The Flying Burrito Brothers
The International Submarine Band

The Russians are Coming¹ / Truck Drivin' Man¹
Mandel (2:15) / Owens (2:30)
Ascot 2218, 6/66

Yup, the theme song to that great movie!
Sum Up Broke¹ / One Day Week¹
Neuse-Parsons (2:05) / Parsons (2:15)
Columbia 43935 11/66

Luxury Liner / Blue Eyes
Parsons (2:43) / Parsons (2:45)
LHI 1205, 2/68


Safe At Home
LHI 4087
2/68 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Blue Eyes Parsons 2:45
I Must Be Somebody Else You've Known Haggard 2:15
A Satisfied Mind Hayes-Rhodes 2:30
Folsom Prison Blues/That's All Right Cash/Crudup 4:23
Side Two
Miller's Cave Clement 2:45
I Still Miss Someone Cash 2:45
Luxury Liner Parsons 2:43
Strong Boy Parsons 2:01
Do You Know How It Feels To Be Lonesome? Goldberg-Parsons 3:33
Gram Parsons-lead vocals, rhythm guitar
John Nuese-lead guitar
Bob Buchanan-rhythm guitar, back-up vocals
Good Ole "Jay Dee" [Maness]-steel guitar
Earl "Les" Ball-piano
Chris Ethridge-bass
Jon Corneal-drums, back-up vocals
§Cover Art-Frank Morton; Title Art-Ian Dunlop
Produced by: Suzi Jane Hokom


Miller's Cave / I Must Be Somebody Else You've Known
Clement (2:45) / Haggard (2:15)
LHI 1217, 10/68


Gram Parsons to The Byrds, then forms Flying Burrito Bros

The Gilded Palace Of Sin
A&M SP-4175
3/69 BB RS500 [UK: 4/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Christine's Tune Hillman-Parsons 3:02
Sin City Hillman-Parsons 4:10
Do Right Woman Moman-Penn 3:56
Dark End Of The Street Oldham-Penn 3:55
My Uncle Hillman-Parsons 2:36
Wheels Hillman-Parsons 3:02
Side Two
Juanita Hillman-Parsons 2:28
Hot Burrito #1 Ethridge-Parsons 3:37
Hot Burrito #2 Ethridge-Parsons 3:15
Do You Know How It Feels Goldberg-Parsons 2:06
Hippie Boy Hillman-Parsons 4:55
Gram Parsons-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Chris Hillman-guitar, mandolin (My Uncle), vocals
Sneeky Pete Kleinow-pedal steel
Chris Ethridge-bass, piano, vocals
Jon Corneal-drums, except:
Eddie Hoh-drums (Sin City, Do You Know How It Feels)
Sam Goldstein-drums (Wheels)
Popeye Phillips-drums (Hot Burrito #1 & #2, Hippie Boy)
David Crosby-backing vocals (Do Right Woman)
Byron Berline-violin
Miss Pamela-vocals
§Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein
Produced by: The Flying Burrito Brothers, Larry Marks, and Henry Lewy

 ➜ Live: 4/4 and 6, Avalon Ballroom; released 2007: Gram Parsons Archives Vol. 1 

The Train Song¹ / Hot Burrito #1
Hillman-Parsons (3:03) / Ethridge-Parsons (3:37)
A&M 1067, 6/69

Seattle Pop Festival(7/25, 27/69)
The Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair(8/30-9/1/69)
6th Big Sur Folk Festival(9/13-14/69)
Altamont Speedway Free Festival(12/6/69)
If You Gotta Go, Go Now / Cody, Cody
Dylan (1:47) / Hillman-Leadon-Parsons (2:43)
A&M 1166, 2/70


Burrito Deluxe
A&M SP-4258
5/70 [UK: 5/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Lazy Days Parsons 2:58
Image Of Me Howard-Kemp 3:20
High Fashion Queen Hillman-Parsons 2:05
If You Gotta Go, Go Now Dylan 1:47
Man In The Fog Leadon-Parsons 2:30
Farther Along arr Parsons 3:58
Side Two
Older Guys Hillman-Leadon-Parsons 2:30
Cody, Cody Hillman-Leadon-Parsons 2:43
God's Own Singer Leadon-Leadon 2:04
Down In The Churchyard Hillman-Parsons 2:19
Wild Horses Jagger-Richards 6:20
Gram Parsons-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Chris Hillman-guitar, bass, mandolin, vocals
Bernie Leadon-guitar, vocals
Sneeky Pete Kleinow-pedal steel
Michael Clarke-drums
Leon Russell-piano (Man In The Fog, Wild Horses)
Byron Berline-violin
Leopoldo Carbajal-accordion
§Cover Design-Tom Wilkes; Photo-Jim McCrary
Produced by: Jim Dickson and Henry Lewy


Older Guys / Down In The Churchyard
Hillman-Leadon-Parsons (2:23) / Hillman-Parsons (2:19)
A&M 1189, 7/70

Mississippi River Festival(8/3/70)
Goose Lake International Music Festival(8/7, 8/70)

Gram Parsons to solo career and tour with Emmylou Harris (no album until '73)

Gimme Shelter(12/6/70)
Stones 1969 tour, ending in Altamont
12/6/70: Lyceum Ballroom, London
Tried So Hard¹ / Lazy Days
Clark (3:08) / Parsons (3:03)
A&M ?, 12/70

A-side vocal by Gene Clark, replaced on LP version by Rick Roberts

The Flying Burrito Bros
A&M SP-4295
5/71 BB [UK: 6/71]
Back Cover

Side One
White Line Fever Haggard 3:15
Colorado Roberts 4:50
Hand To Mouth Hillman-Roberts 3:43
Tried So Hard Clark 3:08
Just Can't Be Hillman-Roberts 4:57
Side Two
To Ramona Dylan 3:37
Four Days Of Rain Hillman-Roberts 3:38
Can't You Hear Me Calling Hillman-Roberts 2:21
All Alone Hillman-Roberts 3:32
Why Are You Crying? Roberts 3:04
Chris Hillman-guitar, bass, vocals
Rick Roberts-guitar, vocals
Bernie Leadon-guitar, vocals
Sneeky Pete Kleinow-pedal steel
Michael Clarke-drums
Mike Deasy Sr-guitar
Earl Ball-piano
Bob Gibson-guitar
§Cover Photo-Jim McCrary
Produced by: Jim Dickson


White Line Fever / Colorado
Haggard (3:15) / Roberts (4:50)
A&M 1277, 7/71

Philadelphia Folk Festival(8/29/71)
One live album (Last Of The Red Hot Burritos) in 72 and done.
Reformed in 74, renamed Burrito Brothers in the 80s. Then Burrito Deluxe (with no original guys)


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