Denver Pop Festival(6/29/69)
Mid-West Rock Festival(7/27/69)

Probe CPLP-4510
12/69 BB [UK: ?/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Sail On Bolin-C Givens 7:42
Sun's A-Risin' Bolin-D Givens 4:45
Raindrops Clark 2:40
Boom-Ba-Boom D Givens 1:20
Somebody Listen Bolin-Faris-Givens-Givens 6:10
Side Two
Cross The River Givens-Givens 4:43
St James Infirmary Primrose 5:15
Huna Buna Bolin-C Givens 2:26
Hard Chargin' Woman Chamberlin-Bolin-Faris-Givens-Givens 8:40
Candy Givens-lead vocals, harmonica
Tommy Bolin-guitar, vocals
John Faris-piano, organ, flute
David Givens-bass, vocals
Robbie Chamberlin-drums, vocals
§Cover Art-Alden Spillman
Produced by: Bill Halverson


Sail On³ / Cross The River³
Bolin-C Givens (3:35) / Givens-Givens (2:52)
Probe CP-475, 1/70

Going Back To Colorado³ / The Radio Song
Bolin-C Givens-Tesar (2:48) / D Givens (2:25)
Warner Bros 7444, 10/70


Going Back To Colorado
Warner Bros WS-1897
1/71 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Going Back To Colorado Bolin-C Givens-Tesar 4:15
Miss Libertine Givens-Givens 4:21
Night Fades Softly D Givens 3:05
The Radio Song D Givens 2:30
See My People Come Together Bolin 6:02
Side Two
Showbizzy Bolin 2:30
Keep Me Bolin-Tesar 4:05
Take My Love Faris 4:00
I'll Be Right Here Bolin-Tesar 4:25
At This Very Moment C Givens 5:00
Candy Givens-piano, vocals, harmonica
Tommy Bolin-steel guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, twelve-string guitar, vibraphone
John Faris-organ, piano, soprano saxophone, flute, vocal (lead: Take My Love)
David Givens-bass, vocal (lead: Miss Libertine)
Bobby Berge-drums
Albertine Robinson, Eileen Gilbert, Gerard "Ginger Face" McMahon, Tasha Thomas-backing vocals
Eddie Kramer-piano, clavinet, percussion
Paul Conly-Moog synthesizer (Night Fades Softly)
Paul Fleisher-saxophones (The Radio Song)
Buzzy Linhart-vocals (The Radio Song)
§Cover Art-Ed Thrasher
Produced by: Eddie Kramer


Tommy Bolin quits—to James Gang/Barnstormer



Zephyr: The True Story of a Colorado Legend (@ Colorado Music Fall Of Fame)
Remembering Candy Givens and Zephyr


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