Moby Grape
Alexander (Skip) Spence

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The San Diego Misfits
The Uncle Willie / Big Bad Wolf
Mosley (2:15) / Mosley (3:05)
Troy 222-101, ?/64

early, rowdy San Diego bar band from whence Bob appeared

The Misfits
This Little Piggy (I'm A Hog For You) / Lost Love
Leiber-Stoller (1:42) / Mosley (2:07)
Imperial 66054, 8/64


The Frantics
Human Monkey / Someday
Miller-Stevenson (2:10) / Miller-Stevenson (2:34)
Action AF-1113, 7/66

Seattle surf band who saw the light (with Jerry and Don)

Fall On You / Changes³
Lewis (1:52) / Miller-Stevenson (2:55)
Columbia 44170, 5/67

Sitting By The Window / Indifference³
Lewis (2:42) / Spence (2:46)
Columbia 44171, 5/67

8:05 / Mister Blues
Mosley (2:18) / Mosley (1:54)
Columbia 44172, 5/67

Omaha / Someday
Spence (2:20) / Miller-Stevenson (2:39)
Columbia 44173, 5/67 BB

Hey Grandma / Come In The Morning
Miller-Stevenson (2:37) / Mosley (2:12)
Columbia 44174, 5/67


Note: In a brilliant marketing move, Columbia released all the above 45s on the same day! One ping only.

Moby Grape
Columbia CS-9498
6/6/67 BB RS500 [UK: 6/67]
Back Cover


Infamouse "bird" poster
Original cover photo

Used for Edsel's 1984 mono reissue
Side One
Hey Grandma Miller-Stevenson 2:29
Mr Blues Mosley 2:00
Fall On You Lewis 1:56
8:05 Miller-Stevenson 2:21
Come In The Morning Mosley 2:17
Omaha Spence 2:24
Naked, If I Want To Miller 1:58
Side Two
Someday Miller-Stevenson 2:39
Ain't No Use Miller-Stevenson 1:40
Sitting By The Window Lewis 2:55
Changes Miller-Stevenson 3:24
Lazy Me Mosley 1:47
Indifference Spence 4:15
Jerry Miller-guitar, vocals
Skip Spence-guitar, vocals
Peter Lewis-guitar, vocals
Bob Mosley-bass, vocals
Don Stevenson-drums, vocals
§Cover Photo-Jim Marshall
Produced by: David Rubinson

Note: Don "giving it to The Man"—that was airbrushed out for future releases. That red flag? Yup—airbrushed Ole Glory (see last note)
Only the names of the group members were on the cover—further info from various sources

Monterey International Pop Festival(6/17/67)
Steve Paul's Scene: "Short film ," 10/4/67,
perfoming Hey Grandma and Sitting By The Window.

Columbia CS-9613
4/3/68 T20 [UK: 7/68]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

Brits rearranged non-gatefold cover...
UK Back Cover

...and didn't include Grape Jam
Side One
The Place And The Time Miller-Stevenson 2:04
Murder In My Heart For The Judge Miller-Stevenson 2:58
Bitter Wind Mosley 3:07
Can't Be So Bad Miller-Stevenson 3:28
Just Like Gene Autry; A Foxtrot* Spence 2:55
  Featuring Lou Waxman and his Orchestra,
  and starring Arthur Godfrey, Banjo and Ukulele
Side Two
He Lewis 3:33
Motorcycle Irene Spence 2:24
Three-Four Mosley 5:00
Funky-Tunk Spence-Miller 2:09
Rose Colored Eyes Mosley 4:00
Miller's Blues Miller-Mosley 5:24
Naked, If I Want To Miller 0:46
Jerry Miller-guitar, vocals
Skip Spence-guitar, vocals
Peter Lewis-guitar, vocals
Bob Mosley-bass, vocals
Don Stevenson-drums, vocals
Arthur Godfrey-voice and ukulele
Horm & string arrangements-David Rubinson and/or Joey Scott
§Cover Art-Bob Cato
Produced by: David Rubinson

Note: *This track had to be played at 78 RPM

Grape Jam
Columbia MGS-1
(companion album to Wow in the US)
Back Cover

Side One
Never Mosley 6:11
Boysenberry Jam   6:00
Black Currant Jam   7:13
Side Two
Marmalade   13:51
Lake Hayworth-Moby Grape 4:04
Jerry Miller-guitar
Skip Spence-guitar
Peter Lewis-guitar
Bob Mosley-bass, vocals
Don Stevenson-drums
Al Kooper-piano (Black Currant Jam)
Michael Bloomfield-piano (Marmalade)
§Cover Photo-Jim Marshall
Produced by: David Rubinson

Note: The song Never would resurface two years later as Since I've Been Loving You—another rip-off by Jimmy Page.

