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Spencer Davis Group Alpha Listing
Complete title listing for UK/US 45s/EPs/LPs.
Dimples / Sittin' And Thinkin'
Hooker (2:15) / Davis (2:56)
Fontana TF-471 [UK], 5/64

Their first UK single
I Can't Stand It / Midnight Train
McAllister (2:09) / Hicks-Ray (2:40)
Fontana S-1960, 12/64 UK

Keep On Running / High Time Baby¹
Edwards (2:27) / Davis-Winwood-Winwood-York (2:45)
Atco 6400, 2/66 BB  #1 

Somebody Help Me / Stevie's Blues
Edwards-Edwards (2:00) / Davis-Winwood-Winwood-York (3:45)
Atco 6416, 5/66  #1 

Gimme Some Lovin'² / Blues In F
Davis-Winwood-Winwood (2:51) / Bishop (3:25)
United Artists 50108, 12/66 T20 T20

US A-side overdubbed, including chorus, different vocal take
I'm A Man / I Can't Get Enough Of It
Miller-Winwood (2:28) / Miller-Winwood (3:42)
United Artists 50144, 3/67 T20 T20


Note: The US albums are a mish-mash of old UK albums, some tracks dating back two or more years.
After each song is the first UK release date, just to keep UA honest!

Gimme Some Lovin'
United Artists UAS-6578
3/67 BB [UK: 6/65] T20
Back Cover

1st UK LP Cover [6/65]

Some from this, some from 2 & 3, 45s
1st UK LP Back Cover

Side One
Gimme Some Lovin'10/66 Davis-Winwood-Winwood 2:53
Keep On Running11/65 Edwards 2:42
Hammer Song5/65 Trad, arr Spencer Davis Group 2:14
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out9/66 Cox 3:49
When I Come Home8/66 Edwards-Winwood 2:01
It Hurts Me So2/65 Winwood 2:51
Side Two
Somebody Help Me3/66 Edwards 2:57
Midnight Special9/66 Trad, arr Davis 2:11
Here Right Now7/65 Winwood 3:09
Trampoline8/66 Winwood 2:23
Sittin' And Thinkin'5/64 Davis 2:51
Goodbye Stevie8/65 Davis-Winwood-Winwood-York 2:22
Spencer Davis-guitar, vocals
Stevie Winwood-keyboards, guitar, vocals
Muff Winwood-bass, vocals
Pete York-drums
§Cover Art-uncredited
Produced by: Chris Blackwell, Jimmy Miller

Note: UK Chart info is for the first album (see BRGs)

Stevie Winwood forms Traffic; Eddie Hardin & Ray Fenwick (in Nov) join.

Somebody Help Me / On The Green Light
Edwards-Edwards (2:00) / Winwood (3:03)
United Artists 50162, 6/67 BB

reissue with new B-side

I'm A Man
United Artists UAS-6589
7/67 BB [UK: 2/66] T20
Back Cover

2nd UK LP Cover [2/66]

Some from this, some from 1 & 3, 45s
2nd UK LP Back Cover

Side One
I'm A Man1/67 Miller-Winwood 2:48
Every Little Bit Hurts2/65 Cobb 3:27
Searchin'7/65 Leiber-Stoller 2:35
I Can't Stand It10/64 McAllister 2:08
Dimples5/64 Bracken-Hooker 2:18
Look Away1/66 Meade-Russell 2:38
Side Two
Georgia On My Mind1/66 Carmichael-Gorrell 4:40
My Babe7/65 Hatfield-Medley 2:37
I Can't Get Enough Of It1/67 Miller-Winwood 3:37
On The Green Light9/66 Winwood 3:03
Stevie's Blues3/66 Davis-Winwood-Winwood-York 3:50
Midnight Train10/64 Hicks-Roy-Hicks 2:40
Spencer Davis-guitar, vocals
Stevie Winwood-keyboards, guitar, vocals
Muff Winwood-bass, vocals
Pete York-drums
Kenny Salmon-organ (Every Little Bit Hurts)
§Cover Art-Frank Gauna
Produced by: Chris Blackwell, Jimmy Miller

Note: UK Chart info is for the second album (see BRGs)

Time Seller / Don't Want You No More¹
Davis-Hardin (2:51) / Davis-Hardin (3:01)
United Artists 50202, 8/67 BB UK

Don't Want You No More was re-recorded for the album below.
8/19/67: Covention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ
with Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels
Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry Bush(3/4/68)
Soundtrack album includes unique SDG cuts
Spencer Davis' Greatest Hits
Spencer Davis' Greatest Hits

United Artists UAS-6641, 3/68 BB [UK: N/R]
includes non-lp 45 Blues In F
Looking Back³ / After Tea¹
Davis-Sawyer (2:58) / Fenwick-Van Eijck (3:05)
United Artists 50286, 4/68

