David Bowie

Can't Help Thinking About Me¹ / And I Say To Myself¹
Bowie (2:45) / Bowie (2:30)
Warner Bros 5815, 3/66

as by David Bowie (and the Lower Third)
The Laughing Gnome¹ / Gospel According To Tony Day¹
Bowie (3:00) / Bowie (2:50)
London 20079, 4/67

Rubber Band / There Is A Happy Land
Bowie (2:15) / Bowie (3:11)
Deram 45-85009, 6/67


David Bowie
Deram DES-18003
Back Cover

Side One
Uncle Arthur Bowie 2:07
Sell Me A Coat Bowie 2:58
Rubber Band Bowie 2:17
Love You Till Tuesday Bowie 3:09
There Is A Happy Land Bowie 3:11
When I Live My Dream Bowie 3:22
Side Two
Little Bombardier Bowie 3:24
Silly Boy Blue Bowie 3:48
Come And Buy My Toys Bowie 2:07
Join The Gang Bowie 2:17
She's Got Medals Bowie 2:23
Please Mr Gravedigger Bowie 2:35
David Bowie-guitar, vocals
studio musicians
Produced by:


Love You Till Tuesday² / Did You Ever Have A Dream¹
Bowie (3:00) / Bowie (2:08)
Deram 85016, 9/67

Space Oddity³ / Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud²
Bowie (3:26) / Bowie (3:20)
Mercury 72949, 7/11/69

Released to coincide with Apollo 11 . . . 

Man Of Words Man Of Music
Mercury SR-61216
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

Reissue Cover

Side One
Space Oddity† Bowie 5:15
Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed Bowie 6:55
Letter To Hermione Bowie 2:28
Cygnet Committee Bowie 9:33
Side Two
Janine Bowie 3:18
An Occasional Dream Bowie 2:51
The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud† Bowie 4:45
God Knows I'm Good Bowie 3:13
Memory Of A Free Festival Bowie 7:05
David Bowie-guitar, stylophone, kalimba, organ, vocal
Keith Christmas-guitar
Mick Wayne-guitar
Tim Renwick-guitar, flute, recorder
Rick Wakeman-mellotron, harpsichord
Tony Visconti-bass, flute, recorder
Herbie Flowers-bass
John Cambridge-drums
Terry Cox-drums
Mick Woodmansey-drums
Paul Buckmaster-cello
Benny Marshall-harmonica
Produced by: Gus Dudgeon†, Tony Visconti


Memory Of A Free Festival (Part 1)¹ / Memory Of A Free Festival (Part 2)¹
Bowie (3:17) / Bowie (2:20)
Mercury 73075, 6/70

Totally different recording than the album version

The Man Who Sold The World
Mercury SR-61325
Back Cover

UK Cover

Reissue Cover

Side One
The Width Of A Circle Bowie 8:07
All The Madmen Bowie 5:38
Black Country Rock Bowie 3:33
After All Bowie 3:52
Side Two
Running Gun Blues Bowie 3:12
Saviour Machine Bowie 4:27
She Shook Me Cold Bowie 4:13
The Man Who Sold The World Bowie 3:58
The Supermen Bowie 3:39
David Bowie-guitar, vocals
Mick Ronson-guitar
Ralph Mace-moog synthesizer
Tony Visconti-bass, piano, guitar
Mick Woodmansey-drums
Produced by: Tony Visconti


All The Madmen³ / Janine
Bowie (3:14) / Bowie (3:23)
Mercury 73173, 12/70

Holy Holy¹ / Black Country Rock
Bowie (2:23) / Bowie (3:36)
Mercury 6052 049 [UK], 1/71

Moonage Daydream / Hang On To Yourself
Bowie (3:54) / Bowie (2:53)
B&C CB-149 [UK], 4/71

as by The Arnold Corns (see below for more info)

Hunky Dory
RCA LSP-4623
11/71 BB RS500
Back Cover



Side One
Changes Bowie 3:33
Oh! You Pretty Things Bowie 3:12
Eight Line Poem Bowie 2:53
Life On Mars? Bowie 3:48
Kooks Bowie 2:49
Quicksand Bowie 5:03
Side Two
Fill Your Heart Rose-Williams 3:07
Andy Warhol Bowie 3:53
Song For Bob Dylan Bowie 4:12
Queen Bitch Bowie 3:13
The Bewlay Brothers Bowie 5:21
David Bowie-guitar, sax, piano, vocals
Mick Ronson-guitar
Rick Wakeman-piano
Trevor Bolder-bass
Mick Woodmansey-drums
Produced by: Ken Scott


Changes³ / Andy Warhol³
Bowie (2:32) / Bowie (3:03)
RCA Victor 74-0605, 12/71 BB



An Alien Alien?

For most people, David Bowie's career started with his persona as Ziggy Stardust.

Ziggy [an amalgamation of Vince Taylor (The Playboys), The Legendary Stardust Cowboy (psycobilly singer) and Kansai Yamamoto (costume designer)], is a bisexual alien rock star spreading the word about politics, drugs and sex. Like Tommy, Ziggy is destroyed by the fans he creates. A real family guy. And a consistantly top-rated album.

Ziggy was one of the first "glam" records, with two of the songs (Moonage Daydream and Hang On To Yourself) originating from a side project of Bowie's (released as by The Arnold Corns in May, 1971 in the UK).

The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
RCA Victor LSP-4702
6/6/72 BB RS500
Back Cover

Insert Front

Insert Back

Side One
Five Years Bowie 4:42
Soul Love Bowie 3:34
Moonage Daydream Bowie 4:40
Starman Bowie 4:10
It Ain't Easy Davies 2:58
Side Two
Lady Stardust Bowie 3:22
Star Bowie 2:47
Hang On To Yourself Bowie 2:40
Ziggy Stardust Bowie 3:13
Suffragette City Bowie 3:25
Rock 'N' Roll Suicide Bowie 2:58
David Bowie-guitar, saxophone, vocals
Featuring The Spiders From Mars:
Mick Ronson-guitar, piano, vocals
Trevor Bolder-bass
Mick Woodmansey-drums
Rick Wakeman-harpsichord (It Ain't Easy)
Dana Gillespie-backing vocals (It Ain't Easy)
Produced by: David Bowie, Ken Scott

Note: #93 was the high point on the first pass—during its "lifetime," Ziggy reached #21


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