Can't Be So Bad / Bitter Wind²
Miller-Stevenson (3:22) / Mosley (2:42)
Columbia 44567, 6/68


Skip Spence to solo career

Columbia CS-9696
1/30/69 BB [UK: 2/69]
Back Cover

1972 Reissue Cover

Side One
Ooh Mama Ooh Miller-Stevenson 2:28
Ain't That A Shame Lewis-Miller-Stevenson 2:30
I Am Not Willing Lewis 3:00
It's A Beautiful Day Today Mosley 3:07
Hoochie Mosley 4:25
Side Two
Trucking Man Mosley 2:02
If You Can't Learn From My Mistakes Lewis 1:26
Captain Nemo Miller-Stevenson 1:46
What's To Choose? Lewis 1:57
Going Nowhere Miller-Stevenson 2:04
Seeing Spence 3:43
Jerry Miller-guitar, vocals
Peter Lewis-guitar, vocals
Bob Mosley-bass
Don Stevenson-drums
Skip Spence-guitar, vocal (Seeing)
§Cover Photo-Bobby Klein
Produced by: David Rubinson

Note: Reissued on the budget Harmony label, knocking off Ooh Mama Ooh and Seeing, but adding Omaha—see last note

2/1/69: Middle Earth Club, London
Trucking Man / If You Can't Learn From My Mistakes
Mosley (2:02) / Lewis (2:34)
Columbia 44789, 2/69


Columbia CS-9831
5/19/69 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Little Hands Spence 3:44
Cripple Creek Spence 2:16
Diana Spence 3:32
Margaret-Tiger Rug Spence 2:17
Weighted Down (The Prison Song) Spence 6:27
War In Peace Spence 4:05
Side Two
Broken Heart Spence 3:29
All Come To Meet Her Spence 2:04
Books Of Moses Spence 2:42
Yin For My Yang Spence 2:53
Lawrence Of Euphoria Spence 1:31
Grey/Afro Spence 9:39
Skip Spence-all instruments, vocals
§Cover Design-Lloyd Ziff
Produced by: David Rubinson


Bob Mosley joins the Marines (discharged shortly thereafter)

Ooh Mama Ooh / It's A Beautiful Day Today
Miller-Stevenson (2:23) / Mosley (3:02)
Columbia 44885, 5/69


Truly Fine Citizen
Columbia CS-9912
7/30/69 BB [UK: 9/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Changes, Circles Spinning Lewis 2:19
Looper Lewis 2:54
Truly Fine Citizen Miller-Stevenson 1:40
Beautiful Is Beautiful Miller-Stevenson 2:22
Love Song Miller-Stevenson 2:20
Right Before My Eyes Lewis 1:55
Side Two
Open Up Your Heart Miller-Stevenson 2:28
Now I Know High Lewis 8:00
Treat Me Bad Miller-Stevenson 2:10
Tongue Tied Miller-Spence 1:04
Love Song, Part Two Miller-Stevenson 1:08
Jerry Miller-guitar, vocals
Peter Lewis-guitar, vocals
Don Stevenson-drums
Bob Mooore-bass
§Cover Photo-Ron Coro
Produced by: Bob Johnston


Going nowhere fast
Poor album sales, fights lead to dissolution of band only to reunite in '71 for one last shot

20 Granite Creek
Reprise RS-6460
8/71 BB [UK: 1/72]
Back Cover

Side One
Gypsy Wedding Mosley 2:30
I'm The Kind Of Man That Baby You Can Trust Miller 2:38
About Time Stevenson 2:52
Goin' Down To Texas Lewis 2:00
Road To The Sun Mosley 2:48
Apocalypse Lewis 2:11
Side Two
Chinese Song Spence 5:42
Roundhouse Blues Miller 2:45
Ode To The Man At The End Of The Bar Mosley 3:43
Wild Oats Moan Miller/Stevenson 3:12
Horse Out In The Rain Lewis 2:20
Jerry Miller-guitar, vocals
Skip Spence-guitar, drums, vocals
Peter Lewis-guitar, vocals
Bob Mosley-bass, vocals
Don Stevenson-drums, guitar (About Time)
Jeffrey Cohen-bass (Ode To The Man At The End Of The Bar)
Gordon Stevens-dobro, mandolin, violin
Andy Narell-percussion, steel drums
David Rubinson-conga, piano
§Album Design-Dave Bhang
Produced by: David Rubinson


The Satsop River Fair And Tin Cup Races(9/3-6/71)
Gypsy Wedding / Apocalypse
Mosley (2:20) / Lewis (2:11)
Reprise 1040, 9/71

Goin' Down To Texas / About Time
Lewis (2:00) / Stevenson (2:52)
Reprise 1055, 11/71



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