Fairport Convention
Fotheringay ♦ Sandy Denny 

Fairport Convention
A&M SP-4185
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Fotheringay Denny 3:03
Mr. Lacey Hutchings 2:50
Book Song Matthews-Thompson 3:12
The Lord Is In This Place... How Dreadful Is This Place Denny-Hutchings-Thompson 1:50
No Man's Land Thompson 2:23
I'll Keep It With Mine Dylan 5:50
Side Two
Eastern Rain Mitchell 3:36
Nottamun Town arr Denny-Hutchings-Matthews-Nicol 3:07
Tale In A Hard Time Thompson 3:24
She Moves Through The Fair arr Denny-Hutchings-Lamble 4:09
Meet On The Ledge Thompson 2:49
End Of A Holiday Nicol 1:06
Sandy Denny-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Ian Matthews-congas, vocals
Richard Thompson-guitar, kandolin, vocals
Simon Nicol-guitar, autoharp, dulcimer, vocals
Ashley Hutchings-bass
Martin Lamble-drums, percussion
Produced by: Joe Boyd

Note: This was their 2nd UK album, What We Did On Our Holidays (1/69)
The Lord Is In This Place... recorded at St Peter's Church, Westbourne Grove, West London

I'll Keep It With Mine³ / Fotheringay
Dylan (3:01) / Denny (3:03)
A&M 1108, 8/69

Ian Matthews to  solo career  

A&M SP-4206
Back Cover

UK Cover

That's Sandy Denny's mum & dad (Edna & Neil).
The band is relaxing in the garden.
UK Back Cover

Side One
Genesis Hall Thompson 3:35
Si Tu Dois Partir(If You Gotta Go, Go Now in French) Dylan 2:20
Autopsy Denny 4:21
A Sailor's Life arr Thompson 11:10
Side Two
Cajun Woman Thompson 2:43
Who Knows Where the Time Goes? Denny 5:05
Percy's Song Dylan 6:30
Million Dollar Bash Dylan 2:55
Sandy Denny-harpsichord, vocals
Richard Thompson-guitar, mandolin, vocals
Simon Nicol-guitar, autoharp, dulcimer, vocals
Ashley Hutchings-bass, vocals
Martin Lamble-drums
Dave Swarbrick-fiddle, mandolin
Trevor Lucas-triangle
Ian Matthews-vocal (Percy's Song)
Marc Ellington-vocal (Million Dollar Bash)
Produced by: Joe Boyd, Simon Nicol & Fairport Convention


Si Tu Dois Partir / Genesis Hall
Dylan (2:25) / Thompson (3:37)
A&M 1155, 12/69

A-side is Bobby's If You Gotta Go, Go Now in French—and a surprise hit (well, in the UK anyway, #21)
Ashley Hutchings forms Steeleye Span
Dave Pegg replaces him

Fairport Convention
Cotillion SD-9024
Full Cover

Side One
Time Will Show the Wiser Rhodes 3:04
I Don't Know Where I Stand Mitchell 3:43
If (Stomp) MacDonald-Thompson 2:45
Decameron Ghosh-Horvitch-Thompson 3:42
Jack O'Diamonds Carruthers-Dylan 3:28
Portfolio Dyble-Hutchings 1:59
Side Two
Chelsea Morning Mitchell 3:03
Sun Shade Ghosh-Horvitch-Thompson 3:46
The Lobster Hutchings-Painter-Thompson 4:46
It's All Right Ma, It's Only Witchcraft Hutchings-Thompson 3:12
One Sure Thing Brooks-Glover 2:54
M1 Breakdown Hutchings/Nicol 1:24
Judy Dyble-piano, autoharp, recorder, vocals
Ian MacDonald-Jew's-Harp, vocals
Richard Thompson-guitar, mandolin, vocals
Simon Nicol-dulcimer, guitar, banjo, violin, vocals
Ashley Hutchings-bass, jug
Martin Lamble-percussion, drums
Clare Lowther-cello
Produced by: Joe Boyd and Tod Lloyd

Note: This was the first UK album (6/68), released in US after the 2nd A&M disc!

