Pearls Before Swine
Tom Rapp & Pearls Before Swine

Drop Out!³ / Morning Song³
Rapp (2:40) / Rapp (2:33)
ESP 4554, 7/67


One Nation Underground
ESP 1054
10/67 [UK: ?/68]
Back Cover

2nd Issue Cover

3rd Issiue Color Cover


UK Back Cover

Side One
Another Time Rapp 3:05
Playmate Dowell-Rachel 2:17
Ballad To An Amber Lady Crissinger-Rapp 5:13
(Oh Dear) Miss Morse Rapp 1:52
Drop Out! Rapp 4:07
Side Two
Morning Song Rapp 4:05
Regions Of May Rapp 3:25
Uncle John Rapp 2:52
I Shall Not Care Teasdale-Tombs-Rapp 5:10
The Surrealist Waltz Lederer-Crissinger 3:27
Tom Rapp-vocals, guitar
Wayne Harley-autoharp, banjo, mandoline, vibraphone, audio oscillator, vocals
Lane Lederer-bass, guitar, English horn, swinehorn, sarangi, celeste, finger vymbals, vocals (The Surrealist Waltz)
Roger Crissinger-organ, harpsichord, clavioline
Warren Smith-drums, percussion
§Cover Painting-Detail from The Garden Of Delights (c. 14901510) by Hieronymus Bosch
Produced by: Richard Alderson

Note: The Morse Code spells F-*-C-K
A poster of the Bosch painting came in some of the issues.

EPS 1075
11/68 [UK: 7/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Trumpeter Landfrey... - 0:33
Translucent Carriages Herodotus-Harley-Rapp 4:00
Images Of April Rapp 2:38
There Was A Man Rapp 2:52
I Saw The World Rapp 3:24
Guardian Angels Rapp 3:00
Side Two
Suzanne Cohen 4:54
Lepers And Roses Rapp 5:19
Florence Nightingale... - 0:15
Ring Thing Tolkien-Rapp 2:20
Tom Rapp-vocals, guitar
Wayne Harley-banjo, vocals
Lane Lederer-bass, guitar, Swinehorn
Jim Bohannon-organ, piano, clavinette, marimba
Joe Farrell-flute, English horn (Images Of April, Suzanne)
Lee Crabtree-piano, organ, flute (I Saw The World, Florence Nightingale)
Bill Salter-bass
Al Shackman-guitar
§Cover Painting-The Triumph Of Death (c. 1562) by Breughel The Elder
§Back Cover Artwork-various drawings by Jean Cocteau; Photo-Mel Zimmer
Produced by: Richard Alderson

Note: We wish to dedicate this album to Pvt Edward D Slovik , U.S. Army, deceased
Trumpeter Landfrey is an 1880s recording of the actual bugle call and voice of the trumpeter (Martin Lanfried) at the battle of Balakava.
On Ring Thing, the sounds at the end is the tape spooling back to Trumpeter Landfrey. Some reissues omit this part.
More about Balaklava at Longitudes and the album artwork at wiki

I Saw The World / Images Of April
Rapp (3:24) / Rapp (2:38)
ESP 4576, 11/68


These Things Too
Reprise RS-6364
9/69 BB [UK: 9/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Footnote Rapp-Auden 1:16
Sail Away Rapp 3:06
Look Into Her Eyes Rapp 4:34
I Shall Be Released Dylan 3:02
Frog In The Window (reprise) Rapp 1:36
I'm Going To City Rapp 2:27
Man In The Tree Rapp 3:25
Side Two
If You Don't Want To (I Don't Mind) Rapp 3:20
Green And Blue Elisabeth 0:22
Mon Amour Rapp-Elisabeth 2:04
Wizard Of Is Rapp 3:36
Frog In The Window Rapp 3:36
When I Was A Child Rapp 4:44
These Things Too Rapp 3:24
Tom Rapp-vocals, guitar
Jim Fairs-guitar, celeste, vocals
Wayne Harley-banjo, vocals
Bill Salter-bass
Grady Tate-drums
Richard Greene-electric violin
§Cover Painting-Christ Blessing (1460) by Giovanni Bellini
Produced by: Richard Alderson with Jim Fairs


These Things Too / If You Don't Want To (I Don't Mind)
Rapp (3:24) / Rapp (3:20)
Reprise 0873, 11/69

Rocket Man / God Save The Child
Rapp (3:00) / Rapp (3:03)
Reprise 0916, 6/70

Written the day Neil made that small step. Any other moon landing songs around here  ?? 