Looking Back is edited version of Mulberry Bush album track
   After Tea features Chris Wood-flute and Dave Mason-sitar

With Their New Face On
United Artists UAS-6652
4/68 [UK: 6/68]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Only the cover is different
UK Back Cover

Side One
With His New Face On Davis-Hardin 3:18
Mr Second Class Davis-Hardin 3:05
Alec In Transit Land Davis-Duncan-Hardin-York 7:40
Sanity Inspector Davis-Hardin 3:05
Feel Your Way Davis-Hardin 2:54
Side Two
Morning Sun Davis-Duncan-Hardin-James 3:09
Moonshine Davis-Hardin 2:30
Don't Want You No More Davis-Hardin 3:09
Time Seller Davis-Hardin 2:49
Stop Me, I'm Falling Davis-Hardin 3:21
Spencer Davis-guitar, vocals
Phil Sawyer-lead guitar, vocals (lead on Sanity Inspector)
Eddie Hardin-keyboard, lead vocals
Ray Fenwick-guitar, vocals (lead on Don't Want You No More)
Charlie McCracken-bass, vocals
Pete York-drums
§Cover Art-uncredited
Produced by: Spencer Davis, except (Mr Second Class, Sanity Inspector) by Mike Hurst


Spencer to solo career; Hardin & York form duo: both continue below

United Artists UAS-6691
3/69 [UK: 8/66] T20
Back Cover

3rd UK LP Cover [8/66]

Some from this, some from 1 & 2
3rd UK LP Back Cover

Side One
Please Do Something1/66 Covay-Miller 2:23
Waltz For Lumumba Winwood 4:13
I'm Blue (Gong Gong Song)7/65 Turner 2:39
Hey Darling1/66 Davis-Winwood-Winwood-York 4:45
Mean Woman Blues9/66 Demetrius 3:08
Side Two
Watch Your Step1/66 Parker 2:51
Drown In My Own Tears Glover 4:21
Together 'Til The End Of Time9/66 Wilson 2:49
Take This Hurt Off Me9/66 Covay-Miller 2:40
Back Into My Life Again Edwards-Miller 2:24
Spencer Davis-guitar, vocals
Stevie Winwood-keyboards, guitar, vocals
Muff Winwood-bass, vocals
Pete York-drums
Millie Small-vocals (I'm Blue (Gong Gong Song))
§Cover Art-Peter Schaumann
Produced by: Chris Blackwell, Jimmy Miller

Note: This album was release 2 years after Winwood had started (& quit) both Traffic & Blind Faith!
UK Chart info is for their third album (see BRGs)

Tomorrow, Today / Candlelight
Hardin (3:28) / Hardin (4:32)
Bell 799, 6/69


Tomorrow, Today
Bell BELL-6043
7/69 [UK: 10/69]
Back Cover

UK Full Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Tomorrow Today Hardin 3:30
100 Years From Now Hardin 2:37
I'm Lost Davis-Hardin 8:13
Drinking My Wine Hardin 4:47
Side Two
Candlelight Hardin 4:36
Beautiful Day Hardin 2:27
Mountains Of Sand Hardin-York 6:38
Can't Keep A Good Man Down Hardin 6:00
Listen Everyone Hardin 3:42
Eddie Hardin-organ, piano, vocals
Peter York-drums, percussion
Mike Hurst-guitar
Vic Flick-guitar
Herbie Flowers-bass
Ron Hills-cornet
Mel Thorpe-flute, trombone
Rex Morrissey-saxophone
§Cover Sculpture-Jephan de Villiers; Photos-Richard Dunkley
Produced by: Mike Hurst

Note: Follow-up album, The World's Smallest Big Band (UK: 7/70) not released in the states.

It's Been So Long
Mediarts 41-11
1/71 [UK: 8/71]
Back Cover

Flip the top flap up for credits!

Side One
It's Been So Long Davis 2:50
Crystal River Davis 3:11
One Hundred Years Ago Davis 3:55
Balkan Blues Davis 3:35
Side Two
Brother Can You Make Up Your Mind Davis 2:35
Mountain Lick Davis 4:25
Jay's Tune (Mountain Girl) Davis-Jameson 3:30
Thinking Of Her Davis-Davies 2:50
It's Too Late Now Davis-Davies-Jameson 5:35
Spencer Davis-guitar, autoharp, harp, vocals
Peter Jameson-guitar, vocals
Barney Kessel-guitar
Larry Knechtal-keyboards
Richard Landis-keyboards
§Cover Design-Stanley Moss
Produced by: Jay Senter


The Satsop River Fair And Tin Cup Races(Sept 3-6, 1971)
Spencer reformed the Group in 73, releasing Gluggo and Living In A Back Street before breaking up again.
Davis continued to be involved with music until he died in 2020.


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