Liege And Lief
A&M SP-4257
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Come All Ye Denny-Hutchings 4:55
Reynardine arr Fairport Convention 4:33
Matty Groves arr Fairport Convention 8:08
Farewell, Farewell Thompson 2:37
Side Two
The Deserter arr Fairport Convention 4:10
Medley: The Lark In The Morning
    Rakish Paddy
    Foxhunter's Jig
    Toss The Feathers
arr Fairport Convention 4:00
Tam Lin arr Fairport Convention 7:20
Crazy Man Michael Swarbrick-Thompson 4:35
Sandy Denny-guitar, vocals
Dave Swarbrick-mandolin, violin, viola, vocals
Richard Thompson-guitar
Simon Nicol-guitar, vocals
Ashley Hutchings-bass, vocals
Dave Mattacks-drums
Produced by: Joe Boyd


Ashley Hutchings forms Steeleye Span
Dave Pegg replaces him
Sandy Denny forms Fotheringay with Trevor Lucas, then embarks on a solo career

A&M SP-4269
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Nothing More Denny 4:34
The Sea Denny 5:28
The Ballad Of Ned Kelly Lucas 3:31
Winter Winds Denny 2:10
Peace In The End Denny-Lucas 4:02
Side Two
The Way I Feel Lightfoot 4:44
The Pond And The Stream Denny 3:16
Too Much Of Nothing Dylan 3:51
Banks Of The Nile Trad 8:04
Sandy Denny-guitar, piano, vocals
Trevor Lucas-guitar, vocals
Jerry Donahue-guitar,vocals
Pat Donaldson-bass
Gerry Conway-drums
Produced by: Joe Boyd


Full House
A&M SP-4265
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Walk Awhile Swarbrick-Thompson 3:57
Dirty Linen Swarbrick 4:17
Sloth Mattacks-Nicol-Pegg-Swarbrick-Thompson 9:19
Side Two
Sir Patrick Spens arr Fairport Convention 3:30
Flatback Caper arr Fairport Convention 6:24
Doctor Of Physick Swarbrick-Thompson 3:37
The Flowers Of The Forest arr Fairport Convention 4:04
Dave Swarbrick-violin, mandolin, viola, vocals
Richard Thompson-guitar, vocals
Simon Nicol-dulcimer, guitar, bass, vocals
Dave Pegg-guitar, mandolin, vocals
Dave Mattacks-percussion, drums, harmonium
Produced by: Joe Boyd


Walk Awhile / Sir Patrick Spens
Swarbrick-Thompson (3:57) / arr Fairport Convention (3:30)
A&M 1195, ?/70

Richard Thompson starts a solo career with wife Linda

The North Star Grassman And The Ravens
A&M SP-4317
UK Full Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Late November Denny 4:25
Blackwaterside arr Denny 4:07
The Sea Captain Denny 3:07
Down In The Flood Dylan 3:17
John The Gun Denny 4:35
Side Two
Next Time Around Denny 4:20
The Optimist Denny 3:21
Let's Jump The Broomstick Robins 2:40
Wretched Wilbur Denny 2:34
The North Star Grassman And The Ravens Denny 3:25
Crazy Lady Blues Denny 3:21
Sandy Denny-piano, guitar, vocal
Jerry Donahue-guitar
Richard Thompson-guitar, bass, accordion, vocal
Trevor Lucas-guitar, vocals
Buddy Emmons-pedal steel guitar
Ian Whiteman-piano, flute, organ
Pat Donaldson-bass
Tony Reeves-bass
Gerry Conway-drums
Roger Powell-drums
Barry Dransfield-violin, backing vocals
Royston Wood-violin, backing vocals
Robin Dransfield-violin, backing vocals
Produced by: Sandy Denny, Richard Thompson and John Wood


Angel Delight
A&M SP-4319
10/71 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Lord Marlborough arr Fairport Convention 3:21
Sir William Gower arr Fairport Convention 4:54
Bridge Over The River Ash arr Fairport Convention 2:12
Wizard Of The Worldly Game Nicol-Swarbrick 4:05
The Journeyman's Grace Swarbrick-Thompson 4:31
Side Two
Angel Delight arr Fairport Convention 3:34
Banks Of The Sweet Primroses arr Fairport Convention 4:12
Instrumental Medley: The Cuckoo's Nest
    Hardiman The Fiddler
    Papa Stoor
arr Fairport Convention 3:25
The Bonny Black Hare arr Fairport Convention 3:04
Sickness And Diseases Swarbrick-Thompson 3:47
Dave Swarbrick-mandolin, violin, vocals
Simon Nicol-dulcimer, bass, guitar, viola, vocals
Dave Pegg-bass, violin, viola, vocals
Dave Mattacks-drums, vocals
Produced by: Fairport Convention & John Wood



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