The Use Of Ashes
Reprise RS-6405
8/70 [UK: 12/70]
Back Cover

Side One
The Jeweler Rapp 2:45
From The Movie Of The Same Name Rapp 2:20
Rocket Man Rapp 3:00
God Save The Child Rapp 3:00
Song About A Rose Rapp 2:18
Side Two
Tell Me Why Rapp 3:42
Margery Rapp 2:57
The Old Man Rapp 3:20
The Riegal Rapp 3:05
When The War Began Rapp 5:02
Tom Rapp-vocals, guitar
Mac Gayden-guitar
Hutch Davie-keyboard
Charles McCoy-dobro, guitar, bass, harmonica
David Briggs-piano, harpsichord
Norbert Putnam-bass
Kenneth Buttrey-drums
Buddy Spicher-violin, cello, viola
John Duke-oboe, flute
Bill Pippin-oboe, flute
§Cover Painting-The Hunt Of The Unicorn (late 1500s) series of tapestries
Produced by: Peter Edmiston

Note: Rocket Man based on a short story by Ray Bradbury, from his collection: The Illustrated Man
and was written on July 20, 1969 as a guy named Neil was taking a small step.
More about The Hunt Of The Unicorn @ wiki

The Jeweller / Rocket Man
Rapp (2:45) / Rapp (3:00)
Reprise 0949, 9/70


City Of Gold
Reprise RS-6442
4/71 [UK: ?/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Sonnet #65 Shakespeare, arr Rapp 0:41
Once Upon A Time Rapp 2:37
Raindrops Rapp 2:05
City Of Gold Rapp 2:57
Nancy Cohen 4:46
Side Two
Seasons In The Sun Brel-McKuen 2:55
My Father Collins 2:08
The Man Rapp 2:23
Casablanca Rapp 2:23
Wedding Rapp 1:37
Did You Dream Of Rapp 2:49
Tom Rapp-vocals, guitar
Elisabeth [Rapp]-vocals
Mac Gayden-guitars
Hutch Davie-keyboard
David Noyes-vocals (The Man)
Charles McCoy-dobro, guitar, bass, harmonica
David Briggs-piano, harpsichord
Norbert Putnam-bass
Kenneth Buttrey-drums
Buddy Spicher-violin, cello, viola
John Duke-oboe, flute
Bill Pippin-oboe, flute
§Art Direction-Ed Thrasher
Produced by: Tom Rapp


Beautiful Lies You Could Live In
Reprise RS-6467
11/71 [UK: ?/72]
Back Cover

Side One
Snow Queen Rapp 4:00
A Life Rapp 2:57
Butterflies Rapp 2:46
Simple Things Rapp 2:56
Everybody's Got Pain Rapp 2:47
Side Two
Bird On A Wire Cohen 3:34
Island Lady Rapp 4:02
Come To Me Rapp 2:58
Freedom Rapp 3:03
She's Gone Rapp 2:12
Epitaph Rapp 1:25
Tom Rapp-vocals, guitar
Elisabeth [Rapp]-vocals
Jon Tooker-guitar
Robbie Merkin-piano, organ
Michael Krawitz, Bob Dorough-piano
Stu Scharf, Amos Garrett-guitar
Gordon Hayes, Morrie E. Brown, Gerry Jermott-bass
Billy Mundi, Grady Tate, Herb Lovell-drums
§Cover Painting-Ophelia (1851-52) by J E Millais
Produced by: Peter Edmiston


One more Reprise album (Familiar Songs, 1972) and a couple for Blue Thumb.
Tom retired and became a civil rights lawyer.


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