Can't Find The Time² / Lesley's World
Arnold (2:55) / Miller-Miller (2:21)
MGM K-13882, 1/68 BB


MGM SE-4524
1/68 BB [UK: 6/68]
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Side One
I've Never Seen Love Like This Arnold-Gulliksen 2:02
Lesley's World Miller-Miller 2:21
Congress Alley Martin 2:05
Music Machine Martin 3:02
Door Knob Song Martin 3:44
Side Two
I'll Stay With You Arnold-Gulliksen 2:38
Can't Find The Time To Tell You Arnold 3:25
Never In My Life Arnold 2:00
The Dream Arnold 3:50
Bruce Arnold-lead guitar, vocals
Jack McKenes-guitar, vocals
John Eric Gulliksen-bass, vocals
Harry Sandler-drums, percussion
§Cover Photo-Stephen Lorber
Produced by: Alan Lorber


I've Never Seen Love Like This / Congress Alley
Arnold-Gulliksen (2:02) / Martin (2:05)
MGM K-13947, 6/68


MGM SE-4569
9/68 BB [UK: N/R]
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Side One
I'll Fly Arnold 2:29
Just Got Back Martin 3:51
Mine's Yours Arnold 3:19
Don't Be So Serious Arnold 2:15
So Far Away In Love Arnold 1:50
She's Not There Argent 3:10
Side Two
Love Over Here Arnold-Gulliksen 2:40
Borneo arr Orpheus 2:23
Just A Little Bit Arnold 4:17
Walk Away Renee Brown-Calilli-Sansone 3:09
Roses Gulliksen 3:35
Magic Air Sandler 3:50
Bruce Arnold-guitar, vocals
Jack McKenes-guitar, vocals
Eric Gulliksen-bass, vocals
Harry Sandler-drums, vocals
§Cover Photo-John Murello
Produced by: Alan Lorber


Brown Arms In Houston / I Can Make The Sun Rise
Henry-Miller (3:40) / Arnold-Gulliksen (2:30)
MGM K-14022, 1/69 BB


MGM SE-4599
4/69 BB [UK: N/R]
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Side One
By The Size Of My Shoes Weiss-Williams 3:40
Me About You Bonner-Gordon 3:02
May I Look At You Arnold 3:00
To Touch Our Love Again Arnold-Gulliksen 3:00
Lovin' You Arnold-Gulliksen-McKenes 2:35
Side Two
Brown Arms In Houston Henry-Miller 2:50
As They All Fall Arnold 2:35
I Can Make The Sun Rise Arnold-Gulliksen 2:30
Joyful Arnold-Gulliksen 3:30
Of Enlightenment Arnold 3:00
Bruce Arnold-acoustic/electric guitar, vocals
Jack McKenes-rhythm guitar, vocals
Eric Gulliksen-bass, vocals
Harry Sandler-drums, percussion, vocals
§Cover Photo-Moscati
Produced by: Alan Lorber


By The Size Of My Shoes / Joyful
Weiss-Williams (2:40) / Arnold-Gulliksen (3:30)
MGM K-14139, 6/70


Bell 6061
6/71 [UK: N/R]
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Side One
Big Green Pearl Martin 2:35
Monkey Demon Martin 4:43
It Gets Worse Every Time Martin 3:42
I Wanny Be Your Lover Martin 2:36
Nunnery Martin 3:40
By The Way Arnold-Martin 3:35
Side Two
Sweet Life Arnold-Sherman 4:47
Tomorrow Man Martin 3:27
Rainbow Peddler Martin 5:56
I'll Be There Martin 3:26
Big Green Pearl Martin 2:43
Steve Martin [Caro]-vocals
Bruce Arnold-guitar, vocals
Elliot Sherman-piano, clavinet
Howard Hersh-bass
Bernard Purdie-drums
§Album Design & Photo-Zipper Works
Produced by: Alan Lorber


Big Green Pearl / Sweet Life
Martin (2:35) / Arnold-Martin-Sherman (4:47)
Bell 45,128, 8/71



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