Terry Reid

10/26/68: Miami Gardens, Miami
with Cream (headliner)

Bang, Bang You're Terry Reid
Epic BN-26427
11/68 BB [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) Bono 4:12
Tinker Tailor Reid 2:53
Erica Reid 3:48
Without Expression Reid 4:47
Sweater Reid 2:03
Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart Cook-Greenaway 4:56
Side Two
Season Of The Witch Leitch 10:09
Writing On The Wall/Summertime Blues Reid/Capeheart-Cochran 10:14
When I Get Home Reid 3:38
Loving Time Leese-Reid 3:40
Terry Reid-guitar, vocals
Bill Bonham-keyboards, bass, sax, flute
Keith Webb-drums
John Paul Jones-bass [uncredited]
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Mickie Most

Note: Album not released in England

Miami Pop Festival(12/28-30/68)
Superlungs My Supergirl / Mayfly
Leitch (2:39) / Reid (3:41)
Epic 10498, 7/69


Terry Reid
Epic BN-26477
8/69 BB [UK: 10/69]
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve

Side One
Super Lungs (Supergirl) Leitch 2:39
Silver White Light Reid 2:51
July Reid 3:30
Marking Time Reid 3:45
Stay With Me Baby Ragovoy-Weiss 4:10
Side Two
Highway 61 Revisited/Friends Dylan/Reid 8:58
May Fly Reid 3:41
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace Reid 4:24
Rich Kid Blues Reid 4:15
Terry Reid-guitar, vocals
Peter Solley-keyboards
Keith Webb-drums
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Mickie Most


The Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair(8/30-9/1/69)
Palm Beach Music & Art Festival(11/30/69)
Atlanta International Pop Festival(7/5/70)
Isle of Wight Festival(8/27/70)
no actual plaster was cast in this movie—Spooky Tooth & Ten Years After also appear


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