
Clown The Flock 7:42
I Am The Tall Tree The Flock 5:37
Tired Of Waiting The Flock 4:35
Side Two
Store Bought—Store Though The Flock 7:00
Truth The Flock 15:25
Fred Glickstein-guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Jerry Goodman-violin, 12-string acoustic guitar, vocals
Jerry Smith-bass, vocals
Ron Karpman-drums
Tom Webb-flute, tenor sax, harmonica, maracas, vocals
Rick Canoff-tenor sax, vocals
Produced by: John McClure

Note: Tired Of Waiting has the wrong composer credit: it's a Ray Davies song. John Mayall wrote the liner notes.

Tired Of Waiting³ / Store Bought—Store Thought³
The Flock (2:39) / The Flock (2:40)
Columbia 4-45021, 10/69

That's Ray Davies' song, composer credit wrong.
Goose Lake International Music Festival(August 7-9)

Dinosaur Swamps
Columbia C-30007
9/70 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Green Slice The Flock 2:00
Big Bird The Flock 5:52
Hornschmeyer's Island The Flock 7:27
Lighthouse The Flock 5:20
Side Two
Crabfoot The Flock 8:15
Mermaid The Flock 4:53
Uranian Sircus The Flock 7:12
Fred Glickstein-guitars, Hammond organ, lead vocals
Jerry Goodman-violin, guitars, vocals
Jerry Smith-bass, vocals
Ron Karpman-drums
Frank Posa-trumpet
Rick Canoff-tenor sax, vocals
John Gerber-alto and tenor sax, flute, banjo, vocals
Produced by: John McClure


Mermaid³ / Crabfoot³
McClure (2:43) / McClure (2:48)
Columbia 4-45295, 1/71

Clive Davis "steals" Jerry Goodman to help form John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra


No. 30: 'The Flock' (@ Psychedelic Insight)
Jerry Goodman Violins


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