Alice Cooper

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Spiders
Why Don't You Love Me / Hitch Hike
Spiders (1:56) / Gaye-Paul-Stevenson (2:01)
Maverick, ?/65


The Spiders
Don't Blow Your Mind / No Price Tag
Dunaway-Furnier (2:36) / Buxton-Furnier (2:01)
Santa Cruz SCR-10.003, ?/66


Wonder Who's Loving Her Now? / Lay Down And Die, Goodbye
Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith (2:58) / Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith (1:58)
Very Record S-001, ?/67


Newport Pop Festival(8/3/68)

Pretties For You
Straight STS-1051
5/69 BB [UK: 12/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Titanic Overture Cooper 1:09
Ten Minutes Before The Worm Cooper 1:27
Swing Low, Sweet Cheerio Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 5:33
Today Mueller Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 1:38
Living Cooper 3:02
Fields Of Regret Cooper 5:36
Side Two
No Longer Umpire Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 1:54
Levity Ball (Live At The Cheetah) Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 4:23
B B On Mars Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 1:09
Reflected Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 3:10
Apple Bush Cooper 2:57
Earwigs To Eternity Cooper 1:14
Changing Arranging Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 2:58
Alice Cooper-harmonica, vocals
Glen Buxton-lead guitar
Michael Bruce-organ, guitar, piano, vocals (lead on Swing Low, Sweet Cheerio)
Dennis Dunaway-bass, vocals
Neal Smith-drums, vocals
§Cover Painting-Edward Beardsley
Produced by: Alice Cooper


Seattle Pop Festival(7/25/69)
Toronto Rock & Roll Revival(9/13/69)
Reflected / Living
Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith (3:17) / Cooper (3:12)
Straight 101, 1/70

Lyrics rewritten in 72 as ... (c'mon—this is easy action!)

Easy Action
Straight STS-1061
3/70 [UK: 6/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Mr And Misdemeanor Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 3:20
Shoe Salesman Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 2:33
Still No Air Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 2:30
Below Your Means Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 6:50
Side Two
Return Of The Spiders Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 4:25
Laughing At Me Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 2:16
Refrigerator Heaven Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 2:17
Beautiful Flyaway Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 3:00
Lay Down And Die, Goodbye Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 7:00
Alice Cooper-vocals
Glen Buxton-lead guitar
Michael Bruce-guitar, keyboards, vocals (lead on Below Your Means, Beautiful Flyaway)
Dennis Dunaway-bass
Neal Smith-drums
David Briggs-piano (Shoe Salesman)
§Cover Photo-Lorrie Sullivan
Produced by: David Briggs

Note: Return Of The Spiders is for Gene Vincent

Shoe Salesman / Return Of The Spiders
Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith (2:39) / Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith (4:32)
Straight 7398, 6/70

Strawberry Fields Festival(8/9/70)
Eighteen / Body
Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith (3:00) / Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith (2:39)
Warner Bros 7449, 11/70 BB


Love It To Death
Warner Bros WS-1883
2/71 BB RS500 [UK: 6/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Caught In A Dream Bruce 3:10
I'm Eighteen Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 3:01
Long Way To Go Bruce 3:04
Black Juju Dunaway 9:12
Side Two
Is It My Body Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 2:40
Hallowed Be My Name Smith 2:30
Second Coming Cooper 3:05
Ballad Of Dwight Fry Bruce-Cooper 6:33
Sun Arise Harris 4:08
Alice Cooper-vocals
Glen Buxton-lead guitar
Michael Bruce-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Dennis Dunaway-bass
Neal Smith-drums
Monica Lauer-Child's voice (Ballad Of Dwight Fry)
Toronto Bob Ezrin-keyboards
§Cover Photo-Roger Prigent; Inside Photo-Dave Griffith
Produced by: Bob Ezrin & Jack Richardson

Note: Warners Art Dept had to fix Alice's "thumb," with a couple of reisuues.

Caught In A Dream² / Hallowed Be My Name²
Bruce (2:55) / Smith (2:23)
Warner Bros 7490, 4/71 BB

Medicine Ball Caravan(8/25/71)
Woodstock on a bus—ends in London
Under My Wheels / Desperado
Bruce-Dunaway-Ezrin (2:48) / Bruce-Cooper (3:26)
Warner Bros 7529, 9/71 BB


Warner Bros BS-2567
11/71 BB [UK: 12/71] UK
Back Cover

1972 Calendar

Side One
Under My Wheels Bruce-Dunaway-Ezrin 2:50
Be My Lover Bruce 3:15
Halo Of Flies Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 8:21
Desperado Bruce-Cooper 3:25
Side Two
You Drive Me Nervous Bruce-Cooper-Ezrin 2:24
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Bruce-Cooper 3:33
Dead Babies Bruce-Buxton-Cooper-Dunaway-Smith 5:40
Killer Bruce-Dunaway 7:07
Alice Cooper-vocals
Glen Buxton-lead guitar
Michael Bruce-guitar, keyboards
Dennis Dunaway-bass
Neal Smith-drums
Rick Derringer-guitar (Under My Wheels, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
Bob Ezrin-keyboards
§Album Design-Alice Cooper; Boa Constrictor–Kachina
Produced by: Bob Ezrin

Note: First issues included 1972 calendar.


Alice's Million Dollar Album

Between School's Out (6/72) and Muscle Of Love (11/73), this album was the pinnacle of Alice Cooper (the band). Alice went solo after the Muscle album. The album title is a reference to how this group became arena-selling monsters.

Steve Hunter was asked to do the solos on several tracks, as Glenn was incapacitated due to alcohol-related issues. A quadraphonic album with different mixes was also issued. Hello Hooray was first recorded by Judy Collins.

Billion Dollar Babies
Warner Bros BS-2685
2/25/73  #1  [UK: 2/73]  #1 
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Inner Sleeve Front

Inner Sleeve Back

Billion Dollar Bill

Bill was tucked under the $ on the inside
Side One
Hello Hooray Kempf 4:14
Raped And Freezin'† Bruce-Cooper 3:15
Elected Bruce-Buxton-Dunaway-Cooper-Smith 4:05
Billion Dollar Babies† Bruce-Cooper-Reggie 3:39
Unfinished Sweet† Bruce-Cooper-Smith 6:17
Side Two
No More Mr Nice Guy Bruce-Cooper 3:05
Generation Landslide† Bruce-Buxton-Dunaway-Cooper-Smith 4:31
Sick Things† Bruce-Cooper-Ezrin 4:18
Mary Ann Bruce-Cooper 2:19
I Love The Dead Cooper-Ezrin 5:08
Alice Cooper-lead vocals
Glen Buxton-guitar
Michael Bruce-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Dennis Dunaway-bass, vocals
Neal Smith-drums, vocals
Donovan-vocals (Billion Dollar Babies)
Steve "The Deacon" Hunter-guitar solos†, pedal steel guitar (Hello Hooray)
§Album Design Concept-Pacific Eye & Ear
Produced by: Bob Ezrin


One more album (Muscle Of Love, 11/73) and the band broke up.
Alice became Hollywood legend.


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