Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Scot Richard Case
I'm So Glad / Who Is That Girl?
James (2:38) / Lyman-Richardson (2:35)
A-Square A˛-301, 5/67

Shorten the name to...

Black Sheep³ / Morning Mood¹
SRC (3:50) / SRC (3:20)
Capitol P-2327, 11/68

Nice of SRC to "borrow" Grieg's tune, huh?

Capitol ST-2991
11/68 [UK: 1/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Black Sheep SRC 4:46
Daystar SRC 4:24
Exile SRC 4:20
Marionette SRC 3:48
Side Two
Onesimpletask SRC 5:32
Paragon Council SRC 4:00
Refugeve SRC 3:38
Interval SRC 5:07
Scott Richardson-lead vocals
Gary Quackenbush-lead guitar
Steve Lyman-guitar, vocals
Glenn Quackenbush-organ
Robin Dale-bass, vocals
E G Clawson [Scott Williamson]-drums
§Cover Art-Ron Ashcroft
Produced by: John Rhys


Turn Into Love / Up All Night
SRC (3:00) / SRC (3:05)
Capitol 2457, 3/69


Capitol ST-134
3/69 [UK: 8/69]
Back Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
No Secret Destination SRC 4:17
Show Me SRC 3:40
Eye Of The Storm SRC 4:50
I Remember Your Face SRC 1:40
In The Hall Of The Mountain King/Bolero Grieg/Page 6:07
Side Two
Checkmate SRC 3:42
Our Little Secret SRC 2:39
Turn Into Love SRC 2:59
Up All Night SRC 3:04
The Angel Song SRC 8:11
Scott Richardson-vocals
Gary Quackenbush-lead guitar
Steve Lyman-guitar, vocals
Glenn Quackenbush-keyboards
Al Wilmot-bass, vocals
E G Clawson-percussion
§Cover Art-Lockart
Produced by: John Eddins, SRC


Mid-West Rock Festival(7/25-27/69)—played all 3 days
Never Before Now³ / My Fortune's Coming True¹
Quackenbush-Richardson (2:20) / Quackenbush-Richardson (3:17)
Capitol 2726, 1/70


Traveler's Tale
Capitol SKAO-273
3/70 [UK: 5/70?]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
A New Crusader Goodman-Quackenbush-Richardson 7:04
Street Without A Name Quackenbush-Richardson 5:12
Midnight Fever Goodman-Richardson 4:25
Never Before Now Quackenbush-Richardson 3:57
Side Two
By Way Of You Clawson-Goodman-Quackenbush-Richardson-Wilmot 3:17
Diana Quackenbush-Richardson 4:41
Across The Land Of Light Clawson-Goodman-Quackenbush-Richardson-Wilmot 6:55
The Offering Quackenbush-Richardson 6:11
Scott Richardson-vocals
Glen Quackenbush-organ, piano, vocals
Ray Goodman-guitar
Al Wilmot-bass, vocals
E G Clawson-drums, vocals
Bob Boury-orchestrations (Never Before Now)
§Cover Art-Falcon The Hunter (1916) by Frank C Papé [uncredited]
Produced by:


Goose Lake International Music Festival(8/7/70)


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